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Default Car Audio Installation : Speedfreaks (Anna Nagar, Chennai)

I obsess about sound. I love music. I always have. And that coupled with my love for driving and being on a highway has made me go through many different speakers and installation teams.

I've been trying to achieve near studio quality sound on a budget and that's no easy thing.

I came across Speedfreaks, Annanagar on Facebook and decided to give them a try because all my previous audio upgrades had failed to give me the quality of sound I was looking for in my car. I listen to a lot of rock and metal and I wanted a setup that would suit my listening.

I was pleasant surprised to meet Karthik, the chief of Speedfreaks. Unlike all other people I had met, Karthik is a sound engineer who has studied sound and automobiles. He is really an expert in car audio, being an internationally certified judge for car audio competitions held across the world. He has done various courses and certifications and unlike any other place I had visited, used a host of complex equipment in cars to measure sound and various other electrical parameters to be able to perfectly tune a setup in a car.

Car Audio Installation : Speedfreaks (Anna Nagar, Chennai)-tuning-equipemt.jpeg

During the time my car was being worked on, I watched them strip a brand new just out of the showroom Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 43 - no easy task with its electronics. The owner of this beast wanted the car to retain its OE looks but wanted to really beef up the audio and ICE. He had chosen 6 lakh Morel limited edition speakers, a DSP and some super sub which he wanted to connect to the OE head unit. And the team at Speedfreaks pulled it out and how! Below are some pictures.

The Merc GLE 43 wrapped up to avoid even a tiny scratch. Well it was BRAND new!

Car Audio Installation : Speedfreaks (Anna Nagar, Chennai)-merc-front.jpg

Everything was stripped and re done to perfection as I latter witnessed

Car Audio Installation : Speedfreaks (Anna Nagar, Chennai)-merc-inside-being-worked-upon.jpg

Monitors being fit in the rear. I personally think they wouldn't do well in an accident!

Car Audio Installation : Speedfreaks (Anna Nagar, Chennai)-merc-inside.jpg

The team working on the fabrication of the sub to make it look like OE

Car Audio Installation : Speedfreaks (Anna Nagar, Chennai)-mercsubfabwork.jpg

And they achieved it. Fantastic!

Car Audio Installation : Speedfreaks (Anna Nagar, Chennai)-merc-sub.jpg

Not only are the OE speakers in the merc worth less than $10, but the spare tyre super cheap as in all expensive cars. Why do they do this?

Car Audio Installation : Speedfreaks (Anna Nagar, Chennai)-merctire.jpg

Watching all this I definitively wanted Karthik and his team to work on my car. And I was on a budget as well - the least amount I could spend to get near studio quality sound. Having understood my needs perfectly Karthik reused as many components he could from my existing set up, and did not push me to do anything unnecessary like fabrication of the sub – which said was more for looks and convenience and not for sound. My Pioneer Z2090 HU, Focal 4 channel amplifier and Sub were retained, and Polk DB6501 and Focal AS 165’s taken out. I let him decide on what speakers to put in my car, and he chose the Coral MK165 in the front, Coral MC165 Coaxial in rear (speakers I had not heard of before but I was confident he would chose the best suited speakers at my budget.) A monoblock Amplifier was added to power the sub. Karthik stressed on the importance professionally done sound dampening and of fabrication of the tweeters to get them in a perfect “sweet spot” and angle on the A pillar. This was done with a lot of precision and measurement using advanced audio tuning equipment, unlike almost all other installers who fabricate for looks and style and not quality of sound.

Karthik of Speedfreaks

Car Audio Installation : Speedfreaks (Anna Nagar, Chennai)-karthi-next-wrv.jpg

Dampening being done on the WRV

Car Audio Installation : Speedfreaks (Anna Nagar, Chennai)-wrvdampening1.jpg

Car Audio Installation : Speedfreaks (Anna Nagar, Chennai)-wrvdampening2.jpg

The end result has blown my mind. The balance and sound stage of the notes and music is unbelievable in the car. I really can’t put in words how good the sound is. You have to experience it to believe it. If any of you are close to Neelanakarai, or passing by, you should give me a shout out and listen to the audio in my car.

Not only was the fabrication of the A pillars to accommodate the tweeter in the sweet spot extremely well done, there was a lot of science and measurement that went into this.

Car Audio Installation : Speedfreaks (Anna Nagar, Chennai)-tweeter-1.jpg

Car Audio Installation : Speedfreaks (Anna Nagar, Chennai)-tweeter-2.jpg

Car Audio Installation : Speedfreaks (Anna Nagar, Chennai)-tweeter-3.jpg

If you are looking for a great quality professionally designed car audio set up, Speedfreaks is the definitive place to look up. They also do sound for homes and halls. Karthik has trained a extremely good out fitting team and they great jobs with leather seats and other car modifications – if you are looking for top notch work – give them a call, you won’t regret it.

It is better to give them a call before going in. Once anyone goes to Speedfreaks, they keep returning with their new cars or recommend others and the garage is quite busy with a host of big and small cars being worked upon - from car audio to other mods.

Car Audio Installation : Speedfreaks (Anna Nagar, Chennai)-cars-speedfreaks.jpeg

Car Audio Installation : Speedfreaks (Anna Nagar, Chennai)-mini-cooper.jpg

Speedfreeks is in Annanagar, Chennai. Highly recommended. Definitely one of the best, professional and scientific installation teams in India.

Their website:

Karthiks phone number


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Default Re: Car Audio Installation : Speedfreaks (Anna Nagar, Chennai)

My friend and colleague went to Speedfreakz for an audio installation and requested whether I can post his experience as he got the lead from team-bhp.

I was looking for nice audio installation. Being a swift ZDI, touchscreen head unit was not provided, I was inclined towards the android audio system.

I came across speedfreaks in Teambhp and did my research in google and other platforms where I found these guys are top-notch and deliver high quality.

As I use the car daily for only office commute around 25kms, I want some nice setup without much bass. One fine day I called karthick owner of speedfreaks to share my thoughts of what kind of setup I like (Android Audio system) and budget limitation, he patiently heard me suggest Pioneer head unit and sound magus components(no clue of the brand). He didn't push for pioneer head unit and informed he also can procure android head unit to install, but the output would not be as good as the pioneer since the android system concentrates on providing more options, whereas a pioneer is known for its sound.

Trusting on his caliber gave my car to him for installation while I was away for a 3 days on a office trip. He Informed the vehicle is ready for delivery after 3 days, I reached speedfreaks to pick up the car on the same day, and after the demo, I was blown away by the output.

The next day I found some glitches like reverse camera not working when parking lights are on and some vibration in the output when the volume is high.

He fixed these issues in my next visit.
Personally, what I like about Karthik is he doesn’t push for sales and knows the subject.
With just the head unit, component speakers and little door pad sound insulation, he made sure the output is as per my requirement.

I would say Speedfreaks is a bit expensive than others in the market but definitely worth every penny.
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