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Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

Thanks to Anupam and his team for helping my Dad when I was out of India for work assignment.
A4 met with an unfortunate accident after Panipat toll. It was brought back home on a flat bed. I contacted Anupam on phone and he assured me best cooperation. True to his word, he contacted my Dad. The car was next day picked up on a flat bed and brought to his work shop.
He assisted my father with all the insurance surveyors who were very unprofessional in clearing the claim. The car was back home today after being at WOS for a week.
Thanks to Anupam for helping my Dad when I was away on work assignment.
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Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

I went to World of Service after a long time last Sunday. The reason for my not going there regularly is that my TUV 300 is now maintained at the Mahindra Authorised Service Centre since I purchased it just more than a year ago. However, I needed to get my vehicle washed at the 5,000 km mark between two services.

There have been quite a few changes in the last few months. My old vehicle, the Palio MJD, is being worked on, so I saw that and took a round and chatted with the staff.

The number of Lifts has increased to eight. They are getting an ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) and expanding the washing area for two cars simultaneously.

A Detailing Setup is also being planned. As per Anupam, it will be operational for night shift- you give the car in the evening and they will detail the car at night and return it in the morning.

They are purchasing a flat-bed truck and have agreements for Cashless facility across all insurance companies.

I have watched WoS grow from an outfit operating in the parking of a not-so-successful mall in Indirapuram to this 1000 sq yard industrial plot in five years. For a techie who started this as a side business, this is a success for Anupam.

However, the challenges and the complaints are the usual ones of scaling up: sometimes a timeline is not met, sometimes a diagnosis goes awry, sometimes there is a communication gap with a customer. The staff are a motivated bunch in general, but my advise would be to focus on more training, better customer feedback and monitoring. At this stage, that is a bigger challenge than adding more facilities.

The complaints and problems are out there in this thread and elsewhere. But the flow of vehicles has continued. Many cars are coming for fully refurbishment, particularly Euros. Also adding some photos, besides those of my old Palio, my TUV and other customer cars.
Attached Thumbnails
Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)-whatsapp-image-20190113-3.58.57-pm.jpeg  

Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)-whatsapp-image-20190113-3.59.23-pm.jpeg  

Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)-whatsapp-image-20190114-3.19.00-pm.jpeg  

Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)-whatsapp-image-20190114-3.19.02-pm.jpeg  

Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)-whatsapp-image-20190114-3.19.46-pm.jpeg  

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Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

Got my Punto serviced this weekend. All the work was carried out satisfactorily, especially fixing the rear bumper that had come off from one side after a being hit my a scorpio.
The alignment done without any hi-fi machine by Pradhanji was spot on. Overall a pretty satisfying experience will timely updates about the progress of work and any additional cost that was not given at the time of job card opening.

Was encouraging to see a couple of Jeep Compass's being worked upon, considering they were still under manufacture warranty. They were there for led and projector fog lamp installation

Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)-img20190116.jpg

The last 40000 km of my car have been maintained/serviced by WOS and it has been smooth sailing!
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Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

I used to be a regular here for my Punto's service until last year, when I got the Figo. Sadly right before the 1st anniversary Figo met with an accident. FASS suggested right side wing mirror assembly, dent on driver door and fender. To my surprise the kind and setup with which Gautam Budh Ford was working was dismal.

A quick word with Anupam and I realized they are taking care of even insurance jobs. This has always been Anupam's USP. A quick call will give you exact options available. Work was carried out within 3 days, whereas FASS was quoting 6-7 days.

Keep up the good work WOS!
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Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

I got both my cars repaired in the recent past, but this time since the work was extensively done on one of my car so I had the option of going there couple of times and I am highly satisfied with out come of the work done

First, the Safari 3 Litre repair of the rusting area, service, suspension work, paint,interior and various oil changes followed by dry cleaning of complete car and that too after the removal of the seats and the inside cladding.

Then it was the turn of Fiat Punto
Fiat Punto service, paint work, tyres, AC work was been done in world service and to my satisfaction

Now coming to the front of future plans that world of service is doing

1. They are expanding setup for complete detailing
2. Flat bed truck of their own
3. A small eatery place - this one is interesting - known as Car-khana
4. Expansion of venture in other location

One thing that I would like to say world of service is improving and is improving four folds the kind of people who visit here and they have improved quite a bit
I am truly impressed, and I also wish them all the best,
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Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

I am looking for a FNG to get my Linea's door dented and painted. It would be of great help if someone can share their experience of getting paintwork done from WoS.
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Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

I write this post with a sense of loss. Regrettably WoS is not what it used to be. It seems that glowing reviews and a great jump in business has gone to their heads. As for Anupam it pains me to say that he become the owner in absentia. He is never present in the garage premises and always avoids taking calls, preferring instead to communicate through his shop workers/supervisors. I will concede that he is polite and replies occasionally via WhatsApp, but that is often too little too late. The effect is telling, the standards have dropped drastically and a money minded mentality has set in, along with a sheer bloody mindedness and a devil may care attitude to work.

