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Tractor Sales Figures in India

The government’s continued focus on promoting rural development and farmer welfare in the Union Budget continues to favor well for the farm sector. Also the budget lays significant emphasis on the government’s endeavor to double the farmers’ income by FY-2022.

Improvement in the rural economy over the medium to long term and successful implementation of the various initiatives is likely to result in sustainable benefits to the farm community.

Here's how the Tractor OEMs fared over previous 3 Financial Years
Name:  32.jpg
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Market Share
Name:  Market share.jpg
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Size:  45.4 KB

All data has been compiled from data presented by Tractor Sales in India - Auto Punditz

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Re: Tractor Sales Figures in India

As per Wikipedia, here's the list of Current manufacturers of tractors in India
  1. ACE Tractors
  2. Agri-King Tractors and Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Angad Tractors (SAS Motors Limited)
  4. Balwan Tractors (Force Motors Ltd)
  5. Captain Tractors Pvt. Ltd
  6. Eicher Tractors
  7. Massey Ferguson Tractors
  8. TAFE Tractors
  9. Escorts
  10. Farmer Tractor
  11. HMT Tractors
  12. Indo Farm
  13. John Deere
  14. Mahindra Tractors
  15. Mars Group
  16. New Holland Agriculture
  17. Preet Tractors
  18. SAME
  19. Deutz-Fahr (India) Private Ltd.
  20. Sonalika
  21. Standard
  22. Swaraj Tractors
  23. VST Tillers

SOURCE: Tractors in India

Source also includes respective manufacturers website for all the data complied in the following posts along with the above Wikipedia link.

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Re: Tractor Sales Figures in India

ACE (Action Construction Equipment Limited Tractors)

Tractor Sales Figures in India-1a.-ace.jpg

Action Construction Equipment Limited (ACE) began manufacturing of Tractors in 2009 by launching two models in 35 / 45 HP categories. At present it is manufacturing 3 models by introducing 55 HP models in 2011. And also manufactured crains, harvester etc. ACE Tractors are widely used for agriculture activities, and also for construction and industrial haulage. ACE offers tractors from 35 HP to 90 HP. Models with 4 WD options are also available.

Tractor Sales Figures in India-1.-ace.jpg

Website: ACE Tractors



Tractor Sales Figures in India-2a.-agri-king.jpg

Currently, the Company produces the AGRI KING 20-55, a 50-HP tractor. The 20-55 has undergone comprehensive testing at the Central Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute (CFMT&TI), Budni, Madhya Pradesh. Manufacturing plant is located at Village Majholi, Himachal Pradesh.

Tractor Sales Figures in India-2.-agri-king.jpg

Website: Agri King Tractors



Tractor Sales Figures in India-3a.-balwan-force.jpg

Force Motors have partnered with leading global automotive names like Daimler, ZF, Ricardo, Bosch and MAN etc. Force Motors has manufacturing facilities at Akurdi and Chakan (Maharashtra), Pithampur (Madhya Pradesh), Chennai (Tamil Nadu).

Tractor Sales Figures in India-3.-balwan-force.jpg




Name:  4a. Captain tractors.jpg
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Previously known as Asha Exim Pvt. Ltd., it was started by two visionary farmer brothers, Mr. G. T. Patel & Mr. M. T. Patel of Rajkot, Gujarat, India. Our plant is located at Veraval Shapar, Dist. Rajkot, India.

Tractor Sales Figures in India-4.-captain-tractors.jpg



Deutz-Fahr Tractors (SDF Group)

Tractor Sales Figures in India-5a.-deutzfahr.jpg

SDF has 8 production sites, 13 commercial branches, 2 joint ventures, 143 importers and over 3,000 dealers worldwide. SDF have their manufacturing facility at Ranipet (Chennai) where low and low-mid power tractors from 30 to 80 HP, diesel engines from 30 to 170 HP are manufactured.

