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Default ICE - Commercial Involvement Declarations

Hello all,

The ICE (In Car Entertainment) section is a very popular forum at Team-BHP. While Team-BHP is clearly not an Audio forum, ICE is an integral accessory of every automobile.

Team-BHP is strictly a non commercial forum and it has always been our endeavour to provide fair, unbiased advice to the Indian car audio enthusiast from the car audio enthusiasts.

Apart from enthusiasts, the ICE section is also frequented by members who have a commercial involvement in some or many of the brands that manufacture ICE equipment. It is also frequented by installation professionals, dealers, distributors and more.

While the advice and contribution offered by these professionals is truly invaluable and Team-BHP welcomes it, it is fair for the member asking for ICE advice to know that the person offering the advice is commercially involved in the business.

In our endeavour to make sure that the advice you receive as a Forum member is truly unbiased and fair, we have created this thread as a sticky.

How does it work?

Please note the following rules that apply.
  • Please post in this thread ONLY if you have a commercial involvement in ICE (As a dealer, distributor, installer, car accessory shop owner/manager/employee, employee in a company that manufactures ICE equipment etc.)
  • Please do not offer contact information, addresses, phone numbers etc. Such an action will amount to a commercial promotion and the post will be deleted/edited immediately. Action will be taken against the member as the support team deems fit.
  • Please state clearly what you do and the brands you are involved with.
    (For Example: I am a dealer of car accessories. I have a store that sells car audio equipment of all major brands, or I work for the company that represents/distributes Brand X, Y and Z in India)
  • Please make your post clear and short. No idle chat will be permitted (For example: HEY, I didn't know you represent Brand X, where can I buy this in Mumbai - This is NOT ALLOWED!)
  • IMPORTANT: If you do have a commercial involvement in ICE and you do not inform us by posting in this thread, the support team may choose to ban you from Team-BHP for concealing this information.
We request your cooperation to keep the ICE section of Team-BHP unbiased, fair and just. Thank you.

Team-bhp Support Staff
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Sam, B&T, BlueRaven, Gunbir, Autophile, etc.. please do the needful. It will really make things a lot simpler on ICE. Thank you.

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Default James Bullough Lansing


I am the brand director of JBL in India. While that is what I am most known for, the other brands that I am in charge of are harman/kardon and Infinity.

I am the marketing chief and handle all administrative, marketing and promotional decisions for the entire Indian subcontinent.
While I am not involved in the sales (So, please don't ask me where you can buy JBL in your town, I don't know, to tell you the truth) I am an audio enthusiast.
While I try and keep my advice unbiased, it is easy to guess that my choices are biased towards JBL products.

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Hi everyone!

I am commercially involved with the home and car audio industry at many levels. The brands that the company I work for (Hermit Audio Pvt. Ltd) represents are Ground Zero Audio, Steg, Illusion Audio.

I try to keep my participation in the forum restricted to the level of knowledge-sharing and a moderate dose of fun.

I try and keep an unbiased approach in my posts that may pertain to ICE, but I may naturally be inclined to recommend some favorite brands and products, including but not limited to those that Hermit Audio represents.

I am an ICE enthusiast to the core and love 'everything audio'.

All the best in your ICE quest, everyone!


Ajay Kamath

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We have been in the Audio distribution business for 3 years now. I also have a retail outlet called EVO in Bangalore where our Audio installs take place. I have been full time into installations for the last year.

Due to the lack of time I am not able to be on the forum all the time, but do like posting here and there to help people in whatever way I can.

Though I have been primarily linked with brands Hifonics and Scosche eFx for the last few years, I have an unbiassed view towards all brands, most people who come to me for advice and installs have seen that.
Audio and Sound choice is personal and all I do is help people understand what they really need out of their own listening preferences on a professional level.
On Team Bhp I like to help people from all over with whatever little knowledge I have of sound and installations.

I have been a sound enthusiast from the begining and did not have the slightest Idea about what my future profession would be. I will continue in the same lines and also try to contribute in my own small way on Team BHP to educate and assist people.


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Default BBW Distributors Private Limited


I'm the Vice President - Sales & Marketing at BBW Distributors Pvt Ltd, a New Delhi based Indian company that is involved with import and distribution of audio products.

BBW represents the following brands:

- Image Dynamics (USA)
- Genesis (UK)
- Rainbow (Germany)
- Bull Audio (Germany)
- Tru Technology (USA)
- Dynaudio (Denmark)

While I have been into music from the first day I heard it, audio is a means to experience the music in all its glory. To me, good audio is that which brings a smile to your face as you hear that favorite song, driving your car down that long winding road of life.

Always my passion, somewhere along the line, audio became my profession as well. Although my job requires me to number crunch and push sales perched in the office, chances are you are more likely to find me in a car, installing or tuning.

