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gunbir 6th May 2007 01:35

Autopsyche'd Civic ICE Install
Hi folks

here's a recently ICE'ed Autopsyche Civic


Door Panel

Door takes 6" speaker, as does the parcel shelf

Stock speakers removed

Hertz HCX165 Coaxial goes in stock location on parcel shelf with a spacer


Front doors get the Hertz Space K6L set

Space K6L midbass with spacer ring

Midbass going on door

Space Tweeter comes with large and small rear chambers, small chamber used


Tweeter installed in stock dash location

Audison LRx6.9 6ch amp used to power everything


gunbir 6th May 2007 01:37

The new LRx amps allow the installer to change from a low level input (RCA) to high level inputs (speaker level). High Level inputs used in this case as OE HU was retained.

Sub Control

Speaking of subs, Hertz HX250D used here...

Amp and comp crossovers mounted behind new baffle behind rear seats

and some neon lighting

Crossovers to be set at amp

And she's done! Sounds very clean and loud, the subs kick plenty hard and the front stage is nice and wide.


rareone 6th May 2007 01:47

Hey Gunbir...

The Setup looks very nicely done like all ur installs...

Havent you done Damping for this setup...

Can u let me knw How much does this kinda setup cost in 1 go...

I am asking this coz i am planning to get a new car in few months...

In my earlier setup i had gone in bits & pieces coz didnt had enuf cash 2 do it all in 1 go...

W8ing for ur reply...

khanak 6th May 2007 02:00

OT: Any exterior shots of the car?

Fuelled 6th May 2007 03:20

The install looks good Bungir.

Btw are these subs for the spl oriented??

speedzak 6th May 2007 11:50

Wow! Great choice of equipment.
Would love to see some more finished pictures. The same OE HU used?

(Another space success story! The OE HU is Alpine too. Right? ;))

captainsokhi 6th May 2007 12:34

nice setup there

ramie2400 6th May 2007 12:44

wow..thats a sweet install,awsome

wolfinstein 6th May 2007 13:03

What did the owner do with Stock speakers and Tweeter..!

ramie2400 6th May 2007 13:58

people dont really care for the stock speakers once they get the hi-end thing installed man:)

wolfinstein 6th May 2007 14:01

I knw that, did he put them up for exchange or sale...! Was thinking of putting a pair in the Stock Dash location for XETA.

hydrashok 6th May 2007 14:13

Nice, clean setup. Minimum equipment, Maximum sound.

I second Zak. Alpine + Audison + Hertz is one killer combi. I've experienced another killer-sounding car with this same combi [the owner had better own-up here :)] and about 6-7 other cars now with an Alpine + Hertz combi. They are just made for each other!

gunbir 6th May 2007 14:35


Originally Posted by Fuelled (Post 430253)
The install looks good Bungir.
Btw are these subs for the spl oriented??

Thanks man. No these subs are not SPL oriented, though they do have great output, especially when ported.

BTW the LRx 6.9 is powering the system with 70w x4 + 230w x2. Gets more than loud for most people.

ramie2400 6th May 2007 14:38

hey gunbir could you plz pm me the rates for the simple setup this kind for my accent

Ricky_63 6th May 2007 15:46

Great sound system........very neat install.....great job & GREAT SOUND. Had the pleasure of listening to the "DIVINE SOUND" yesterday. clap: The best part is the system appears OE till you hear the sound. Once you hear the sound one begins to the trunk.......& the secret spills out !! Staring at you are 2 HERTZ subs sitting pretty in a very well made ported enclosure !!!!!! The rest is ..............the real thing :thumbs up


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