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Default Re: Car Painting - Mr Senthil (Teynampet, Chennai)

Originally Posted by Visaster View Post
I had personally visited Mr.Senthil's workshop.
His father has been in the business for ages and he has modernized with usage of quality products.
He has been trained at DuPont Lab and he uses only 3M and DuPont products as in any A.S.S.
So the cost will be almost the same and the finish will be really good.
He has a painting room where he can paint Individual parts.

I refrained from giving my car for the paint cause I was quoted Rs30K and I was not ready for that amount at that time, may be after few months.
Thanks for the info mate. Just spoke with Mr. Senthil. He is quoting Rs. 8000/- for repainting both the bumpers, the ORVMS and the door pulls. But he says it will take 4 days at least. That sounds a bit weird. 4 days for a small job like that does not make any sort of sense. Also, like many others in this thread, I'm quite apprehensive about leaving my car there for four days. Will probably check with Ignite before getting the paint job done.
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Default Re: Car Painting - Mr Senthil (Teynampet, Chennai)

Waking up this thread after a real long time. Below is an account of my office colleague's experience with Mr.Senthil's garage. It is a very positive comment from my colleague. Below is the comment in his words.

By seeing this thread i gave my car to Mr. Senthil and got my car paint work done( for rear bumper, left side front bumper and left side Fender) from him.
A bike hit by car from behind and due to the impact the left side of the rear bumper was broken(See the attached picture). In another incident, due to my negligence while overtaking a minivan, the left side front bumper and fender (un fortunately I donít have this image) was slightly damaged. After visiting many garages I finally decided to go with Mr. Senthil. The reason why I chose Mr. Senthil was
  1. Team Bhp (this thread)
  2. His garage, because it was better when compared to other painting Garages that I visited(not comparing with the A.S.S or moto malls or BOSCH service center)

When I took my car first time, Mr. Senthil wasnít ready to accept the paint Job because of my carís color. My car color is pearl metallic white and he said he never takes this particular color, since the job is difficult due to 3 layer coating and paint match accuracy is also complex. Finally he accepted because I informed him about his thread in team-bhp. He informed me to think twice and give the car because only 85% paint match can be done. I wasnít much bothered about the Rear bumper and front bumper but I hesitated to do the left side fender because it will look odd if the paint doesnít match with the left side front door. So I asked him to fix and repaint the rear bumper completely and a portion of the left side front bumper. I wasnít ready to repaint the left fender since it was a small dent and was also worried about the paint match, but Senthil himself suggested me to do the fender since he is going to repaint the left side of the front bumper. I finally accepted to do the fender and he informed that it will take three to four days to deliver the car. I gave my car on Monday Aug 25th and it was ready by 2 PM on 27th of Aug. I was much worried about the fender portion and went to the garage with the same mentality. I was totally shocked and surprised to see the paint job of fender, it was excellent and perfect paint match done by Mr. Senthil. I would rate that as 100 out 100 and unfortunately I donít have the damaged pictures of the fender and front bumper. It never looked like a repainted fender, the paint match was perfect with the left side front door. Also the front bumper was not fully painted, only 25% of the bumper was re painted, but it never looked like that. The damage in the rear bumper was fixed and repainted completely. The rear bumper job was also neatly done and I would rate the Paint match as 95 out of 100.

I would like to share one of my experience with A.S.S paint job at this moment. My Carís Left side running board was damaged and I repainted it from MSM in May 2013. When I gave my car to the them for re painting the service engineer suggested me to re paint the left side rear door, since there was a minor scratch in that door and moreover the insurance company is going to pay for that. I wasnít much interested to do that but he somehow convinced me to do that. It was my first experience when it comes to repainting and I wasnít very much aware about the paint jobs/paint match. So I accepted to repaint the door (Still I feel for the wrong decision made by me to repaint the door because it was a very minor scratch). My heart was broken when I saw the repainting work on the door, It was a only a very average job done by them and the paint match was not good. They could have atleast painted only the bottom portion of the door, but they painted the entire door. After repainting the left side rear door gave greenish look but pearl metallic white should give yellowish look. Mr. Senthil, who charges much lesser than A.S.S, did a fantastic job but the A.S.S who charges more canít able to do even a fair Job. I guess the paint match from Mr. Senthil was perfect because he gave the base paint touch to the damaged part and gave the clear coat to the entire part. I would havenít had the bad experience with MSM if they had followed the same. Still I can find the paint difference of my left side rear door during the day time when the car is parked in the shade.

I would like to Thanks Mr. Jai for starting this thread because of this thread I gave my car to Mr. Senthil. I would strongly recommend Mr. Senthil based on my experience with him.

Note: I have marked the damaged portion of the fender and front bumper in one of the images, since I donít have the damaged portion picture

Thanks and Regards,
Before the work:
Car Painting - Mr Senthil (Teynampet, Chennai)-img_2416.jpg

After the Work:
Car Painting - Mr Senthil (Teynampet, Chennai)-teambhp.jpg

Car Painting - Mr Senthil (Teynampet, Chennai)-teambhp1.jpg

Car Painting - Mr Senthil (Teynampet, Chennai)-teambhp2.jpg
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Default Re: Car Painting - Mr Senthil (Teynampet, Chennai)

My personal experience with this person was not so good. He does talk about all the best things he does and the products he uses and the training hes been to plus the restoration work hes done. But quick glance at the shop and definitely not a place I will be comfortable to leave my car. He may be trained but he had no trained helping hand. He gives big story on need for 3 - 5 coat and everything to give you a big quote - PRICY. If you want the best stream lined right tool right person kinda body work I would head to Bosch, Vadapalani, Anantharaman
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Default Car Painting - Mr Senthil (Teynampet, Chennai)

Hi Bhpians @ Chennai,

My Skoda vRS had a lot of scratches and dents on her and a paint & repair job was long pending. Quick research in T-BHP and i knew i am going to try out Mr. Senthil's Workshop @ Teynampet.