Took my Alto to service on Sunday and was promised that the car would be read on Monday 4.30 PM. The following tasks were requested:
1. General Service
2. Silencer Bush Refit-since the end can was touching the body under acceleration
3. Replace a bumper clip
4. Head Gasket replacement.
5. AC Service
6. Dry cleaning of the seat covers, headliners and carpets.

I went on Tuesday at 11.00 AM to collect my car, this after having a received a confirmation from the supervisor that my car was ready. I reached WoS only to see that some person had pressure washed the engine bay with water. There was water everywhere including the alternator and the ECU area. Not satisfied with that one other person was enthusiastically rubbing oil over the MAF Sensor and the throttle body as it were a trophy for 1st place!. While some others were rubbing the dashboard with oil grinding the cat hair present in the car into the dashboard like some shiner, however without even bothering to clean the car, and by clean I mean without even dusting the insides once. Upon being asked as to why is the car dirty from inside (read leaves debris, dirt, mud etc) the reply was that our vacuum cleaner is not working for the past week.

Took the car for the test drive to realise that apart from the general service nothing else had even been performed. The silencer was still growling, the AC was still heating the car, and the bumper was till singing the song of freedom. Worse still the brakes were rock solid clearly indicating that the lines had not even been bled post service. Upon being questioned as to why the tasks had not been performed ‘Abhishek” the supervisor there had the cheek to grin at me and say, “oh its ok, I will do it now”. I specifically asked him for boxes/packing of the replaced parts of the head-gasket to which he had no answer and said we threw the packing and the old gasket etc away. As for the silencer, AC and small bumper clip no answer as to why the tasks were pending despite being on the job card. However, the icing of the cake was that some fellow had washed the mats and instead of drying them before putting them back had put sopping wet mats back in the car, thereby soaking the carpets and the inner body, which is currently drying in my garage at home as I type this.

Despite this when I asked for the bill I was lovingly billed Rs. 9000 odd, for everything including the work that had not even performed. In addition I was charged 1320 for 3.30 lts of mineral oil and another 1500 as labour of basic service.

These are signs of a failing management and an uncaring crew. I also saw liquor bottles strewn in the dustbin and corners of the garage indicative of far deeper problems in the system. I also wish this problem was isolated, Rohit a friend of mine, gave his Gypsy to WoS for service and rebuild almost 3 months ago on my recommendation, regrettably the poor girl is lying in a corner all forgotten with her insides in a disarray. Yet another gentleman who came to the garage with his Fabia was berating them for having returned the car with more issues than what had been there before him giving the car.

It seems that WoS is now very happy working on high end Germans, VW and Skoda’s where fat margins can be earned and work can be undertaken at a very easy pace. All in all, this place is no longer recommended in my humble opinion for any jobs/task. In addition to all of this an absolute lack of communication between the customer and workshop is incredibly frustrating. Time lines are a joke and even willingness to do the jobs noted in the job-card is gone.
I read in the above posts that they are installing new lifts, instead repair your vacuum cleaner first. Instead of opening a café called “car-khana” first lessen your attitude of customer “ka sar-khana”. I hope they improve, but I doubt, I’ve seen the signs before, they will continue to run because there is a genuine lack of independent workshops with high standards in Delhi today, but then there is nothing to set them apart any more as it once was. I’ve gone out of my way to recommend business to WoS in the past only to have my fingers badly burnt and now my personal experience confirms the truth. If you must give your car here, I suggest you do so because you’re a) a very calm and patient individual b) you own more than one car c) you’re willing to waste a lot of time and effort to go to the garage and be told to come back at a later time.
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Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

Originally Posted by shady_lawyer View Post
I _------- time.
This is the exact pattern of events that happened with Raj in Noida. Tasks were not done and what was fine was shoddy , the guy was seldom around, preference for higher end cars, the list goes on. And all of this after the forum sent across numerous people. And here I was, thinking about giving my car for issues that they had identified a few months ago. Shame. Now the struggle begins afresh to find another good shop.
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Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

Thought to Share my experience with World of Service over the past few months,
I got my cars work done from them & also my friends cars,

One word to Describe the experience : Extraordinary(and if there have been issues, they have been able to rectify those subsequently without a hassle)

