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Originally Posted by gunbir View Post
BTW, I don't know why you my listening habits are the center of discussion here .... And though I tried, I couldn't make that compromise in my own car. Its a choice I made and I really dont understand why so many people have a problem with it.
I was thinking the same .

From a lot of the posts here, the discussion seems to be as much centered (and at times totally centered) around Gunbir's listening preferences as the official topic of the thread.

Sooner or later everything comes back to the same thing. This would be all right (I guess) if the posts did not look like personal attacks. OK, so he likes listening to CDs more than MP3s. And he has made it quite clear over a lot of posts why that is so. Maybe others don't have the same preferences. Fine. Why doesn't everybody leave him to enjoy what he likes and the others, enjoy what you like?

And could everybody try not to prove everybody else wrong when the matter under discussion is about the relative degree of quality we desire in music? Some want more. Some want not so much. Nobody is going the convince the other that their preferences are the "right" preferences.
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too much noise. thread closed so evryone can cool off.

This thread was supposed to about why SOME or MOST "High End" HUs do not include MP3 playback as a feature.

1. Will including MP3 playback affect the ability to playback CD in any way?
2. Is it just plain marketing? The companies feel that the people who buy these HUs know that there is no MP3 capablity and hence really dont need Mp3 capability.
3. Given that a car has only one HU would not a user prefer to have a HU that was flexible - can playback CD with great accuracy and still pinch hit if a MP3 CD was stuck in.

Gunbir, I feel that your listening habits were made the bone of contenttion becuase you chose to talk about your point of view and not the industry as a whole.

Like I have said before I probably would not buy a HU like the HXd2 even if it had Mp3 capability becuase as demonstrated I chose to get the 9385 over the 7998. I think I have a few friends who would like a good HU with MP3 faciltiy. One has the 7998 (I did not ask him how he came to that decision) in his Optra and now another is already looking the panasoic HU you posted earlier (after I told him) for his CRV (he is tube nut and he has some beautiful and rare tubes in his collection). They are apparently hard to find.

buutttt... this thread was not supposed about Gunbir or annyone else's preferences but about an industry wide decision to avoid MP3 capability in "audiophile" HUs.

If we keep digressing from this and make this a pernsonal thing then this thread is better of closed. I will re-open this thread in 24 hours so that everyone can re-group and hopefully this time we will stick to the topic. An intelligent discussion is welcome, namecalling or "mine vs/ yours" or remarks of any personal nature are not.

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