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navpreet318 7th January 2008 20:42

well those are Hijoin racing alloys.model no. is some BM-(something)

the specs are 15X 7.5j
the tire specs are 205/50 r15...i know its smaller dia but looks good right now.later i'll upgrade to 205/55 r15

they are VFM tires.decent grip.good to look.first choice was goodyear,the bridgestone,michelin but as i had to get this car ready for my sister's birthday i had to hurry the order for the tires.these were the quickest to come.and thats why the smaller size also came in.the dealer made a mistake and i had no time to get it corrected.

the alloys cost me quite a lot.20k for a set of 4.highway robbery i know.but can't help it.we have only one sorry *** dealing in these have to bear his monopoly

navpreet318 7th January 2008 20:43

i had no idea ishan is a tyre it true.

navpreet318 7th January 2008 20:45

check out the rear wheel.the way its dished in.thats why i love these alloys.

faithless_1984 7th January 2008 20:51

Awesome alloys navpreet.!!


iraghava 7th January 2008 21:06


Originally Posted by navpreet318 (Post 680449)
i had no idea ishan is a tyre it true.

Nope, I'm not .

navpreet318 7th January 2008 21:12

oh shoot...i thought i'll get awesome discounts on performance

s0uljah 7th January 2008 21:28

Navpreet, really appreciate your spirit and effort! The install is a CLASS APART from all others.
Im sure the music sounds sweeter :p

Im itching for a DIY with some help from raven (but In now way close to yours as the woodwork etc would be outsourced ;))

Keep up the good work, you now have an alternate profession if you get bored of what you do, heheh !

navpreet318 7th January 2008 21:33

yep i plan to end up with a do everything shop..performance,ice,pimpin..everything by the time i turn

s0uljah 7th January 2008 21:42

Good retirement plan :) Any tips for damping? Iv got about 40sq ft of damping sheets and at this stage it doesnt seem like I will have any rear fill.

navpreet318 7th January 2008 21:51

well damp it really good.where ever you get more space put on multiple layers of damping.
also keep a check on the holes in which the clips of the panels go in.clear them off any damping.or you'll have trouble later.also keep a thin layer of damping around the area where the arm rest is.
heat up the surface properly.
also i guess you must know that damping is done in three layers.
the outer sheet.
the inner frame of the door is literally sealed to as much as possible.
and then the inner side of the panel.damp it properly coz the inner door pocket vibrates.
the more you damp the better it is.
damp the wheel well and try to make the rear wheel well lid with mdf.
well rear fill is not needed if you're gonna be driving.even i think i should have invested more in the front compos more instead of even using a rear fill.

low_bass_makker 8th January 2008 11:12


Originally Posted by iraghava (Post 680482)
Nope, I'm not .

Look who is talking..

OT: how good is MAXIS tyre ?

rev_hard 8th January 2008 11:50


Nice choice of car, rims'n'tyres and the audio components.
Very well maintained as well.

And ofcourse, the DIY effort and it's end-result is really applaudableclap: .

Best of luck in your future endeavours.


S@~+#0$# 8th January 2008 12:00

Nice & clean D.I.Y install. Well Done.

m4ugr8 8th January 2008 12:07

Awesome Install nice DIY and awesome looking wheels

navpreet318 8th January 2008 18:11

lbm the maxxis tires are ok.decent enough to drive the swift.and pretty silent too.
its not a sports car that i will need highest performance just not fast enough.

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