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kutlee 4th September 2006 15:31

Hi All,

I am planning to install K&N cold air intake system. The main thing is to find from where to get cold air. The most famous would be behind the bumper, near to radiator, etc. But on indian/or-any conditions, it might be a problem with great chances of water getting forced in. The next contendent is under the front wind shield. I have googled for some info and got a DIY job done this way. The guy has cut a 3" hole in far end of the bonnet. the reasoning was there is medium pressure build in this area and water being filtered out already. this is where we get outside air inside the cabin. This is reffered as the cowl area. But couldn't locate exactly whats cowl area. Can anyone throw ligght on this please?
I checked in my santro for some space(hoping it will draw some cold air).
there are too many holes for many pipes which go in and out.
the question is, is there a cavity between the plate what we see on the far end and another plate which insluates the cabin? can i cut a hole and expect to get cold air?

turbo_c 6th September 2006 00:34

The "cowl area" is the black plastic grill between your windshield and the bonnet lid... there is some space between the "firewall" (plate between the bonnet cavity and cowl area) and the plate separating the cowl area from the dashboard area, but "how much" is the real question... you have to keep in mind that the wiper linkages have to move in this area too... you should consider some way of "shutting off" this kind of cold intake... you will need it to be "closed" during heavy rains!

All the best, let us know how your cold intake works out!

- T u r b o C -

kutlee 6th September 2006 10:36

Thanks TurboC,
I got some more info on spending days googling,
the average temp inside - 70dec C
Avegare temp outside - 35
Approx gain in each drop of 10-11 deg C - 1Bhp
so based on the average difference is around 3-4 bhp which is quite good.
I will post the link on which how the other guy did DIY on his car by cutting hole in the cowl area.
the hole is cut near the right side strut. I think i can get a 3" hole in the same side on the Santro. I think i could see the wiper linkages in M800. But in Santro its not that visible.
Planning to cut hole and see how it looks like and then decide on buying the filter.

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