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You guys have made me addicted too.
the first post is very nicely done and outlines the complete mental state one would get into after so many stuffs to fit in your car.

I recall " Hazaaron khwasiyen Aisi ki Har khwaish pe DAM Nikle................"
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Old 11th June 2009, 06:47   #77
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Very well said SM. Your thread is just like a vintage wine (4 years old); well preserved (sticky thread), full of flavor (everyone likes it) and adding taste with time (in your case holding truth with every post added).

Congratulations, 4 years old and still fresh. good on you mate.
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Am always overwhelmed by the responses to the thread. And its really humbling to note that its been 4 years since I wrote it.

Thanks all for the responses and thanks to the Gurus for helping me chose a good setup.

Have changed several cars in the past but for the first time, this time, didn't change my music setup. Sold my old car without the music system and had the same setup installed on my new car - The setup still rocks!

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Old 11th June 2010, 08:36   #79
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Hey SM, very very true.

I actually undergoing all these phases as I am planning to do my ICE.
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Old 11th June 2010, 09:13   #80
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I thought quitting smoking is a tough job. No! Team-Bhp is even more addictive!
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Old 3rd November 2011, 16:50   #81
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Re: STATUTORY WARNING - 10 Risks to know before entering this forum!

I have very recently been bitten by this ICE bug and it hurts a lot!
Each point in the post is true and I am nursing a broken heart nowadays, am even thinking of forgoing a holiday trip to save money for an ICE upgrade.

Sigh! It's a cruel mistress.
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Old 20th December 2011, 08:50   #82
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Nice post. Read it a few times before but wasn't qualified enought then to reply then. Now After fews years and many thousand rupees spent. I agree totally.... but I feel that after spending like crazy, whe you get into your car and play your favourite tracks.... its all worth it.

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Old 8th January 2015, 22:42   #83
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Re: STATUTORY WARNING - 10 Risks to know before entering this forum!

I am so living the truth of this thread. It's become a serious obsession

Note from Support: Not more than two smilies allowed per post.

Last edited by Eddy : 8th January 2015 at 23:01.
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Old 9th January 2015, 00:09   #84
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Re: STATUTORY WARNING - 10 Risks to know before entering this forum!

So true !!!!
After going through many posts searching here for a good set of compos and coaxials for our Ritz, just went ahead and got them very next week, 3 years and the itch to upgrade again has started. May be the HU this time
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Old 2nd March 2017, 15:51   #85
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Re: STATUTORY WARNING - 10 Risks to know before entering this forum!

Very true SoundManiac. I have been searching for the ultimate cost effective solution for a better sound in my Duster and its been days that I have been burning oil in midnight to find that sweet spot of cost and quality for a better audio. And yes i do agree that team-bhp has made me more knowledgeable and wiser to understand what i need, what i want and what i can afford. A big thank you to all those who helped me to find my answers.
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Old 12th July 2017, 09:02   #86
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Re: STATUTORY WARNING - 10 Risks to know before entering this forum!

Its so damn true as I came to know about so many subjects and there are people who are experts in almost all automobile technical know how. Blesses to be a member of this forum. Kudos to all BHPians.
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Old 3rd August 2017, 22:32   #87
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Re: STATUTORY WARNING - 10 Risks to know before entering this forum!

What insight and humor! No wonder this thread still rings a bell more than a decade after posting. Superb stuff SoundManiac
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Re: STATUTORY WARNING - 10 Risks to know before entering this forum!

Reading this for the first time in 2023 and it is still relevant as gold. Notwithstanding the confusion it creates in the mind, the insight and plethora of knowledge that you get is totally worth getting a bit indecisive for sometime. And the fact that this is the best goto place for such advices, you may never really complain.
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