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nitrous 17th December 2007 12:11

VFM Monoblocs
My next upgrade would be a mono amp and Im looking for a decent VFM model.
A couple I have in mind are JBL CS 300.1 and the pioneer 7200M.
Suggestions and recommendations please. :)

amit_sound 17th December 2007 12:18

Budget for the mono amps???

nitrous 17th December 2007 12:20

Something similar to the above mentioned products.
a couple more thousands is also ok. :)

jkdas 17th December 2007 12:30

Alpine has one for 10k.

7200M for 10k?

akg7091 17th December 2007 13:01

The kenwood 9103D is the best amp in this price range. IIRC someone mentioned he bought it for 12000 from Driven. You can try looking for it in Chennai. It does 900watts @2ohm

Ajaybiz 17th December 2007 13:09

CS series not worth, try to add few more grands and get GTO series. Bought it last saturday will post the perfomance after hetting it done in my Car.
I think Sony makes the cheapest Monos.

moralfibre 17th December 2007 13:10

What sub are you planning to run off it Nitrous?

nitrous 17th December 2007 14:38

I currently have a JBL GT4-12.
Plan to change it if it doesn't suffice.

Ajaybiz 17th December 2007 14:57

Then GTO 301.1 or newer GTO series will be the best bet.

nitrous 17th December 2007 15:33

Pardon my ignorance, but the specs tell me the gto 301 is less powerful than the cs 300.
Is there something that I ain't reading?

Bass&Trouble 17th December 2007 15:35


Originally Posted by nitrous (Post 660101)
I currently have a JBL GT4-12.
Plan to change it if it doesn't suffice.

Nitrous in the ICE section.. cheers:

You dont need a mono to drive a SVC sub. If you are going to upgrade your sub to something else, please finalize that first and get a mono based on that.

nitrous 17th December 2007 16:02

Thanks, sri ajay gyaan guruji.
Im currently driving the GT4-12 by bridging 2 channels from the Pioneer 6000F amp(rated 50x4). So, there is no "punch"!

Bass&Trouble 17th December 2007 16:16

Get something like this

PANASONIC CY-PA2003U <br>2-Channel 1200W AMPLIFIER

or this


for more punches and kicks than a Jackie Chan movie.

moralfibre 17th December 2007 19:34


Originally Posted by Bass&Trouble (Post 660244)

I was going to suggest the same amp. Nitrous, buying a mono makes sense when you have DVC sub. The amps you have considered are not even Class D mono's so there wouldn't be much difference. In fact the Panasonic has a lot more power than the mono's in consideration.

nitrous 18th December 2007 16:27

Thank U,ajay and kiran for suggesting the models.
Can U educate me on why a SVC doesn't need a mono while a DVC shouldn't run from a bridged 2 channel?

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