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Default Re: *Mumbai* BHPians - Ford's Driving Skills for Life program on Sunday, 20th Novembe

Got some time now to inform all about the session.
Started at 1110 in the customer lounge. The session was divided into 3 safe driving, economical driving and eco friendly driving. Last two were more or less same.

SAFE 1.14 lakh people died in road accidents in 2009 and 2 lakh approx in the current year. Then they showed us videos of accidents where occupants were not wearing seat belts. with predictable results. Kids especially should be strapped up and definitly not be sitting in the middle of the rear seat without straps (one video shows the child going out of the windshield.

SRS is Supplementary restraint system, these are airbags designed to stop impact of body parts with vehicle the sensors are triggered by a specific deceleration vector. They are Supplementary, primary remains seat belts.

Stopping time is a combination of reaction time and breaking time. Average reaction time is 1.5 secs but this would increase if driver is not alert and concentrating on driving. "GOOD DRIVERS JUST DRIVE"
Breaking time would depend on a lot of factors like dry wet, state of tyres, breakes, ABS or not. Then there were a set of calculations to show us how stopping distance increases with speed.
Take home message was that at 50 kmph stopping distance is 36 m, 60 kmph 46 m and 80 kmph 70 m. In wet this increases by 10 to 20 %.

Then we were told about how to react in case of brake failure and tyre burst.

Best RPM is 1500 to 2500 in both petrol and diesels for best FE.

Stops for >20 sec switch off no harm to starter motor or starter gear teeth.

Tyre pressure stated was 30 psi all around with 2 occupants, 32/34 F/R with 4 occupants and 34/36 F/R with 5 occupants and luggage.
1 lit of diesel burnt gives 2400 gms of CO2 and petrol 2350 gms CO2.

Don't fill the car tank upto the neck with fuel use the auto cutoff. the space above the fuel is required. Didn't specify for what.

They gave us notepads, pens, safe driving handbook, pizza, pasta, coke and chocolate sweet for lunch.
Missed the practical driving session but was nice to meet up with the other BHPians.
session lasted about 2 hrs.
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