Tractor Sales Figures in India-5.-deutzfahr.jpg

Website:Deutz-Fahr Tractors

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Re: Tractor Sales Figures in India


Tractor Sales Figures in India-6a.-eicher.jpg

In 1949, Eicher GoodEarth, was set up in India with technical collaboration with Gebr. On 24 April 1959 Eicher came out with the first locally assembled tractor from its Faridabad factory and in a period from 1965 to 1974 became the first fully manufactured (100% indigenisation) tractor in India. In December 1987 Eicher Tractors went public and in June 2005 Eicher Motors Limited sold Eicher Tractors & Engines to a subsidiary of TAFE called TAFE Motors and Tractors Limited.

Eicher also produced tractors under the Euro Power and Eicher Valtra brands under license from Valtra, an AGCO brand.

Tractor Sales Figures in India-6.-eicher.jpg

Website: Eicher Tractors



Name:  21a. TAFE.jpg
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Size:  36.3 KB

Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited (TAFE) is the second largest tractor manufacturer in India. The company established in 1961 to manufacture and market Massey Ferguson tractors and related farm equipment in India. It is part of Amalgamations Group based in Chennai with Mallika Srinivasan as the Chairman of the company. AGCO also owns 24% stake in TAFE.

Tractor Sales Figures in India-14a.-massey-ferguson.jpg

Tractors are built and sold in India under both the TAFE and Massey Ferguson brands, and exported under both brands as well. In 2005, TAFE bought the Eicher Motors tractor and engine division.

Tractor Sales Figures in India-21.-tafe.jpg

Tractor Sales Figures in India-14.-massey-ferguson.jpg

Website: TAFE Tractors & Massey Ferguson Tractors



Tractor Sales Figures in India-7c.-escorts-farmtrac.jpg

Escorts began local manufacture of Ford tractors in 1971 in collaboration with Ford, UK and total production climbed steadily to 33,000 in 1975, reaching 71,000 by 1980. Ford (Ford - New Holland) was sold in 1992. Ford Motor Company proper quit the tractors business, but the name was allowed to continue as per agreement until 2000, when Escorts relabelled its Ford models under the Escort brand. Escort manufactures produces construction and agriculture tractors in the 08-75 HP range and has already sold over 600,000 tractors. Its tractors are marketed under three brand names, Escort, Powertrac and Farmtrac.

Tractor Sales Figures in India-7a.-escorts-farmtrac.jpg

Tractor Sales Figures in India-7b.-escorts-powertrac.jpg

Website: Escorts FARMTRAC & Escorts POWERTRAC



Tractor Sales Figures in India-8a.-farmer-traktor.jpg

Tractor Sales Figures in India-8.-farmer-traktor.jpg

Website: Farmer Traktors

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Re: Tractor Sales Figures in India


Name:  9a. HMT.jpg
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HMT is a large public sector unit and began manufacturing Agricultural Tractors in 1972 under the HMT brand name with technology acquired from Zetor of the Czech Republic. It manufactures its tractors in Pinjore, Panchkula in a large factory that also manufactures machine-tools, and Hyderabad It has a capacity of 20,000 tractors per annum.

In the Machine-tool company is a large foundry. It produces tractors in a range from 25 HP to 75 HP. HMT has also exported tractors to the USA under the Zebra brand, which were marketed by Zetor distributors and dealers there. The company is controlled by the Ministry of Heavy industry that provides to the public its financial performance.

Tractor Sales Figures in India-9.-hmt.jpg

Website: HMT Tractors



Tractor Sales Figures in India-10a.-indo-farm.jpg

Indo Farm Equipment Limited is an ISO certified company located in Himachal Pradesh. Indo Farm commenced commercial production of tractors in October 2000 at its plant located at Baddi in District Solan, Himachal Pradesh. Spread over an area of 34 acres, the plant started with the production of a single model.

Within a decade of successful operations Indo Farm grew to a company having models in the range of 30 HP, 38 HP, 42 HP, 48 HP, 50 HP, 52 HP, 55 HP, 60 HP, 65 HP, 75 HP and 90 HP with many variants. Within a year of its operations, the company had successfully indigenized the engine components, manufacturing and assembly processes, and accordingly stopped import of engines.