A quick prelude to my car maintenance:
  • i am extremely choosy about where i give my car for repair, how experienced the person is, how the place where my baby is gonna be parked till the repair job is (also the road leading to the place, surroundings and all other petty things)
Desperately wanted to turn a dull boring jobless Saturday into something productive. So, drove of to check the mentioned workshop and get an estimate.

My car had the below issues to be attended to
  1. Left Fender - 6cms deep dent, bad twisted and completely torn. Cause not know as it was there when i purchased her 2nd hand
  2. Back Right Quarter Panel - 2cms deep dent thanks to Chennai lorry driver (actually i was at fault.) & DE-shaped Wheel arch, few scratches starting from wheel arch and extending full length backward
  3. Back Right Door - Badly damaged and dented. Cause not know as it was there when i purchased her 2nd hand

Mr. Senthil actually took his time to analyze what repair is required (Loved this as i am an Analyst/Consultant myself) and then provide me an estimate of Rs. 6000/- which i found was pretty economical.

So, after 3 days and 6000 buck, my baby was gleaming. Pics below (sorry, no "Before" pics) Boxed out in red are the area where there were scratches or dents.

Some Takeaways from my experience:
  1. Excellent job done by Mr.Senthil. Good workmanship
  2. Branded consumables/products used
  3. Entry road and the workshop ambiance may make a few people skeptical, but, it is definitely worth it
  4. Stands by his time-estimate and delivers promptly - i love this part
  5. House & workshop in same building, so one can go collect or leave his/her car for service on a holiday. Just call and let senthil know
  6. Threw in a free polishing job as i mentioned "team BHP"
Thank everyone for reading

Note: I am not financially link to Mr. Senthil's workshop. My post to to share my experience and not Promote any Product/Service
Attached Thumbnails
Car Painting - Mr Senthil (Teynampet, Chennai)-imag0201.jpg  

Car Painting - Mr Senthil (Teynampet, Chennai)-imag0202.jpg  

Car Painting - Mr Senthil (Teynampet, Chennai)-imag0203.jpg  

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Default Re: Car Painting - Mr Senthil (Teynampet, Chennai)

Thought, i will update on this. Went to meet Mr.Senthil in Teynampet last month for some work on my Jazz. He seems to be genuine and it was straight forward conversation. But, yes - the location seems to be a bit of less-encouraging. I felt, as if am just entering pudupet !. Btw, attaching the exact location image with this post - for anyone's reference.

But with the nice conversation and fair value for the services, want to handover the car to him - during my outstation travel. Spoke to him in the first week of february to fix the date of 3rd week. My bad luck - he said - he can't do - because he will short of manpower in that period and he is also planning for renovation of his shop.

So, had to look for other options !. [Next post to give those detail !]
Attached Images
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Default Re: Car Painting - Mr Senthil (Teynampet, Chennai)

Though well maintained and I try my level best to keep the car in right place for parking - I still could not avoid these war scars

1. I never give my car for Valet parking, be it a star hotel or a marriage hall. But unfortunately, that day - I had to give it in the Music Academy and the gentleman parked nicely close to the pole and had put reverse gear. On my return, in all hurry - did not check the gear and started the car. Bang

Drivers really put a reverse gear while parking ?

2. In office parking (DLF, porur), I always park in the designated car parking (definitely between two cars), except on this day, I parked in a slot, which is closer to the 2 wheeler parking. In the evening, on my return, I could see this lengthy scar on the back door. Am visualizing; this motor bike person with all humility, dragged his bike backwards, banged on the door and dragged it further to get his bike out. [I could feel the real blood.]

3. Thanks to Chennai rains, bad road and frequent Bangalore - Chennai travel - some of the stones (roads and/or from the lorries) have really hit the front right side bumper. Plus a small scar from another biker who decided to go from left to right in a signal at the last minute and was in hurry to get into grave, asap!

So, after Mr. Ramesh could not help me timely, and the war-scars are sending reminders daily, had to take a call. So, went to the BOSCH Service in the 4th Avenue, Ashok Nagar. The shop is called 'The Garage'. The guys are good and this gentleman [forgot his name !] showed me their tools and manpower to give assurance on their services.

They charged me around Rs 7000/- [boot & bumper tinkering - 1500, boot paining - 3700, bumper painting (partial) - 1800]. They could not do much on the 2nd scar and i did not insist on tinkering & painting on the door. So, 1 & 3 is solved, for now.

Additionally, have asked them to do a polish (Rs 2500 /-). They called it as rubbing polish. Did not really understood the method of removing one layer coating during the process. I liked the outcome, though. There are some lazy lines running around were gone. But few more rough one's are clearly visible now.

Name:  Jazz  The war wound.jpg
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Name:  Jazz  Back in Action.jpg
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