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ganjaman 1st November 2010 20:14

Need to find newer better speakers for my focal solid4 amp
I bought a system for my Getz almost exactly a year ago ( and now it's time for an upgrade!

The system i bought was:
- Pioneer 4190 HeadUnit
- Focal Solid4 amplifier
- Morel Tempo6 front components
- Kicker 8" sub (powered by 2 of the outputs of the solid4 amplifier)
- I'm using the Hyundai provided dual-cones in the rear doors, which are powered directly by the head unit. Sound like crap, which is ok cos i rarely have people sitting in the back.

At that point, i picked up the cheapest sub available (hey, i wasn't even sure i needed one then) but now i really feel like the bass is too diffused, and i'd prefer more distinct beats. So i'm wondering if replacing the sub would work, or whether i'd need to buy a new class-D amp especially for the sub.

Also looking to improve the fullness/richness of the sound. I occasionally think of upgrading the front speakers, though the current ones are supposed to be pretty good. Someone suggested getting better rear speakers, but then they would still be powered through the head-unit and would pale in comparison to the amp powered speakers.

Looking for some broader guidance at this point, and then we can drill down into specific brands/models.

I'm willing to spend roughly 10-20K on this upgrade.


blueraven316 2nd November 2010 22:38

as far as I have seen, the New series Morels sound too laid back, lot of frequencies missing, hence they dont sound that rich, I feel the tempo 6 coaxials sound way better than the components in their own way,
If you want sharper response, look at Focal Polyglass or Diamond Audio D3s or JL Audio VR (though even this JL is also laid back on the treble).

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