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hydrashok 21st November 2007 12:03

Cops use SPL setup to scare people off :D
OK, I was exaggerating a bit :D

But check this out:
Police Officers Using Subwoofers to Get People Out of Their Way [audiojunkies]

Washington DC Police have installed a new Rumbler Siren on their cruisers in hopes of giving clueless drivers and pedestrians something to feel in addition to the standard high-pitched siren. Two woofers are used to emit low frequency sound waves and provide the same type of obnoxious vibrating effect that the police give noise violation tickets for. The news video even goes as far as showing the common coin trick used in nearly every Youtube video showing off car audio subwoofers.

Video after the jump.

The Rumbler Sirens cost $350 each and Washington DC plan on outfitting all 767 of their marked patrol cars. Many other Police Departments are currently testing the Rumbler Siren as well.
Washington PD Gets the "Rumbler"

Washington: Police patrol cars are being fitted with "the Rumbler", a new siren which is felt rather than heard. The siren uses an amplifier and a pair of subwoofer to generate inaudible frequencies which can be felt 60 metres away.

The earth shaking siren, which is designed to ensure everyone knows a police car needs a clear path, has reportedly been a real attention grabber. A number of other police departments are currently testing the Rumbler.

"You know when this is coming up behind you. It vibrates everything," officer Lou Schneider, who has been testing the siren, told local media.
With New Device, Police Shake, Rattle and Roll -

Apparently the setup costs just $350. Hmmmm... They need to visit TBHP-ICE for some real equipment :D

spadival 21st November 2007 13:23

Can we get this in India? :).. Just look at the benefits - you really don't need high power horns which cause noise pollution. Also, nowadays, pple ignore power horns anyways.

snaronikar 21st November 2007 13:44

These are good in the developed conutries. People here donot leave space for Ambulances itself...leave alone PD vehicles. Moreover, the people here care the hoots to the police sirens...At least this is what I have seen.

rocksterraghu 23rd November 2007 12:11

That is a funny article. :)

It would be fun if the SPL guys started mocking it by playing their subs loud and confusing people. I'm sure they can do better than the cops with this. :D

HotChillyPepper 23rd November 2007 17:26

Which is the Driver & AMP used in this setup any idea???? We can use it in our ICE lol:

hkanitkar 1st December 2007 21:41


Originally Posted by spadival (Post 633459)
Can we get this in India?

Why not use low_bass_makker's swift instead ?

But seriously speaking, we need something similar ( only without the siren ) to shoo away the stray cattle that usually lounges around on the city roads.

jerish666 2nd December 2007 10:41

Hahaha very funny article.

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