I tend to take life with humour, but sometimes I get very passionate about audio. Sometimes, it gets me in trouble too. If some of my posts sound opinionated, I apologize for my limited knowledge... its only based on my own meandering experience.

Though its not intended, I may sound biased towards the products we sell, but thats because we chose to represent these products because we believe in them in the first place.

End of the day, I believe in the motto, "Hear, and you shall Believe". Keep your ears AND your mind open, and they won't let you down.

Happy ICE'ing...

Gunbir Singh

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Hi everyone!

My name is Raghvinder Singh and I am the proprietor of M/s Gurneet Audio – a company that I have just recently formed to conduct business pertaining to car audio.

The brands I would be associated with are:
1. Ground Zero, Germany
2. Illusion Audio, USA
3. Steg, Italy

Car Audio, and hence music - are easily two of the things that I enjoy the most in my life. My fascination with music, and equipment that reproduces it, has been from a very young age. Yet, nothing excites me more, than having great sounding music in the car. This was one of the reasons I became a part of Team Bhp and it has been a wonderful journey since then. I have learned a lot from our various gurus - Navinji, Der Alteji, Sam bhai and Bass&Trouble (Ajay bhai) to name just a few, and have received much appreciation for my amateur efforts and support from all the wonderful members in fine-tuning my knowledge and expertise to whatever level it is today.

All these years, as an enthusiast, I have had the opportunity to listen and experience a lot of the best brands and products available in India, without any bias, and this has helped me a lot in analyzing the various products and brands available. Of this particular set of good brands I have chosen to work with the 3 that I have named above.

Getting associated with car audio was amongst the last things in my mind, and certainly not what I would have expected to happen in my life since I am anyway occupied with my business, but I have been encouraged a lot by friends whom I have helped with installations etc, and also by Ajay bhai (B&T) who is confident that I would be able to do better justice to the industry than several that exist. Hence, after long time of thinking over the matter and scrutinizing the options, I have decided to contribute whatever best I can to the industry.

I have normal ears, just like almost everyone else and have always related to sound that way. I am also in support of the fact that the buyer is the best judge of his tastes and the equipment he should buy, for which listening plays a very important part, as often emphasized by Navinji. I am not golden eared, I would never claim to be, and I have realized that this is mostly a ploy by commercially involved folks to coax and fool people into buying products that directly or indirectly benefit them.

Another thing is that often, many of my posts are misinterpreted. I have been told that this has been mostly due to my inability to properly express what I really mean to say, although I really mean something distinctly different. For this reason, I have explained the content of this post to Ajay bhai and sought his help in putting it together, so that I do not especially get THIS post interpreted in any wrong sense.

I hope to do the best I can to help out people seeking good music systems for their cars, irrespective of whether it has anything to do with the brands I would work with or not, since that is the way I have always been. I am very grateful to everyone for their support, faith and love thus far and hope all of you continue to extend me the same.

Hoping for your best wishes!

Raghvinder a.k.a. low_bass_makker a.k.a. LBM

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Default An unexpected announcement

In a rather strange but wonderful turn of events, my company now also represents Panasonic Car Audio in India thereby completing its portfolio of car audio products, head unit onwards.

While an independent cell has been set up to market the products, the brand will be promoted by my department throughout India. We hope to give Panasonic Car Audio the well-deserved recognition it deserves in this country.

As before, please do not PM me asking me for prices and dealers, I cannot help you there. I am merely making the formal declaration as I am now also commercially involved with Panasonic, in addition to my previous declaration.
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Never added myself to this!

I own and operate a custom car mod firm by the name of Autopsyche, we deal in a whole vareity of things including audio installs.

We are Dealers for BBW Distributors for their product range with outlets in Karol Bagh, New Delhi & Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon.

- Image Dynamics (USA)
- Genesis (UK)
- Rainbow (Germany)
- Bull Audio (Germany)
- Tru Technology (USA)
- Dynaudio (Denmark)


Arush Vohra
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Hey guys,
I couldnt figure out how to rephrase what noidaboy has posted as Im involved with the same store.So to make things easy(for myself) ,Ill just copy and paste the above declaration.

I'm really glad to tell you all that I'm NOW associated with this new retail store called
GYRO | Automotive essentials.
Based in Moti Bagh,Ring road, New Delhi, GYRO is a one stop store for quality car essentials, be it I.C.E, Performance, or any such stuff.For now Im appointed part time as a sales coordinator. I look forward to being part of this industry and learning all I can.

