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Default Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - Indian Auto Works (Ghaziabad)

Work handled:
  • All the major & minor servicing and repair of cars.

What I Like:
  • Familiar with Skodas, Fords, Tata, Hyundai, Maruti and all the brands except the german three as i have never seen any BMW, Mercedes or Audi.
  • Is well equipped with basic tools.
  • Knows how different automobile system works.
  • Puts a lot of effort in diagnosing all the issues.
  • Reduces wastage if something can be reused, he will reuse it rather than replace it.
  • Friendly attitude.
  • Honest. Does not have any interest in saving few pennies in spare parts, so you can bring your own.
  • Uses the best/Original spare parts.

What I don't Like
  • No covered space to work in. Leaving the car overnight there if required is considered pretty safe and in past years have left my cars there for four to five days and it is safe.
  • No fan inside the shop which can be a bummer in the summer but doesn't affect me as i am always outside seeing what work is being done.

  • Usual FNG pricing.

  • Confident on working on most of the cars.

Contact Information
Name of the person: Zahid
Phone Number: 9313169548
(Contact him before visiting to ensure availability of time)

What I have used his services for

My father has been using his services for past more than 17 years and now i mostly visit him.
Our cars he has worked on:

1. Tata Indica (from 2001 to 2011 December)
The car was serviced by him since 20000 km were on it's odometer till 2,20,000 kms and all the major and minor work was carried out by him till it was sold 10 years later.
Note: The car was still running on stock clutch and stock engine when it was sold.

2.Mahindra Bolero (BSIV) (from November 2011 to 2016)
This car was also serviced by him from 10,000 kms to 50,000 kms and was sold.

3. Maruti Ritz VDI (from 2012 to 2018)
This car was also serviced by him from 10,000 kms till 90,000 kms and it had it's Clutch, suspension, AC evaporator coil, Shockers changed and all other major and minor things and was sold thanks to NGT.

4. Maruti Suzuki WagonR CNG (from 2016 till present)
Thanks to the ASS they wanted to change the clutch at 20,000 kms, so dad just straightaway took it to him and got the driver side lock assembly lubed as sometimes the door would not open from outside and the clutch was bleeded and now at 98,721 kms still at stock clutch with 95% of its life spent in delhi traffic and had various parts after 80,000 kms changed such as steering control assembly, suspension related components, timing chain , gearbox mounts, engine mounts, etc, etc and routine services.

Will be visiting him this weekend or the next to get the 1,00,000 kms service and wheel bearing replaced.

Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - Indian Auto Works (Ghaziabad)-img_20181223_144732min.jpg

Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - Indian Auto Works (Ghaziabad)-img_20181223_144919min.jpg

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Default Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - Indian Auto Works (Ghaziabad)

A week back got the 1,10,000 kms service done.

I reached there by 2:30 pm, Zahid asked for 20 minutes and on 2:55 the work was started on my car.

  1. In the morning accelerator is a bit sticky.
  2. A constant tak-tak noise had appeared 2-3 days back.

Work Done
  1. Accelerator cable replaced with MGP spares as it had not been replaced
  2. The gearbox mounting was shot making the tak-tak noise replaced with MGP spares.
  3. Brake pads were at their end of life replaced with Bosch ones.
  4. Bumper was repaired as it had a pretty big cut on one end.
  5. The usual service related stuff Oil filter, Air filter replaced with MGP ones.
  6. Oil used on our car since 20,000 kms service is semi-synthetic 10w30 instead of recommended 0w20.
  7. Thanks to Leoshashi sir CNG filter was procured and replaced.
  8. Miscellaneous Bulbs, Bolts, connectors, etc were replaced.

Zahid came appeared 15 minutes later after inspecting a Amaze whose gearbox seal was leaking. The owner who is not afraid of getting his hands dirty. He started to remove battery, it's tray and other stuff to locate the source of the noise and to inspect whether he will be able to replace the CNG high pressure filter which was located inside a regulator type stuff.
Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - Indian Auto Works (Ghaziabad)-20200105_152757.jpg

Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - Indian Auto Works (Ghaziabad)-20200105_152834-1.jpg

The High pressure CNG filter, when the old one was removed it was in degraded condition and now the engine does not stall and feels like it was on day one.
Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - Indian Auto Works (Ghaziabad)-20200113_220018.jpg

The instructions which were very explicitly followed as Shashi sir had warned me if the regulator somehow gets damaged it's 22k down the drain.
Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - Indian Auto Works (Ghaziabad)-20191230_112029.jpg

Got free around 6:00 pm.

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