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Professional Detailing - Green Shine Express (Indirapuram, Ghaziabad)

Disclaimer: I have no commercial association with Green Shine Express. Putting this review as I am impressed with their work and many BHPians in this region can find a good option without the need for travelling 25-50 KMs.

Service availed: Complete car care (Interior + Exterior detailing) + Paint Sealant

  • Extremely sincere owners/managers
  • Attention to detail
  • Transparency - They took the product from the Meguiar's cans in front of me. Were discussing every step and were ok making modifications to their approach or product based on my inputs.
  • Attitude: Two retired gentlemen enjoying their retirement period by detailing cars. I was very impressed by the men running the show. They were short-staffed for the day and I saw them rolling up their sleeves and cleaning the cars. I felt a bit awkward towards the begining as someone of my dad's age was cleaning the cars but then saw that they were doing it with a smile. Just silently saluted their spirit.
  • Economical

  • The guy working on my car was wearing multiple accessories like wrist watch, a bangle (kada), etc. Although he was very careful to not touch the car's surface with any accessory, still it might be better if he takes it off while working.
  • I couldn't see the attachment for underbody wash. Not sure, whether they do it.
I paid INR 3400 for complete detailing (2700) + sealant (700). I find that extremely competitive.

Overall there costs are quite low. Please call them for exact pricing.

Contact info:

Address: Parking of Shipra Mall, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad.

Phone: +91-995 378 9015


Facebook page:

__________________________________________________ ______

My Experience:
Some lowlife vandalised my car while I was in US. I just couldn't live with the sight of the scar, and was reluctant to get the entire panel repainted as matching it to the rest of the car might have been difficult, even at FASS.

I took it to a friendly neighbourhood detailer. He tried some rubbing compound and said, this is too deep and rubbing won't work. I thanked their honesty and went away. While on the way to office, I saw a board of another new detailer in Indirapuram. First I thought that the detailers are mushrooming in NCR now, then decided to give them a visit and check. Went there and met two gentlemen in their sixties or perhaps more. One of them, sounded like he knew what he is doing. He told me they can fix it as much as they can, by wet-sanding. I said ok, and booked an appointment for the next morning.

Gave my car to them yesterday morning for complete car care. It took some 5-6 hours but am very happy with the results. They really worked with complete sincerity. I wish I had my regular camera with me. Anyway, here's what the puny BlackBerry camera could capture.

I will recommend them to anyone looking for a sincere detailer in this region. They are two very nice retired gentlemen, working with all honesty and sincerity that we all look for these days. Please be a bit more patient while dealing with them, they might not be the most technicaly qualified detailers in NCR but they certainly ensure that they give their best.

Here are some picture of the work done.


Professional Detailing - Green Shine Express (Indirapuram, Ghaziabad)-img_20141110_142501.jpg

Professional Detailing - Green Shine Express (Indirapuram, Ghaziabad)-img_20141110_142453.jpg


Professional Detailing - Green Shine Express (Indirapuram, Ghaziabad)-img_20141113_185056.jpg

Professional Detailing - Green Shine Express (Indirapuram, Ghaziabad)-img_20141113_185042.jpg

Professional Detailing - Green Shine Express (Indirapuram, Ghaziabad)-img_20141113_185049.jpg


Professional Detailing - Green Shine Express (Indirapuram, Ghaziabad)-img_20141113_161553.jpg

Professional Detailing - Green Shine Express (Indirapuram, Ghaziabad)-img_20141113_181946.jpg

Final pic:

Professional Detailing - Green Shine Express (Indirapuram, Ghaziabad)-img_20141113_185008.jpg

Professional Detailing - Green Shine Express (Indirapuram, Ghaziabad)-img_20141113_184936.jpg

The wonderful men behind Green Shine Express:

Professional Detailing - Green Shine Express (Indirapuram, Ghaziabad)-img_20141113_185228.jpg
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Re: Professional Detailing - Green Shine Express (Indirapuram, Ghaziabad)

I took my car for a wash today. What I got for INR350 was a Quick Detailer job with tyre shine thrown in! I do it twice a week anyways, myself, with ONR!

Their steam machines were not working, and they "washed" the whole car with half a bucket of a solution. The same wash mitt (blue) was being used for the tyres and the body, at which point, I had to intervene and express my displeasure. They did tell me that, but assured me they have alternate arrangements in place: but "manual" alternative? No jokes please....I aint getting my jeans washed here!

Even though the stuff displayed was all Meguiars, they were using some Autofresh stuff for the wash. No WAXing as offered, and no trim polish/dashboard polish : I was told this comes under interior detail category! However, they did try to put some polish on my dash but when they started using the same tyre shine gel for the dash, I had to ask them to stop, and I paid them and left.

A first for me...all other wash joints polish the trims, dash and rubbers parts as part of the basic wash package! When I mentioned about the under-bonnet, they tried to do it manually : the air-filter box was cleaned with a moist cloth. I had to ask them to stop, as I didn't feel like letting them continue. The elderly gentleman, offered me "another round" after their machine gets OK in a few days: thanks, but no thanks, I cant drive 10+10kms just to get a bang for the buck. It just whined today.

The car still has mud here and there, the under-body could not be done, under the hood: a joke.

Interiors: their own chappal stains after they had cleant it, while doing the glass.

The glass shine was a blue liquid in a SONAX spray bottle. And it is NOT SONAX: I use SONAX myself, the same spray. Big deal!

The joint was empty at 11:30AM, with the two employees, sanding their green almirah and painting it with a brush.

Overall: wasted time, money and mood. (Recovered the mood with some chicken roll. Would rather go elsewhere next time.)

My verdict: below average, shoddy work. The owner gentleman later disclosed the guy working on my car was an anari: a new joinee! Their "other guy" is on leave. Whoa guinea pig! This place is probably not for a simple wash and wax.

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