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Jaggu 9th May 2007 23:06

i use cassette player to hook up my ipod to the HU, had to fiddle around with equalizer setting, works closest to my liking when in "treble boost" mode

250 bucks is the cost, you will get it in any good electronics hardware shop and i have to disagree with sam on FM transmitter cause it gives too much of interference and loss of sound clarity when hooked to ipod.

can be the brand which my friend used or maybe diff in speaker set up he has, i have JBL's :p

rocksterraghu 9th May 2007 23:27

The Cassette Adapter is VFM. agree: It sounds decent, even though I've seen some hissing distortion in some cases.

There are a few Sony Discmans that come with this entire kit. Even though I'm not sure about how better they are, I personally believe they'd definitely be better in terms of quality. Do try and get one of them, they're sold separately as well.

Here's one place where I've seen the Sony kit being sold separately. I'm sure they are all over the Internet. Cheers!

Compare Prices on Sony Car Connecting Pack DCCE34CP

PS: If you can afford it, please try and get a new HU that supports all the devices that you want to connect (even though I see no way of directly plugging in a HDD unless it is a portable USB drive and the HU manages to recognize it. For more information, please search for the thread that addresses the problem of external hard drive recognition by HU's).

esteem_lover 9th May 2007 23:56


Originally Posted by low_bass_makker (Post 433610)
the vdc/cd/mp3 player works fine....if it gets damage or does not work throw it as it is unrepairable.......and you can get it for 1.2k in delhi at some places....with remote and head phones and ac adapter included

i have never heard of a vdc/cd/mp3 player in my whole life, what is it LBM ? maybe you should include that in your wish list too & give the pioneer & clarion running on stegs a run for their money. ;)

invincible7 10th May 2007 12:42

thanks guys.. for the valuable inputs.. i would try to get the cassette and the player first. and see... upgrading the system was thought aswell.. but maybe after some months... will settle for this gadget and see how its fairs.... will post the review... thanks again for the valuable suggestions.. cheers..

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