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Originally Posted by tsk1979
I guess now we are through with the arguments. Well from what i could gather, there is no way the brightness of the LCD display be reduced in 4750.
How about using the blue screen protectors found on PDAs and mobile phones. On my phone the screen protector reduces the brightness significantly, and since the display is pretty bright, the screen protector could stay on during daytime also,
The big question is "Where do you get such sized screen protectors"
try using a piece of good quality Sun Film like Llumar / 3M. That may help.
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Hey Tsk,

The screen protectors used in mobiles are manufactured in India by some firm in Banglore. I think they sell for RS 750/- for a pack of 20 or so, at least thats what Heera Panna in Mumbai sells them at.

You could use one or more to cut down the glare and fit the area you want covered.

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Originally Posted by Autophile
But some people just argue without any grounds.
That includes you.

Originally Posted by Buffetfan
My 2 cents on this....everything remaining the same....(and more often than they will not be same)....a 4 V O/p is always preferable to a 2 V / O/ it does allow you to reduce your amplification in the amp and hence reduce noise.....

On the other hand...if there is noise that is produced inside the HU (a few moving parts and display will always produce noise) than it is immaterial whether it is 2 V or 4V...a higher signal wil only save you from the cabling noise that may not be much anyway...

this is (2V versus 4 V) is a basic electronic principle.....what is the disconnect here??? It is a simple Y or N discussion...all things being 4V better than 2V. I would immediately say 4V

Aseem is also agreeing to your point that not all HUs are same....and that 2V and 4V is not the only deciding factor for buying a HU...the tolerance of the components used, design, features...all come together here...
Thanks for the inputs Buffet, couldnt have put it any better.

Lastly Navinji, please rate the information on its merit and not the source of the information (experience or google). We are here to give correct information, and not leverage or rate the information based on whome its coming from. My system is up and running, however I still feel the need to contribute to this forum, to help not just audiophiles, but normal people like me who find themselves in the same situation that I was. I want them to benefit from my experience and not repeat the mistakes that I did. I do not represent any brands or products and am here simply for the fact that I love this forum. I have learnt a lot from guys like yourself, Sam, etc.
Lets keep the healthy spirit of this forum.
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Please clarify my doubts about the HU pioneer 5750.
It is mentioned that Pioneer 5750 is IPOD ready, If that is true how do i connect my IPOD to it can some one help me if i need any additional accessory. I have a IPOD shuffle of 1GB & i want to test it by cinnecting it to the HU.
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