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navpreet318 6th January 2008 19:17

DIY Swift Audio Setup.with the help of some friends.
Hey people.

first of all i would like to thank Gunbir and Rajat (scaryskulls) for their support throughout my install.i have been disturbing gunbir with numerous calls for this setup.

he adviced me with the sub and amp as well as the wiring.

the stuff is as follows:

HU:Pioneer 6950
Front speakers:infinity reference 6020 CS compos
Rear fill:infinity reference 6022i coaxial
Sub: hertz es250d
Amp powering 4 speakers:kenwood kac 8401
Amp powering the sub:sony xm sd 61x
wiring is all audison.4 gauge power cable from the battery and 8 gauge from the dirtribution block.
the audison distribution box is my prized possion.i love the build quality.amazing.

the wiring is a very essential component.i installed the speaker wires before installing the amp.and even when running off the HU the quality of sound had improved a lot.just because of the wires.

now i have installed the whole system myself.
reason why i don't have the Work In Progress pics is because my hands were too dirty or covered with was a tiring job.but i can bet it can't be done better in dehradun.

even the box for the sub has been made by me.using 1" mdf.(i know its too much but it doesn't have any ill effect)
its completely air tight.joints were layered with araldite mixed with fine saw dust before being screwed together.and the box was allowed to set for 4 days so that all fumes of the setting araldite were gone.

then i applied putty on the box.the NC putty used for cars.smoothed it myself.and painted it.thats why you see not so perfect surface coz i'm a first timer.

the wiring job really is a took me 2 days to complete the wiring because i wanted to do it perfect.

i specifically chose the HU as it had 3 preouts.hence the amps are all independently supplied sound signal.

now regarding the did i damp this car.i had previously used wurth was nearly 4 sq mts of i have put in 5 sq mts more.the doors have been done in 3 layers as recommended for the swift.
i really overdid was a pain in the as_ to install the inner door panels back.

ok enough of my are the pics..

BUSA 6th January 2008 19:20

hey nice equipment, but the pics are not showing.

Also no damping for the boot, your sub will vibrate the boot lid like crazy.

navpreet318 6th January 2008 19:35

well thanks mate.the pics are now visible.was working on it.

well i told you every thing has been damped.even the boot has been heavily damped.even the wheel well has been damped.and the cover of the wheel well was also made my me using mdf.

check out the speaker installation on the really improves the sound as the speaker is now sitting very close.

BUSA 6th January 2008 20:23

The install looks very good, well done buddy clap:

BTW your car seems to be a ZXi

JayD 6th January 2008 20:24

Install looks good navpreet. But u really need to do something about the wires running around in the boot!!! Btw, can u tell me how much each of these items cost?

navpreet318 6th January 2008 20:43

nice guess is a zxi.

well jayd can't do anything about those wires.they are not running around.they are carefully tucked in into the recess between the seatback and the rear boot floor of the car.

abhibh 6th January 2008 21:36

Nice setup man. Very very clean. Speaker installation and sub box is very very good.

ScarySkulls 6th January 2008 21:37

A Job well done Navpreet. If you can operate all those big CNC machines, this is nothing. I knew you'd do well with the DIY part.
Dont be so Humble. I was merely guided you. You did enough of good homework yourself and made the job easy for me.

Cheers again and happy booming.
And dont worry too much about the wires. It's decently clean enough. I want an audition next time I'm in Doon.

BUSA 6th January 2008 21:39


Originally Posted by navpreet318 (Post 679069)
nice guess is a zxi.

BTW its not a guess, its clearly visible in the pics its a ZXi :)

saintsinner 6th January 2008 22:03

thats a nice install bro.
the wires look nice. honestly i would not hide them.

Just a question - have you painted them white? why not carpeting?

navpreet318 6th January 2008 22:09

well yes i have spray painted them white coz my sister wnated something different for her car.every one does carpets.i wanted to be different.i love the way gunbir does his install.most of them are painted.
NOT TRYING TO EQUAL HIM THOUGH. but i like the idea of painting stuff.i love smooth surfaces.i have coated the sub box with about 8 or 9 coates of clear feels so so smooth.though the smooth putty finish was not achiavable by me but still the overall finish is awesome.

hydrashok 6th January 2008 22:14

Whoa! This doesn't look like a DIY install at all. GREAT JOB! Congrats, buddy!

You waited four days for the box to get set? You are one patient cat!

I'd also bet it can't be done better in DehraDun! :)

navpreet318 6th January 2008 22:19

thank you.

well 4 days are required because the compound that i used was araldite mixed with saw takes a long time to a thin layer it takes atleast 24 hours.where as i had used it as a filler material.
and when it sets it emits very pungent smells.and these fumes also ruin the rubber surrounds of the i had to wait for 4 days.

i wasn't free those 4 days.was doing wiring and damping.

jkdas 6th January 2008 22:41

Good job.

Can we have a competition for TBHP-DIY installs? :)

navpreet318 6th January 2008 22:56

well i'm out of it.
i don't want people picking up fights over my visible wires.
yaar competetion in india i have always seen is that people start throwing **** at other people instead of improving their own setups.

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