My friends Laura needed some immediate attention as it was having starting trouble's - I gave a call to WOS and a Virender ji and team came in with in 30 minutes with a towin crane- problem was diagnosed - car was taken to WOS and next day we got the car - sparking clean and my friend was really happy to see the result & price(INR 7500) as the amount that would have been charged by Skoda A.S.S(Quoted 70k) would have been a lot, this we got done about months back and car is doing really good - amount paid was also very reasonable,

One day I got an issue with my Linea T jet - the ac was working abnormally,
I immediately called Wos and took my car there - the issue was diagnosed and rectified in 30 minutes flat.I know how difficult is to handle Linea T jet- Wos has got a complete competency to handle all. I have had my AC cooling coil and suspension also changed from WOS and they are working without a fuss. I also got lights of my Zen Estillo upgraded and they work better than before.
I am thankful to the team at Wos - you need not know the company owner - its a team that works and yes Wos has a good team to take care of your care,

Third experience - was with Polo - a friend's polo - had an issue with mechanical area and also with some electrical, the authorized center quoted a hefty price to repair and then we decided to take the car to Wos and issues were taken care with good care and also
car was returned back as committed by Wos team and the amount charged was very reasonable,

Also meet lot of happy customers of World of Service - from Wagon R owners to even BMW.

I have been seeing their place since some time now - overall would like to say they are definitely improving and improving for good - with better facility and infrastructure and a very capable team,
In the word of car repair in Noida - the best solution is world of service - a dedicated, competent,and customer focus team - like World of Service is really very hard to get,

Kudos of their team and some picture of cars at when I visited

Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)-img20190202wa0085.jpg

Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)-img20190320wa0027.jpg

Overall I am very happy & satisfied with their services and would recommend all for World of Service.

Keep up doing good work
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Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

I had a Palio 1.6 Stile, which has been sold only a month ago. It had its share of problems. I've always sent it for servicing at WOS. I got it serviced recently before selling it off. Long story short, I still believe Anupam ji is the go-to guy if you have a Fiat. I have never faced any problems, whether it's about finding spare parts or general maintenance. Yeah, on a couple of occasions there used to be unnecessary delays in completing the job order, but overall I've always returned as a satisfied customer.

I recommend their services. Sure, they take time, but there's no alternative to their services, especially if you have got rare cars like the old Fiats. I remember before meeting Anupam ji, I used to send my car to other outlets, and everyone wanted to make money out of me. With WOS, the servicing costs and spare parts prices have always been reasonable. And they also work around problems to fix the issue, instead of issuing a hefty bill. So, overall, very happy with their services. And, on a side note, I do miss my Palio. :(
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Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

I was in Delhi for Durga Puja and an impromptu trip to Bhimtal with the family (including our seven-month-old Beagle) got finalised. Now my T-jet was in Ahmedabad so, I booked a cab and took the Punto from my in-laws. The Punto hasn't really been pampered or looked after all this while thus, I called Anupam around 5 pm and asked if can get the car checked. Anupam informed that the service for the Punto is overdue as it was done in September last year. I gave a go-ahead for the service under the condition that he will get the car delivered before the next morning as our plan was to leave by 10 am.

World of Service's guy picked it from my in-law's place in Patparganj and the work was done in the evening. They delivered the car with complete service, cleaning, wheel-alignment and balancing later that night. So the car got done and I didn't have to skip pandal-hopping.

We had a nice and safe trip but the rear window winder stopped working during the return journey. I called Anupam after returning and he got the car picked within a couple of hours. I asked him to get the car detailed and drycleaned as it wasn't in the best of shape. He delivered the car after replacing the window winder and getting the car thoroughly detailed. Quite a good job at detailing.

The total bill of service, wheel alignment + balancing, window winder, detailing and pick-up and drop came to Rs 12,500. Might be on the higher side but I have no complaints. In fact, I am glad that the service is available promptly and virtually, round the clock. So, for someone like me who couldn't invest much time on the car, it is a boon.

Full marks to Anupam (WoS) for responsiveness and support!
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Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

I recently faced a major issue in my car, Maruti Swift, the problem was related to CAR AC, whenever it was switched to internal circulation mode, it did not function well.
I looked for authorized service stations nearby, considering that they would be able to repair things at a much faster pace, however, to my surprise when I reached to them the charges quoted by them were much higher and with no guarantee on parts.
I reached to World of Service which was nearest; they had been helping me with my other cars for the last four years, they gave me good advice moreover all parts fitted were genuine.
The entire work took additional time for the spare part to arrive before fitment, but I think it was worth the wait. I simply would say that they are the only trustworthy service station in Noida.
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Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

Am looking for my Santro AC gas filling in Noida.

