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Turning my Honda Civic into a DISCO!

Navin : So what kind of setup do you want in your Civic?

Me : I want the nightclub-kinda sound.

Navin :

Me : Mostly, I'm listening to dance, hip-hop, trance or underground stuff. Has to be heavy on bass.

First thing I asked Bass & Trouble for is the "DISCO" tune. He sheepishly admitted that he likes that state of tune too. After all, Ajay is chilling at a nightclub 25 nights out of the 30 in a month

So started a deluge of emails between Navin and Ajay on the technicalities. I was a mere spectator, when asked a question said "Aha, Aha", with Google'bhai coming in handy. I’m a total noob when it comes to ICE and, to me, the only car audio brand that existed was Pioneer. All my cars till date have worn Pioneer HUs, speakers, amplifiers and tweeters. The Civic, on the other hand, now has brands that I haven’t heard of until this install came around.

One thing I realised immediately : I'm going to be the latest victim of this thread

6. Thou shall be robbed
This is a very greedy forum full of people out to loot you. If you come here with budgets of around 10,000/ the people here will make you spend around 20,000/- (I came looking for a system for around 10,000/- to 15,000/- and ended up spending 30,000/-) If you were happy with 2000 wala sony speaker before now you will become miserable with them. You might not be satisfied with anything less than a 6,000/- to a 60,000/- component system.
The initial budget sure went for a toss!

7. Thou might have to first buy a new dictionary
Did you ask what a component system is? Now didn’t I tell you will have to buy a new dictionary! You will hear many more words previously unheard of like crossovers, biamping, XO etc etc.
As I told Navin, I'm actually scared I now know what TA is!! This, coming from a guy who's entire car audio history has been filled up with Pioneer.

Final installed equipment:

1. Pioneer AVH-P4250DVD : I was keen on retaining the OEM HU, but it had its limitations in Audio capability. A single-din just doesn't cut it in a Civic (whole lot of HU space). Navin and B&T just had to have Time Alignment.

2. Civic Head Unit Trim Kit : A must for a neat fit.

3. DLS Ultimate Performance UP6 : Up at the front.

4. DLS Performance 428 : Rears

5. Peerless Resolution Series 12" : Ajay highly recommended two of these due to my "high bass" requirement. Everytime I listen to hip-hop, my back gets a massage!

6. DLS CA 23 high power 2 channel amplifier : Two of these, one for the LHS & RHS speakers each.

7. VSL 2500 W rms monoblock : "Max bang for the buck". Drives the subwoofers.

8. Noise Kill 1.5AL : Just under 50 sq.ft to damp up all doors & the trunk.

9. Soundquest 1/0 ga amp wiring kit & Stinger 17ft Pro Interconnect (two)

11. Fiberglass subwoofer enclosure with Speakon Connector

12. iPod cable connector.

I wanted a premium “nightclub” sound in my car. Well, Bass & Trouble gave me just that. The first time that I experienced my setup, I knew the potential (and BASS) was there. However, it had an entirely "audiophile" tune. The minute Navin & Ajay were out of view, out the window went their settings and in came mine (end of the day, what matters is what I prefer, and not what Audiophiles do, right?). I'm still finding my way around the varied options and am "playing it" by the ear. The kind of sound that I like is high on bass, high on treble and low on mid-range (digital equalizer is in a "U" shape, just know by now...a damn nightclub). Of course, I was always a rear speaker guy (80:20 in favour of the rears), but thanks to the awesome front speakers, the fader is already on a 50:50 split. It's been only two days with the system and it is already 85% of what I wanted. EXACTLY the kind of audio output I had in mind. Once I'm absolutely familiar with the system's capability, I'm going to head down to Ajay for a final tune-up. I’m seeing this ICE install as a one-time purchase that can, hopefully, be carried forward to the next car.

Most importantly, thanks to Navin for his invaluable advice & inputs into this install. Its due to our resident Audio-Guru that the Civic's ICE was the easy part. The wheels, remap, suspension etc. are going to take longer.

@ Ajay : I must appreciate your attention to detail, your ability to listen to a customer and the absolutely high quality install job. Simply put, this is the best audio system I've owned till date. Eminem, 50 Cent, Armin Van Buuren. Roger Sanchez, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit & Nickelback never sounded better. It's deep, its high on bass, it's crystal. It's a nightclub.

