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Re: Queries in 'Ask the gurus' section

Originally Posted by giri1.8 View Post
.. and rear ones are coaxial ones.

Do it make sense to add these oval Alpine ones to the rear parcel tray? My installer says power will be drawn from the rear speaker's power source from the amp.
Power to the speakers, and hence output will be divided between the four speakers while the amp is driving only one set. Hence it doesnt make sense to Add these 6x9's.

But the question I want to ask you is - why do you want to add these 6x9's ? The amp driven rear coaxial speakers should get enough output. If it is not, then get the amp checked, and the speakers to.

If you only want to put the rear speakers to use then you may need to get another car which does not have rear speakers, or give away these speakers to someone who can use it
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Re: Queries in 'Ask the gurus' section

Originally Posted by condor View Post
give away these speakers to someone who can use it
Understood I removed these speakers from our old car before we sold it and completely forgot about it! Found them couple of days back hence the doubt. Will give them away to my friend in that case.

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Re: Queries in 'Ask the gurus' section

Hi Experts!

I just got the delivery of brand new MS XL6 Alpha+ MT and I am not really happy with the audio quality of the stock speaker setup. I am hoping to gain from your experience for upgrading the stock components.

Listing down my requirements here and will be highly appreciative for all your inputs and suggestions:

1. Car: Maruti Suzuki XL6
2. Budget: Max INR 50,000
3. Requirement: Better sound clarity and soundstage. I like clear mids, well spread soundstage and deep bass that doesnít overpower mids and highs.
4. Planned upgrades: Thinking to keep the same stock HU and upgrade the components and adding an amplifier to drive it. Also, adding damping sheets to all 4 doors and boot door.
5. Special Considerations: Donít feel the comfortable with drilling the plastic panels for tweeters. Front ones can be fixed in stock space for tweeters, but thereís no such option in rear door panels.
6. Options: Now, this is where I donít have any idea except the name of a few brands. I am an audiophile, but with zero knowledge in car audio systems. My thought is that itís a good idea to go with the top-end of a lower brand than the low-end offering of a higher brand. I am not comfortable going with the shopkeepers suggestions either because of some lessons learnt in the past.

Request the expert members to suggest the combinations that i can go for. Shall be highly appreciative of all inputs.
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Re: Harman Kardon Drive Play Display

Team - I own a 2019 Hexa XTA which came with a 7inch touchscreen Harman unit. All of a sudden, I am facing a weird humming noise from speakers and tweeter whenever the key is inserted into ignition. The Sound increases as soon as I crank the engine and can hear engine noise and revv noise through speakers.

Went to Rudra Motors TASS for diagnosis purpose, kept the car with them for more than a day, still they are not able to do an appropriate diagnosis and concluded that its an issue with music system citing they tried installing another 2017/1028 Hexa unit (old 5inch unit with physical buttons) and confirmed that sound is not coming after installing other system.

Unfortunately, I was not physically available over there when they conducted this test and car was already assembled back to its original unit by the time I could reach ASS and have to take their word as is.

Further more, They have the following suggestion
1. Replace the entire Harman unit which might cost be more than 50-75K, as the existing system cannot be repaired or at least they don't have the expertise to get it repaired.
2. Get an after market android unit installed.

Need suggestion to take this issue with TATA\Harman higher management, as this is completely unacceptable for such a flagship premium product. Also, does anyone have good reference for expert car audio technician in Pune who can help me with this diagnosis and repair if possible.
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Re: Harman Kardon Drive Play Display

Try grounding the metal part of your Audio system to the car chassis. If that does not work, consider adding a capacitor to the input line. Any Audio dealer can fix this issue.

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Re: Queries in 'Ask the gurus' section

I am not keen on adding a power line to battery from amp and woofer. Can i power amp and woofer with 12v socket in boot? Maybe use a step charger to convert 12v to 220v or some other solutions?

I just bought Tucson and find it lacking in low bass. Can i just replace factory sub with aftermarket sub without any invasive install?

I need a minimal way to get sub, amp and components installed, also in Delhi unable to find any trusted installer. All installers keep recommending brands that have huge profits.
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Re: Queries in 'Ask the gurus' section

Hi Car Gurus,

I am contemplating getting the 8-inch DS18 ZR 8.2 subwoofer in exchange for the Sundown 6.5 that I am using.

Is that the right choice to make? Any idea how much the DS18 retails for? I am asked 18K for the sub.
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Re: Queries in 'Ask the gurus' section

Originally Posted by supertinu View Post
Folks, need some help with my existing setup. On my Ford Figo I have an about 8yr old setup with Infinity comps up front, amp and a sub. Rear door stock speakers directly from HU. The amp (groundzero) takes the direct HL HU inputs. Offlate for last few months I am noticing that front left speaker has some occasional static which has no pattern. Sometimes its very mild and at times very audible and jarring.

I disconnected the HU HL inputs to the amp but that didnt make a difference so its surely somewhere between amp and speakers. I opened the door pads and checked all the speaker connections, nothing seemed off. Only thing I didnt do was check the component signal splitter since I had sealed it completely to avoid water related issues. Could that be causing it or it could be an amp issue?
Originally Posted by prashantuchil View Post
Have you tried switching the Left and Right channels in the Amp. This will help isolate the issue (If the problem is with the speakers or the Amp).
Refreshing the story. Experts, need an advice related to my Figo's existing 8yr old ICE setup. The setup is basically a 4 channel ground zero amp fed by stock HU hi level signals with 2 channels (CH1/2) driving the components on the front, and 2 channels (CH3/4) bridged to drive a sealed 10inch sub. Rear door speakers are directly hooked to HU and just fill in of sorts.

Since last few months I had been getting lot of random static from the front left door speakers. It has no connection to volume, or input signal. Just comes and goes randomly at different volumes something like sparking or cracking. INitially I thought it was a wiring issue and I opened door to check all connections and issue didnt go away. Today I swapped the speaker connections at the amp and basically root caused the problem to the CH1 output of the amp. The moment amp gets powered it starts to give static on that channel randomly. Possible some component issue on the inside.

Since Figo is our 2nd car and sparingly used after my wife stopped working, the only time its used is pickup/drop of my daughter from school which is less than a km away. I am not too keen on spending time for getting amp fixed or getting a new one. I see 2 easy options for the time being.

Option 1 ( what I did for now) - Short Channel - 2 output to both front components and live with mono output on the front. Livable solution for the time being and limited effort. Any amp concerns with this?

Option 2 - Use good channel 3 and 4 currently bridged for sub to drive the front components and use good CHannel2 for the sub. I understand the power to drive might be lesser for sub but I am no bass head and as long as I get a good foundation, it should be ok. This allows proper stereo sound stage on front with ok sub output. Thoughts on this option? any concerns again with driving single CH to sub?
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Re: Queries in 'Ask the gurus' section

Hello TBHPians !

I have a 2019 Fortuner AT 2WD.

The idle stop start stopped working some time back.

The battery is new and charging fine.

Unable to understand the problem.

Please advise!

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Queries in 'Ask the gurus' section

Guys, I myself will say that the question I am asking here has been answered in one of the car audio threads, may be in this thread itself, and quite likely multiple times. But I dont know where

Trying to select component speakers.
1) Which line of speakers to chose if priority is clarity over loudness ?

2) Will a speaker with 60W RMS and 120W peak, 90dB sensitivity be sufficient for a large car, when driven by an amplifier ?
The speaker in Q is Focal Access 165AS

I was able to find a review of Infinity Kappa vs Alpine R. Kappa for clarity, Alpine for loudness, it said.
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