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Team-BHP Rules - Please read before posting

Team-BHP is a collaborative community, intended to provide a resourceful and enjoyable medium to Indian car enthusiasts. It is therefore imperative that you, as a member, observe the following rules to maintain the harmony of this community.

1. The use of AI / ChatGPT is strictly prohibited on Team-BHP. Do NOT use AI / ChatGPT to compose your posts, or even enhance the language of your written material. Any attempt at using AI in posts could result in an immediate ban on your account. On Team-BHP, we take pride in our original thoughts, opinions & content. Kindly type out only your own ideas, comments & language. Do not use AI software to even rewrite your post or tweak its language.

2. Chat and SMS Lingo is not permitted on Team-BHP. Therefore, "my" is not "mi", "before" is not "b4" and "that" is not "dat".

3. A decent communication protocol must be adhered to. Foul language and use of abusive words / photographs in posts / avatars / signatures are STRICTLY prohibited. Even indirect use of abusive language (e.g. B****) will attract the strictest moderator action.

4. Strictly NO marketing on the forum for automotive goods / services. Also, no third parties are permitted to make any commercial offers to members, via the Private Messaging (PM) or email facility. Note that Team-BHP does NOT accept a single marketing / advertising rupee from the Auto Industry. Vendors are free to use The Team-BHP Classifieds to sell their wares.

5a. Spamming is considered as a very serious offense on Team-BHP. It includes one-line replies which have no relevance or do not contribute to the thread in any way. Also, the minimum character limit for posts is currently set at 20. Any attempts to bypass this limit will be counted as spam.

5b. Back-to-Back posts on the same thread (by the same member) are not permitted. To add more content to your post, click the EDIT button within 30 minutes of posting. Making use of the Multi-Quote function is mandatory when you wish to quote & reply to multiple posts. Back-to-Back messages will be considered as an attempt to artificially boost post count, and thus SPAM. Note : The only situation where back-to-back posts will be permitted is when they are part of a review / report, or your posts have a lot of pictures (Example (Honda Brio : Test Drive & Review).

6. No personal attacks on any member will be entertained. This includes any direct / indirect attempt at trolling. All members are part of the Team-BHP Family and any discriminating or derogatory comment will be dealt with severely.

7. Any photographs within a thread MUST be uploaded to the Team-BHP server. Displaying externally hosted pictures is NOT permitted. Here's a pictorial explanation on using our attachment system.

8. Smiley usage is restricted to TWO per post.

9. Please use the search feature before posting on topics that have already been discussed extensively before. Repeat threads are not allowed.

10. Please title threads accurately in order to represent the subject matter that they contain.

11. Team-BHP maintains a strong stand against drinking & driving, underage driving, street racing and any other form of dangerous driving. Posts that don't abide by this view, or containing ANY alcohol content (in text or pictures, directly or indirectly), will not be entertained on the forum.

12. Posts created in a "dotty" style cause inconvenience to other members. Please do not type using excessive dots / full stops (e.g. car June........).

13. Sensitive discussions involving politics or religion are to be avoided, due to their highly subjective nature, which can lead to volatile and inconclusive debates. The only factor that unites BHPians is our love for cars, independent of religious or political inclinations.

14. While the Team-BHP Support takes decisions only with a community-centric attitude, public threads / discussions on Administrative decisions & Moderator actions are not permitted. For any clarifications, BHPians are free to use the Contact us form.

15. Do make sure that you provide the relevant permission & references / original sources for every piece of material that has been reproduced from any other website / publication.

Nonobservance of the above-mentioned rules will lead to an immediate warning, an infraction and deletion of the concerned post. Repeated offenses will lead to the member being permanently banned from Team-BHP. We, The Team-BHP Support, work very hard in maintaining the quality of this community and would respect the same from your end.

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation,

The Team-BHP Moderators
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