HU neatly slotted onto the Dash, thanks to the trim kit:
Turning my Honda Civic into a DISCO!-1.jpg

Super (custom) fibre-glass front tweeter mould:
Turning my Honda Civic into a DISCO!-2.jpg

Front speakers. Looking stock:
Turning my Honda Civic into a DISCO!-3.jpg

Rear "bottom-mounted" speakers. Again, looking stock. Thanks to the neat front tweeter work, the car looks stock from the inside (save for the double-din HU):
Turning my Honda Civic into a DISCO!-4.jpg

Excellent work on the rear sub enclosures. 3 amps lined up neatly. Covers mandatory to prevent damage from outstation luggage. Navin wants to change them to something that reads "GTO":
Turning my Honda Civic into a DISCO!-5.jpg

Turning my Honda Civic into a DISCO!-6.jpg

Turning my Honda Civic into a DISCO!-7.jpg

Turning my Honda Civic into a DISCO!-8.jpg

Turning my Honda Civic into a DISCO!-8a.jpg

The remote control. Long story on this one. I was keen on steering-mounted audio controls. However, I don't want to mess with the steering-mounted airbag at any level other than the factory (it has to be removed for the wiring). A BHPian seems to have accomplished this (Link to thread), we are awaiting details. For the time being, I'm getting the hang of this remote (which isn't too bad). Especially when every song sounds good.
Turning my Honda Civic into a DISCO!-9.jpg

Other points :

- The damped doors & trunk now shut like that of a German car! Heavy is the word here.

- I like the fact that no metal was cut anywhere (say, the rear parcel tray to install speakers / subs like in my other cars).

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Pending work:

- Old system to be stored in the attic for reinstall at the time of selling the car.

- Insuring the new system.

- Add Team-BHP wallpaper to the HU.

- Cut-out for spare tyre (floor) needs to be made.

- Panel gap around the climate control buttons are inconsistent. Need to readjust the dash-trim kit.

- The iPod read rate is slower than it was on my Vtec's single-din Pioneer. Could be because we are using a USB cable, and not the official Pioneer connector? Need to check.

- Final tuneup from Ajay sometime next week.
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Wow thats indeed a sweet setup and very neat install also. You could have tried to display the front components by replacing the stock covers with the ones provided.Again personal taste is what matters.Do you mind giving us the break up of the costs ?
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A disco it is!!

Some killer equipment there , such a neat, stock looking install congrats !!

I am sure it sounds as great as it looks.I was of the opinion that you are not the kind who would pump up the volume while driving the car.

congrats again does the HU have provision for a GPS device as well?

EDIT : any WIP pic? please

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Amazingly neat install GTO ! Congrats Its so neatly finished, even in the boot area with no wires protruding etc.

Can a rear view camera be installed to this HU ?
Has the damping of the entire car been done ? The metal plate (parcel shelf?) on which the rear speakers are installed would also be damped ? Please correct my understanding ?

I haven't even heard of these brands that have been mentioned
Need to Google them right away !

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Nice install - the stock look is awesome.

Could you share some more details about the Peerless Resolution Series 12" sub's and the VSL 2500 W rms monoblock? (2500 rms!! - please tell me that's max and not RMS).
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So this was why there was no follow up to any mods on the Civic till now. You were busy doing your Phd in audio Equipment under B&T.
Even though i am a novice to ICE, just by reading your write up I know it sounds awesome.
And the "Thou shall be robbed" clause, I super like.
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So , even you are not spared by ice bug

cost breakup please
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It must sound really great ! Fit and finish looks really neat! Job well done I must say.
Installing all this wont Void the warranty? Could you post a picture of the complete Dash?
oh and what about Disco lights GTO?
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super car and now with super super ICE.will you please share cost breakup.
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Very very sweet install. Those 3 amplifiers look imposing. The tweeter pods are the thing I absolutely love in this setup. They look SO stock. I can't believe they could actually be amalgamated so well into the plastic housing near the quarter panel. (or is it part of the fabrication??)
as for the 'night club' kind of sound, that is the kind of music I have been listening to these days. Do let me know if you need some ;-)
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Awesome setup!

Really cool setup you have there GTO, Just make sure that the roof stays on

I can imagine how crisp & loud it may get. Great choice!
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Stunning installation! The stock look that they have given is great.
Just loved the way the sub's have been integrated into the boot.
Nice job Navin and Ajay.
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Congrats on a fabulous install GTO! With Navin ji and B&T by your side, this has to be one killer setup. A couple of points. I'd suggest you get a better grill for the subs as that's the only thing taking away the super stock look. :P
And secondly, do give the equipment some run-in time. There should be a considerable improvement in sound after 20-30 hrs.

B&T, sir yet another fantastic FG install.

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The audio bug sure has bitten hard. AJ's fibre glass work is impeccable. Simply love the tweeter pods. I think moralfibre has the same DLS in his Palio and they sound real nice. A bit too bright for my taste, but then I listen to very different music.
Actually, the Civic is not a great car to ICE, but since you've gone all bassy, I guess it's the best kind of set up for that car.
Please do something about the sub woofer grilles. They look quite tacky for such a clean install.
Now that you're used to TA, you'll NEVER go back! Trust me on this one
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