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forbhaskarm 15th December 2008 11:13

How to connect USB pen drive to AUX port?
I have a SONY 5800 - VCD player as the HU which has an AUX port at the rear. I would like to connect a USB pen drive through this AUX port. Gurus, please, let me know- please:
1. if this is possible ?
2. if possible, do I need some special gadgets to connect pen drive to AUX?


rajakumar 15th December 2008 11:35

I believe that there is no simple way to connect a USB pen drive to AUX port.

AFAIK, AUX port acts more like a streaming port. So the device connected to the AUX port should have the capability to stream the music. In case of USB pen drive, it acts more like a storage device and typical USB support head unit know how to read data from USB.

DjNik 15th December 2008 11:39

1.By no means is this possible.
2.If you have a USB Mp3 player then you can connect audio out from the Mp3 player to the aux in of the HU.

greenhorn 15th December 2008 11:53
something like this ?

forbhaskarm 15th December 2008 12:06


Originally Posted by greenhorn (Post 1093591)

Thanks for pointing to this thread Greenhorn. :thumbs up. I guess that is the only solution available. I will check out the thread & see if it really fits to my liking.

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