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rohanjf 7th February 2012 13:15


Originally Posted by avisidhu (Post 2672530)
Also, It would be interesting to note the observations of people who are tall and/or well built. All factors considered, cabin space should be a significant factor IMO.

Alright, I am 6 feet tall and weigh 95 kg. My trouser size is 38.. Uh, ok fine, it is 40.

I find it more comfortable to drive a small car with good torque, than a small car with mediocre torque, or an SUV.

I have found Scorpio very tiring for the journeys between Bangalore and Pondicherry (where there are no sharp curves), than my Palio MJD.

In Indian driving conditions, handling matters too. When there are 2 trucks in 2 lanes doing 40 kmph, it is much easier to zigzag through them (of course, carefully) in a small car than an SUV.

ACM 13th February 2012 12:10

Re: Do SUVs decrease driving fatigue? How?
Have both sedans and suv.

I prefer the SUV on all roads except to potter around town for very short distances.

1) Better visibility of the traffic ahead and knowing which lane to be in.
2) Better (errect) seating which works better for my back.
3) More comfy as a ride over bad roads. (Not fair to compare a 50L Merc with a 10L SUV - talking in terms of vehicles (Sedan and SUV)of the same price)
4) Lesser stress of watching out for unmarked speed bumps that may leave the suspension badly damaged.
5) Lesser glare from oncoming vehicles at night. Even in monsoon somehow the rain navigation and visibility is better in the SUV for me.
6) Am not stressed out to the same extent as in a sedan when going through a flooded road in the monsoon.
7) SUV's tend to be more spacious and are generally less clausrophobic in the rear seat as well on longer drives.

So inspite of having the Laura DSG AT and i10 AT (earlier Ciel0 AT) as sedans and the Rough Safari and now the refined Aria as SUV prefer the SUV for all types of drives.

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