Tractor Sales Figures in India-10.-indo-farm.jpg

Website: Indo Farm Trcators



Tractor Sales Figures in India-11a.-john-deere.jpg

In 2000, John Deere set up production in a joint venture with Larsen & Toubro Ltd in Sanaswadi, in a rural area near Pune, Maharashtra. It was known as L&T John Deere Private Ltd, and manufactured tractors under the L&T - John Deere name for sale in India, and under the John Deere name for worldwide sales.

In 2005, Deere & Company acquired nearly all the remaining shares in this joint venture. The new enterprise, is known as John Deere Equipment Private Limited. The factory currently produces tractors in of 35, 38, 40, 42,45, 50, 55, 65, 75 and 89 HP capacities for domestic markets and for export to the USA, Mexico, Turkey, North and South Africa, and South East Asia. Pune factory started to produce new 55 to 75 Hp 5003 series tractors for European market in 2008.

Tractor Sales Figures in India-11.-john-deere.jpg

Website: John Deere Tractors



Name:  12a. Mahindra.jpg
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Size:  28.5 KB

Mahindra Tractors is an international farm equipment manufacturer of Mahindra & Mahindra. In 2010, Mahindra became the largest selling tractor in the world. Mahindra's largest consumer base is in India, but with sales also focusing on China, North America and a growing base in Australia. The company is the largest manufacturer with about 25% of the market in India and has the capacity to build 150,000 tractors a year. Mahindra Tractors sold about 85,000 units annually making it one of the largest tractor producers in the world. To expand into the growing tractor market in China, Mahindra acquired majority stake in Jiangling.

Its sales in Gujarat are under the label Mahindra Gujarat and its sales in Punjab are under the label Swaraj. In 1999, Mahindra purchased 100% of Gujarat Tractors from the Government of Gujarat and Mahindra purchased a 64.6% stake in Swaraj in 2004.

Mahindra Tractors started manufacturing 15HP tractor under the brand name Yuvraj in Rajkot in 2011. The plant in Rajkot is set up jointly by Deepak Diesel Pvt Ltd and Mahindra & Mahindra. The plant has a maximum capacity of 30,000 tractors per year.

Tractor Sales Figures in India-12.-mahindra.jpg

Website: Mahindra Tractors



Name:  13a. Mars.jpg
Views: 24318
Size:  53.9 KB

Originally established in 1976, the MARS Group is engaged in manufacturing / marketing of dump trucks, loaders, foggers, and agricultural tractors and attachments. Based in Lucknow, U.P., it began manufacturing two mini-tractor models under the Marshal name in 2005, Captain DI 2600 of 25 HP and Trishul MT DI 625 10 HP.

Tractor Sales Figures in India-13.-mars.jpg

Website: Mars Tractors (Marshall)



Tractor Sales Figures in India-15a.-new-holland.jpg

New Holland is a global brand of agricultural machinery produced by CNH Industrial. New Holland agricultural products include tractors, combine harvesters, balers, forage harvesters, self-propelled sprayers, haying tools, seeding equipment, hobby tractors, utility vehicles and implements, as well as grape harvesters.

New Holland equipment is manufactured all around the world. With 18 plants spread globally, as well as six joint ventures in the Americas, Asia and Middle East, the corporation is present in 170 countries worldwide.

Tractor Sales Figures in India-15.-new-holland.jpg

Website: New Holland Tractors

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Re: Tractor Sales Figures in India


Tractor Sales Figures in India-16a.-preet.jpg

The genesis of "PREET" dates back to 1980 when initial production of threshers, reapers and agricultural implements commenced, this small step by Enterpreneur Mr. Hari Singh along with his younger sibling Mr. Gurcharan Singh laid the foundation of "Preet Agro Industries".

The manufacturing plant spanning 50,000 sq meters is house to numerous and latest machines, engine assembly line, paint shop, drive-line assembly line. Our highly efficient, low - maintenance cost tractors are offered in wide range of 35 HP to 90 HP, similarly the Combine harvesters are offered in 75 HP and 110 HP for multi-crop, paddy etc.

