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extreme_torque 28th August 2007 19:34

'DUAL 7610' In dash CD player... Have a look guru's
I am contemplating buying this system for my Palio. Although it is an unknown brand the stereo actually looks good and the specifications look good too besides its cheap @ 115$!!! (~5k's Rs)
Audio's guru's please have a look at it and its specification and let me know if its good enough.
Here's the link...
Dual Electronics - XDM7610 In Dash CD/MP3 Player - XDM7610


manikjeet 28th August 2007 20:32

i have been using a dual xdvd 8181

Dual Electronics - XDVD8181 DVD Player w/7 LCD Touchscreen - XDVD8181

i have been using it for about 3 months now and its sound good but should be handled carefully

but dual products are great VFM

i would say go ahead by it

blueraven316 28th August 2007 20:57

If you looking at VFM itself, then dont forget to look at Jensen, however at that price Dual too is fine.

extreme_torque 29th August 2007 00:03

@manikjeet... What do you mean when you say it should he handled carefully? Does it mean the build quality isnt that good. I can take the face plate out not leaving it in the car, but that is all I can do.

abhibh 29th August 2007 02:08

Be careful with DUAL its not among the best brands
Copy of the CAC Good, Bad, and Ugly List

Dual players overheat fast rest its all ok

panky12345 29th August 2007 11:19

My 1 Re.....stay away from DUAL, a friend has a model in his car (in US); the problem that he faced was that with his existing 4 gauge wiring (done in a proper manner) he was facing an alternator whine (sound like cheeeeeen that would go up as he stepped on the gas). He removed Dual & tried 2 other brand HUs alternatively, the alternator whine totally disappeared. Then he checked with 4 different models in Dual, the problem persisted. Ultimately, that Dual was traded off for Sony and he got 20 $ off the MRP.

extreme_torque 29th August 2007 13:15

Thanks a lot guys for the information. Any other experiences with DUAL, in the link given there is a customer review which says its good. I am really in a fix, because the specifications are real good and so are the looks.

navin 29th August 2007 13:21


Originally Posted by extreme_torque (Post 547217)
...the specifications are real good and so are the looks.

when it looks to good to be true.....

extreme_torque 29th August 2007 13:30

@Navin... Its an unknown brand, probably the reason why it cheaper than others. Another thing is that this system isnt XM or sirius ready (satellite radio services in US) another reason for it being cheap.
I am not able to find any convencing review on the internet either.

panky12345 29th August 2007 13:39

try for detailed reviews.... but just to let you know, all that glitters is NOT gold. (neither diamonds!)

Bass&Trouble 29th August 2007 14:08

I have used Dual head units. I had posted a pic once also. It was very ordinary. But then it was dirt cheap too.

d.kiran 29th August 2007 14:29

I am currently using a Dual XDVD 8182. I got it pretty cheap and it is not bad (please note owner's bias :-) ).


Audio CD playback: I could not find a difference between this and the earlier Pioneer in my car (DEH 5950 I think).

MP3 Playback: Horrible. I dont want to waste any more words on this.

Playback from iPod: Slightly above average. Pretty good while on drive. You might have to fiddle with the eq a bit to get the sound you want. Crap ipod navigation though. You are better off using some smart playlists.

Build quality: It looks OK and the DVD motorised tray looks sturdy. But the build quality is not top notch. The plastic parts do creak and the finish is not uniform.

extreme_torque 29th August 2007 14:53

Thanks everybody.... Dual is already out. Cnet has one review where users have given it terrible rating.
Now thinking of JVC or Panasonic. Will be needing your help guys once I decide upon the models.

panky12345 29th August 2007 15:00

Between JVC and Panasonic, I'd go for JVC....some of which I heard are excellent VFM.

navin 29th August 2007 16:12

This is not the same Dual of "Dual Turntable" fame.

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