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Default Re: DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats

Guys, please help me. I am unable to comprehend.

I have been reading this thread & am grateful for the expert/ experienced advice offered on flooring in particular.

I have a new Verna 4S fluidic, taken delivery two days ago. The car has a beautiful carpet & a Hyundai original fabric mat on top of it, black in color.

Now the idea was, in a weather situation like Mumbai, you can't do with a fabric mat, you got to have a rubber mat that can be washed every day.

I have spoken to the 3M guy, the cost of Nomad 3D mat is rs 250/ sq ft & is prohibitive for me. The alternatives like Durasoft looks a good bet for me that are rs 60-50 a sq ft hence pretty reasonable.

My question is, how does this work out ?
1 Do you place the Noodle mat on top of the existing original one ?
2 How do you wash it daily? it will be quite a chore to take it off daily.
3. I prefer a vinyl covering side to side on the existing carpet & then have a rubber mat on top of it. So now, instead of the rubber mat will this noodle mat serve the purpose ? Since it fits so nicely due to correct measurements.
4. I prefer not to fiddle with the original existing one for the time being but need a vinyl & a rubber on top of it. Where will the noodle mat come into the picture ?

Kindly advice me, i cannot take the car out till this is sealed as rains are persisting in Mumbai. Thanks in advance
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Default Re: DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats

@Nagesh and others...I did a DIY for my new Creta this weekend. It wasn't rocket science but felt good nonetheless at the end of it

1) Close to 20 sqft is what the Creta needed
2) I have placed it on top of what was supplied. But this is more of a personal choice than a rule I feel. Be careful it does not raise the height too much on the driver mat to interfere with ABC
3) I reduced the 3 pieces at back to a single piece. This takes a bit of a careful marking before the cutting but I really like the stability of the single piece at the back. The center piece of the stock would move around quite a lot.
4) With the noodle mat on, you would not need anything else

I spoke to one of the manufacturers as well at There are various densities available and the base one starts at INR ~60-70 per sqft. It can go up to INR 220 psqft as well as per this manufacturer. Probably, 3M sells the higher density one...and of course, the bigger brand will have its OPEX and margins added. The opinion from the manufacturer was that the base one suffices for car mats. The higher density one is needed for office spaces or malls etc. It will make the car unnecessarily heavy and have effect (although a little) on fuel-efficiency. As expected, this manufacturer labelled the 3M pricing as a big sham for their quality! He has dealers in Koramangala and JC Road (Bangalore). PM me for phone numbers or lookup the website above. That said, these are available with almost all curtain/mattress selling shops...although choice of colors may be limited. Quality with them is base one only. There is also a pre-fabricated mat but that was really awful quality. Stay clear of that! These mats are odor free.

PS: A paper knife works well to cut these mats. Be careful you cut them right. I was about to cut the left one in the right one's shape.
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Default Re: DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats


I am searching this noodle mat for my Xcent in pune. Can anybody give me the address or contact number of shop?
Also please advise something related to quality checking.

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Default Re: DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats

Originally Posted by zing View Post
He has dealers in Koramangala and JC Road (Bangalore). PM me for phone numbers or lookup the website above.
The website doesnt seem to list their dealers. Could you give their number or address for koramangala if you have it ?

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Default Re: DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats

Originally Posted by manku View Post
Could you give their number or address for koramangala if you have it ?
Mr Samad, Sowbhagya Traders, Koramangala. Mob: 9886613341

For dealers on J C the manufacturer Mr. Suresh on 8147156782. However, if you visit J C Road, you would find several shops selling these.
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Default Re: DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats

DIY Nomad Style on my Fiesta Classic
Attached Thumbnails
DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-dsc_0222.jpg  

DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-dsc_0223.jpg  

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Default Re: DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats

Originally Posted by Starscream1188 View Post
DIY Nomad Style on my Fiesta Classic
Hi! I see a notch in the mat under the accelerator pedal, and would like to know the purpose. I would have presumed that covering the whole floor would avoid the (reported) problems of the A-pedal getting stuck at the edge of the mat. or is that notch provided so that you can floor the A-pedal all the way down?

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Default Re: DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats

Well, I too jumped into the nomad mat DIY bandwagon last week for my new i20-Active.

Note: Few of the images are not oriented to the vertical view but if you click the image it opens in right orientation.

As mentioned in the earlier posts, I went to the road opposite to the express avenue mall leading to the beach (In simpler terms its Pycrofts road and Westcott road and other smaller roads around it. If you go there, you can do well to plan a visit to near-by General Patters road too which has loads of automobile stores and buy niceties for your ride).

Back to the DIY, I just entered the Pycrofts road and bang on the start of the street I saw this place - VRS auto wares. The entire line is with so many decors and carpet stores - you can just enter any shop. You can see the wound up of the loop mats of various colours on the pavement.

DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-img_1508.jpg
I bought the black one - the all-black interiors of i20-Active deserves all-black mat.
The price: Rs.60/sq.ft. If its two colour combination mat (say black and maroon or of that sort) the price is Rs.65/sq.ft. I felt both and quality wise they are same except for the colour combo.
I asked for any other quality materials - but these are the ones. There was a four-footer one with Rs.90/sq.ft but I see no difference in quality.
To show him the higer quality sample, I showed him a piece of 3M nomad mat which was softer and rubbery at the bottom compared to these ones. The shop owner immediately recognized it as 3M mat and said its not available and I wouldn't get it anywhere near-by. He said earlier they had such mats but the price was Rs.285/sq.ft and needs to be imported (Don't know from which country). No takers and all shops moved to cheaper ones. I said fair-enough and went for 10 ft setting me back by Rs.1200.

DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-img_1510.jpg

DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-img_1512.jpg
Comparing the 3M mat and the local one. You can clearly see the bottom for 3M is rubbery and thick whereas the local one's bottom is just a plastic sheet where the loops are attached.

DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-img_1517.jpg
The one I bought has "softurf" written on its back.

DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-img_1513.jpg
Tocuhing the loops, the 3M mats feels lot more softer to the stiffer loops of the local. I do not find any difference in the loops arrangement or the packing per inch.

DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-img_1511.jpg
DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-img_1518.jpg
Front: I cut out the rectangle for the required length and width first, and then went about carving out the pieces to fit it. Didn't use the newspaper templates. Just the measuring tapes/scales and cut it directly in the mat. Tried placing small dirt which you see in the image. It went inside the loops after drying up.

DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-img_1523.jpg
Back: All the way under the front seat. Back mat extends under the front seat and covers space under the front seat.

DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-img_1525.jpg
Initially I planned a one-piece back mat but I did a mistake in calculation and had to place a smaller piece to cover the gap

After a week's use:
DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-img_1535.jpg
There seems to be depression below the pedals. This never happened in the 3M mats. Being stiffer makes this I guess.

In the end it was nice feel for the DIY - but will I keep the mat? Probably when the depression becomes a hole I will throw these out and will go for 3M
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Sunday DIY - 3M style Nomad mats for GT TSI

Got inspired by OP's awesome DIY and went to GP road yesterday in search of noodle mats. Went into the street opposite to EA and these mats were found outside of all shops. Enquired one by one and finally settled for a soft quality mat which was quoted ₹85/sq feet. Bargained and got 12 feet x 2 feet grey coloured roll for ₹80/sq feet.

Pics after installation:
DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-imageuploadedbyteambhp1460289444.378580.jpg
DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-imageuploadedbyteambhp1460289537.675818.jpg
DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-imageuploadedbyteambhp1460289566.855277.jpg

Only problem, mat on centre tunnel is not lying flat. Any suggestion on how to cut for transmission tunnel?
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Default Re: DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats

Hi All,

Was following this thread from quite some time.

Today, i finally decided to give my KUV100 some nomad style mats.

Raw material. 2*8 feet mat @ 1300 rupees.

DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-rawe.jpg

Tools used.

DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-tool1e.jpg

DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-tool2e.jpg

And this is how it came out. Entire process from cutting templates to fitting the mat took about an hour and a half.

DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-1e.jpg

DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-2e.jpg

DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats-3e.jpg

Obviously, there are some imperfections due to slight errors during cutting process. However, I am thoroughly satisfied with the outcome. Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences.

The only drawback in my opinion is that the mat tends to slip as the bottom surface is nearly smooth. I got around this by installing the mat over the existing cheapo mat that was given during the purchase of the car.
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Default Re: DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats

One word of caution on installing 3M Nomad or Nomad type mats on your car. Make sure the driver side mat is sufficiently insulated/supported at the point where the shoe heel rests. I am using these mats for more than a decade now and my experience has been very good but for the above point, where the mat tends to wear out at this area with usage. The ideal option would be to have a small rubber mat put in that spot to prevent wear and tear.
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Default Re: DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats

Where do you get these mats in Bangalore? [ JC Road, Shivaji-nagar ?? ]
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Default Re: DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats

Has anyone used both the 3M and the local mats? Any idea on how both of it fares on comparison?
We've been using the local ones for the past two years. The driver's side mat is completely worn out while the rest of the mats are holding on pretty well. Wondering whether I should go with the local ones again or experiment with 3M.
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Default Re: DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats

Originally Posted by speedkrish View Post
Where do you get these mats in Bangalore? [ JC Road, Shivaji-nagar ?? ]
You will find these at most home decor shops (shops that sell mattress, curtains, etc.) I got mine from a shop at Thindlu main road.

If you are looking for more choices in terms of color and material, you can go to SP road.
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Default Re: DIY - 3M Nomad-Style Floor Mats

Guys just FYI there is an online shop called emahendra . They are registered dealers of some 3M products and are reliable. I have used them twice before.
They have original 3M Nomad mats for sale but there are several series so Im not sure which one is correct. Contact them incase you want to DIY with original 3M mats
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