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Car Cleaning & Polishing: Thejas Autospa (Phoenix Mall, Chennai)

Just gave my car for a Platinum package which is below!

Foam Wash
Exterior Polishing
Internal Vacuuming
Rubbing & Machine Polishing
Disinfection of the car
Scrubbing & Treating of Dashboard, Door pads, Side Panel, Seats, Carpet & Roof

Good work done, but had to stay there to monitor at the last to wipe off the wax which was all over the crome and the sensors!

They tried to sell me AMC saying that its cheaper for me, but gave it a pass!

They used all 3M products and the service is good.

Paid Rs. 2695/- for a Platinum Package.
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Re: Car Cleaning & Polishing: Thejas Autospa (Phoenix Mall, Chennai)

I recently went to get a wash at Thejas near the OMR Toll booth, the one near Hiranandhani.

The experience was not good. They charged me 1010 including tax for their silver package.

Things i didn't like:

1. They don't have any separators between the different car areas, like the see though plastic curtains 3M has. When they were pressure washing my car, all the water mist was falling in another car which was getting waxed.

2. The person washing tried to use a dirty rag to wipe the car after the foam was applied. Only when i raised my voice, he used a MF. The manager said MF is used only for buffing wax. I chose not to speak to him after that.

3. All MFs, rotary pads were lying on the dusty floor

4. They said they'll use all 3M/Megs products while i also noticed all sorts of liquids in used soft drinks pet bottle. Neither there were any institutional packs of 3M/Megs lying anywhere in the facility. I doubt they use 3M/Megs

5. There were 3 MFs in the shop (all should be in a state which should be thrown away immediately) and the workers were fighting who gets to use them, since there were 2 cars

6. There was nothing Professional. While vacuuming, the person sucked the USB Cig lighter charger and then had to open the Vacuum bag to take it out. The manager said this happens all the time and smiled

7. Last but not the least, they used some whitish thick liquid and smeared all over the car saying it was a Wax. They used the same product on paint, plastic part, tyres .

It is much better to go to 3M or CarCares at OMR by paying few bucks extra.

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Re: Car Cleaning & Polishing: Thejas Autospa (Phoenix Mall, Chennai)

Tejas auto spa at Navalur (beside the toll) is such a bad spot to get your car cleaned. They're neither professional, nor courteous in answering questions. I got pissed off when they used a rag-like cloth to wipe after wash. I had to make them search for a better cleaner cloth to do the wiping. They don't deserve to be in the car spa business.
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Re: Car Cleaning & Polishing: Thejas Autospa (Phoenix Mall, Chennai)

Latest Price list for Thejas, had been to Phoenix Mall yesterday.

Car Cleaning & Polishing: Thejas Autospa (Phoenix Mall, Chennai)-img_4216.jpg

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