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Default Roof headliner repair - Infinity Motor (Delhi)

Hi All,
Just wanted to share my recent experience in getting my Skoda Laura Roof headliner repaired in Delhi at Palika Bhavan. (opposite Hyatt Regency Hotel, RK Puram, Delhi)
My Skoda Laura's (which is 7 years 3 months old now) roof liner had started coming off recently and the cloth was hanging down. So I decided to get it fixed asap as it was starting to look quite bad!
So first off I asked the Skoda Authorized workshop and they quoted almost 25K for replacing the entire roof headliner - Too expensive!
Next off I checked with the local Bosch authorized service centre where I get my car serviced now - they quote me 14 K !
So my search started for a better source of getting it repaired. I came to know about Raju and Rahul's shop in Palika bhavan and decided to give him a call. He quoted 7k for the repair. So I landed up at Palika Bhavan on a Saturday Morning at 10:00 am (yesterday) to get it fixed by him.
As luck would have it, he was badly delayed and did not turn up till until 10:45 am, by which time I had started exploring the Palika Bhavan market searching for other options.
I identified another Car upholstery guy - with his shop at G-32, Palika Bhavan - the Master is Sarfaraz Ansari and he seemed like a very professional guy and also had stocks of all the fabrics required for most cars for headliners. He specializes in Car seats and interior upholstery. With some negotiation I was able to get a price of Rs 5500 for the headliner repair.
So the work began and they began to take out the whole roof liner from the car - this took around 20min with 3 guys working on it.

Next came the part of ripping off the old fabric - this was quite easy to do.
The following part was the most critical and time consuming. They had to scrub off the whole foam backing on the roof liner as that had decayed with heat and time and was completely brittle - this needs to be taken out fully by scrubbing with hard brushes and sandpaper. This part took almost 1 hour and is critical for the adherence of the new fabric.

Roof headliner repair - Infinity Motor (Delhi)-pic2.jpg

After the roof liner was clean, began the task of pasting the new fabric. The new fabric has a polyfill backing which he said is better for Indian conditions and does not decay over time. For pasting the fabric, they used Fevicol HeatX adhesive which is heat resistant.

Roof headliner repair - Infinity Motor (Delhi)-pic3.jpg

Roof headliner repair - Infinity Motor (Delhi)-pic4.jpg

The overall result was good and the roof liner was installed back in the car by 2 pm. The total work on the roof liner took around 3.5 hours with their team working continuously.
At the same time, he also had another BMW 330i on which his team was also working on the roof liner too. It was a car which had been damaged by water ingress due to someone leaving the sunroof slightly open and the interior roof lining got damaged due to water coming in.

Overall I am quite happy with the work and the colour matching and fabric quality and work done is quite good.

Other people who need headliner repair on their cars can definitely visit this quy. I had clicked a pic of his shop with the phone number but ironically the pic got washed out just at the place where the number is!

Roof headliner repair - Infinity Motor (Delhi)-pic1.jpg

(PS: This guy has a much better setup than the Raju and Rahul guys at Palika Bhavan and he also keeps stock of all the required fabrics.
He also does Leather Steering wrapping for 1500 Bucks instead of the 2200 which Raju and Rahul now charge.)

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Default Re: Roof headliner repair - Infinity Motor (Delhi)

What a coincidence, I bumped into this thread just as the roof lining cloth started sagging in my Laura.
@ OP, I guess we both shared the same stable at one point of time Read: Yeti and Laura.
I guess i need to head there as well.
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Default Re: Roof headliner repair - Infinity Motor (Delhi)

Great to meet a fellow Skoda owner who shares similar cars. You can go to these guys to get it fixed - do go early in the morning to reach there by 10 as otherwise the whole parking gets filled and you will not get a spot to park the car for getting the work done.
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Default Re: Roof headliner repair - Infinity Motor (Delhi)

The main reason for roof sagging is water seeping inside, most of the time during dry cleaning the roof is cleaned with regular brush and soap water, which in results spoils the game. Roof should always be dealt with utmost care and only foam based branded product to be used for deep cleaning. Apparently I've seen many such cases from VAG cars only.

Yes, Palika Bhawan is a Mecca for all such quick fixes, glad to see that your car is back in shape
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Default Re: Roof headliner repair - Infinity Motor (Delhi)

Please keep an eye on the roof liner, Fevicol Heatex is sensitive to air gaps and can bubble up if any passage is left out. I too had faced the sagging issue on my Rapid.

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