Tractor Sales Figures in India-16.-preet.jpg

Website: Preet Tractors



Tractor Sales Figures in India-17c.-same.jpg

SDF has 8 production sites, 13 commercial branches, 2 joint ventures, 143 importers and over 3,000 dealers worldwide. SDF have their manufacturing facility at Ranipet (Chennai) where low and low-mid power tractors from 30 to 80 HP, diesel engines from 30 to 170 HP are manufactured. The group's products are commercialised under the brand names SAME, Lamborghini Trattori, Hürlimann, DEUTZ-FAHR and Grégoire. The tractors produced by the group cover a power range from 25 to 336 HP, while its harvesting machines cover a range of powers up to 395 HP.

Tractor Sales Figures in India-17a.-same.jpg

Tractor Sales Figures in India-17b.-same.jpg

Website: SAME Tractors



Tractor Sales Figures in India-18a.-sonalika.jpg

International Tractors Limited (ITL) was incorporated on 17 October, 1987 and began manufacturing tractors designed by Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI). In 2000, ITL entered into a tie up with Renault Agricultural of France and began manufacturing Sonalika tractors. Sonalika is currently manufacturing models between 18 HP to 120 HP. In 2005 Yanmar bought a 13 per cent stake in the company.

Sonalika International tractors Ltd. is the youngest and the 3rd largest tractor maker in India. Its integrated tractor manufacturing plant at Hoshiarpur has a capacity to produce 3 lakh units per annum. The company produces tractors in a range from 20HP to 120HP and has presence in more than 80 countries.

Tractor Sales Figures in India-18.-sonalika.jpg

Website: Sonalika Tractors



Tractor Sales Figures in India-19a.-standard-corp.jpg

Standard Combine began building tractors in Barnala, Punjab, India. In Standard Tractors, tractors are being manufactured in the range of 35, 45, 50, 60, and 75 HP with respective model names: Standard 335, Standard 345, Standard 450, Standard 460, and Standard 475.

Engines for all these tractor models, except the last one, are manufactured within the plant as ‘Standard Engines’, in specific names – SE 335, SE 345, SE 450 and SE 460, respectively. All the above-mentioned models of Standard Engines have shown compliance to the TREM-III emission norms, as have been verified by the ARAI.

However, two new variants of tractor of 35 hp (Standard 335-I) and 45 hp (Standard 345-I), equipped with famous Perkins engines (assembled within the Standard Tractors plant), and two completely new models of tractor of 30 hp (Standard 330) and 40 hp (Standard 340).

Tractor Sales Figures in India-19.-standard-corp.jpg

Website: Standard Corp Tractors



Tractor Sales Figures in India-20a.-swaraj.jpg

In 1965, the Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI), Durgapur initiated design and development of Swaraj Tractor based on indigenous know how. That is how the idea for development of what was to become Swaraj was initiated. The first prototype was ready in May 1967 and by April 1970, field experience of over 1,500 hours had been gained. At that point, it was decided to christen a name for the product – signifying Indian, easy to pronounce and signifying power and grace. The name `Swaraj', was approved by the then Prime Minister,Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

In 1970, the Government of Punjab acquired the Swaraj tractor's design and established Punjab Tractors Limited (PTL). The tractors were produced and sold under the brand name of Swaraj. In 2007, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. acquired majority stake in PTL, and in Feb 2009, it was merged into M&M as the Swaraj Division of Mahindra & Mahindra.

Tractor Sales Figures in India-20.-swaraj.jpg

Website: Swaraj Tractors



Tractor Sales Figures in India-22a.-vst-tillers.jpg

VST Tillers was set up in 1965 in Bangalore, India. In collaboration with Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery of Japan, they manufacture 18HP tractors under various brands, including Mitsubishi-Shakti', Shakti, Eurotrac-VST and Euro-Trac. They have been exported to Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the USA.

Tractor Sales Figures in India-22.-vst-tillers.jpg

Website: VST Shakti Tractors

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Re: Tractor Sales Figures in India

Thread moved out from the Assembly Line. Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Tractor Sales Figures in India

The FARMER TRAKTOR you have linked is NOT the one being made and sold here.

This is Farmer Tractor:

Please correct the same.

Also include Kubota Agricultural Machinery India.
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