Though there are shops all around, however, any reference for that would be welcome.

World of Service, it seems caters to high end cars and a routine job like Car AC gas filling would be too mundane for them.
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Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

Before lockdown, I took my Benz CLA 45 AMG at WOS just to get an estimate for a minor paint-job as I did not want to use insurance for the same.

They charged me a modest 7000 Rs to paint the entire rare side fender and door. The color matching was spot-on. During the three days time when they had my car at their facility, I was kept updated via Whatsapp on the progress along with the pictures of work being fone. In fact I was able to take the delivery a day before than scheduled.

The best thing is that they are open 24/7.
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Ecosport Diesel Oil Cooler issue - World of Service to the rescue

Had an overall positive experience at WOS with my Ecosport diesel repairs and service.

11th July morning I suddenly see a puddle of oil under my car and I see there was a trail starting a few meters away. I open the hood and see coolant bottle all mixed up with engine oil and it was oozing out from the cap.

Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)-img_20200713_133607.jpg

I was shocked and my heart sank. Having looked at some videos I knew that this was some issue with head gasket but there were no indications on the dash, no warning signs at all. The car is been used only got short 10-15 spins to the market (thankfully) the night before and it ran perfect.

Called up FORD and the shock came back as they said there are 2 possibilities. One that the oil cooler is gone in which case the entire cooling system needs to be changed including radiator costing 40-50K OR the engine has some issue which would be like 2-2.25 L

12th Jul I jumped on to teambhp looking for similar issues and found (Ford EcoSport : Official Review)which gave me some assurance that it could just be the oil cooler but FORD quoted 40K for this job which is absolute bonkers !!

Remembered WOS thread and contacted Anupam on 13th explaining him the problem and immediately came the reply that 'Sir its just the oil cooler and is not a problem at all' I took a sigh of relief hearing his confidence to fix the issue. He said he would flush the radiator and after a few cycles the oil would clear itself. No need to take out the entire cooling system. He mentioned they have done it for several cars including ML350s and Jags so this will not be a issue at all.

But he being in NOIDA and me in Delhi meant that taking this car with almost no engine oil left would be a challenge. Though he obliged to send a technician who could get the car by topping up oil and coolant at regular intervals, I preferred to get it towed my-self.

The car reached WOS on 15th and I requested to get the general 90K kms service done too. The car is in its sixth year so out of warranty but always serviced at FORD but this time I thought I'll give it a go at WOS. Additional work to be carried out included
  1. General service with diesel filer replacement (done every 30k Kms) as my car was nearing 90k Kms
  2. Catalytic convertor cleaning
  3. Gear box oil leak issue

By 17th the main work around oil cooler replacement and flushing the radiator and cleaning the lines was done. Followed by general service and cat con cleaning. Here is the oil cooler that was replaced

Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)-img_20200724_152210.jpg

Anupam said they only used fully synthetic oil and I was anyways planning for it. He used Liqui Moly and I am guess this should be good enough

Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)-img_20200724_144513.jpg

Some pics of the cat con when it was removed.

Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)-whatsapp-image-20200717-12.22.06-pm-1.jpeg
Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)-whatsapp-image-20200717-12.24.19-pm-1.jpeg
Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)-whatsapp-image-20200717-12.22.06-pm-2.jpeg

The last bit of work was the gear box leakage issue that I reported. Anupam mentioned the entire box would have to be dismantled to fix it, I was a bit skeptical as this issue was address by FORD earlier and they just removed what I recall a shifter but gave WOS the benefit of doubt and a go ahead. However the technician at WOS was vary of opening the gearbox as he said that sometime the 5th gear breaks in the process. This job took the maximum time and at the end they suggested that applying a ond from outside should fix the issue without opening the box at all. Here is the pic of before and after

Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)-whatsapp-image-20200722-8.20.55-pm.jpeg

OVERALL - I am quite happy with the work and the total bill was 19k which compared to 40K that FORD gave only for cooling system is quite amazing.

The biggest positive was the way Anupam communicates, keeps you updated and explains the technicalities of the issue. He took several followups with me to check if the car is running ok. In fact I went back to WOS on 2nd Aug to get the coolant bottle cleaning again and he was more than welcoming. Upon request his team also cleaned the engine bay for some oil spill marks that were there from the previous leakage. THANK YOU so much for this.

A few areas that could improve a bit though are some attention to details needed by the technicians. I have a small scuff mark on the bumper and a head light clamp that was broken (It was already repaired though but still ) which I later got repaired again for 50 bucks

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