As of now, it appears GYRO will be dealing in the following brands / products:

>> Image Dynamics
>> Genesis
>> Rainbow
>> Bull Audio
>> Tru Technology
>> Dynaudio
>> Kenwood
>> Alpine
>> JBL
>> Harman/Kardon
>> JVC
>> Kicker
>> Eclipse
>> Dynamat
>> Focal
>> Blaupunkt
>> Philips
>> Iride
>> K&N
>> Pete's
>> Green
>> HR
>> Enkei
>> Momo
>> Stanley
>> Lenso
>> Konig wheels

..The List can have some addition soon

I understand all rules and regulation of TBHP and have no intention of promoting / advertising these brands. My association with any of the above brands shall not affect my working on this forum. I have always been impartial and shall continue to be so. I hope my posts are taken for what they are, honest opinions based on my own experience.

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Hi Everyone,
I'm the Global Produt Line Manager for JBL Car Audio. That means I'm responsible for determining what product should be built, what those products should do, how much they should cost and what documentation should be provided to help people use them. I'm also responsible for answering technical questions about those products.

While I'm only responsible for all of that stuff for JBL Car Audio products, but I can often find answers for people with questions about Infinity Car Audio products and Harman Kardon Car Audio products too, since the people responsible for those brands are my next door neighbors.

I'm not sure what constitutes promoting products on this forum. My objective here is to answer questions about the performance and use of the gear that I help to develop and to help anyone here with answers to technical questions (if I have the correct answer), and to make a few friends in the process. Hopefully that won't get me banned.
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Default Sound & Acoustic Designs.

Hi there,

Have closely followed team-BHP and noticed, that for once; there are a few people in our country who share real car audio knowledge and not just breed and spread misconceptions.

I have been into this industry since a while now.

At present I am into manufacturing of Car Audio Modification products.

Entirely made of Fiberglass, one piece, no joints, no wood, inert to atmospheric changes, totally hand molded using high precision “Pre-Casts”. Made to meet specifications of various ‘Drivers’ available in the market and finished with PU lacquer based high quality paint. Easy to maintain and clean.

Parcel trays for hatchbacks.

Enclosures: Sealed, Ported, Transmission Line, Extended Bass Shelf, 4th order Bandpass, Quasi 6th & 8th order Bandpass and Horn Loaded Enclosures.

A/B pillar Tweeter mounts & Center channel dash mounts.

Kick / Door Pods.

Most of these products are processed as back to back orders, and only a few regular items are stocked.

Damping Solutions: Bitumen – Butyl sheets, Viso-elastic sheets. These products are at par in performance with every other product available in the market; unlike other products ‘SADesigns Damping Solutions’ are cost effective.

Enough of advertising….

I am looking forward to sharing knowledge and learn too.

Fenil Mehta.
Sound & Acoustic Designs.

""Inner circles of car audio enthusiasts know this well;
10% is product selection and 90% installation".

Last edited by Rehaan : 23rd June 2009 at 14:54. Reason: Post edited as we'd like to avoid links to websites in this thread. Thanks.
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Hi Guys,

Thanks a lot for inviting me in this section i am Honored & Exited to be here, i came to know about Team BHP from Taquir Bhai & Anwar Bhai of Auto Fusion Bangalore

MY name is N.B.Reddy my work is Technical & Validation Head of

audible dynamics India Pvt Ltd
audible dynamics Singapore Ltd
audible dynamics Hong Kong Ltd
audible dynamics Malaysia SDdn Ltd &
Berjiz Electronics Pvt Ltd

I have helped in Designed & Validated the new line of audible dynamics 2008, i have been associated in the field of Professional Audio for a period of 5 Years and now i am in Automotive Entertainment division

I am not a sales person and i dont like to promote audible dynamics products in this forum i just compare with other brands where we stand and also i have got enormous amount of feed backs from this forum on audible dynamics brand and others in the same filed

I hope to share my knowledge of Audio with people in this forum and learn more from other seniors in this filed

i am much obliged for this opportunity to explain myself and my ideas i thank all of you for this opportunity.
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Default Acoustics For You - Sound Opinions

Hi Team-BHP'ians,

I belong to Acoustics For You , a company established to carry out business in Car Audio/Video, Accessories and Installations. I was involved in several car audio installations with my friends, who were already in this business.

We recently formed this company and we have also launched our Online Car Audio Store.

We started dealing in brands such as JBL, Infinity, Pioneer, Polk Audio & Sony. We plan to add more essential brands in future.

As you can figure out, I don't need to promote any of the brands that we deal in, as we don't own them.

I declare that I will give my un-biased opinions on ICE in team-bhp. And moreover I am not here just to advice; I have a lot to learn in ICE field from experts in this forum.

Thanking you all,
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Hi guys, along with college started a business which is more of a passion for me than business but just thought of posting my deceleration here.My business is called United Customz, we are involved in ICE and based out of kolkata.

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