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Default Re: The Futility of Hasty Driving

Originally Posted by PYSO View Post
Due to it being start of a long vacation, there was incredible amount of traffic. People in Kerala would be able to appreciate this.
Absolutely ! I know what kind of ordeal it is to drive in Kerala. Driving through our "highways" is so stressful. One crucial thing is timing, with our single lane and double lane roads it's impossible to reach any place within a fixed period of time. My dad has these quarterly checkups in Amrita Hospital Cochin, so I've to drive him down from Thiruvalla. Some days the journey takes 2.5 hours whereas some days it would take more than 4. Unpredictable weather, our political parties and their shenanigans blocking the road, accidents anything can happen. We realized if we leave early you can save a lot on our journey time. We just leave at 5 am for the 10 am appointment so we can afford to lose a couple of hours. Benefits are many. Like mostly empty roads, any political circus will be done after 9, no school buses and no office time rush and the sense of calm that we have time. Mostly this has helped to complete the journey in 2.5 hrs at legal limits of 70-90 kmph comfortably. And as an added benefit there's no stress, no rushing, no anxiety & sometimes we get called early so the entire process gets over by 11 am and we are on the way back ! I used to be that honking, irate, impatient guy but lately these morning trips made me realize I don't have to be the fastest guy on the road to reach on time. I just have to be early.
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Default Re: The Futility of Hasty Driving

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
BUT & equally, I might add:

2. Most of us petrol-heads don't redline or corner a bit harder to get to the destination earlier. We do it for the pleasure of driving. And I sure as hell had a grin plastered on my face for hours after the enjoyable drive .
Thanks GTO ! Yes I do understand. I am no slouch either, and when situation requires and conditions permit I drive fast too. I get overtaken by plenty of cars, ranging from Wagon Rs to BMWs and I can almost make out every time whether the driver is in control or not. Most of the time they are. A good petrol head will rarely flash his lights or tailgate you. He will simply wait for a good opportunity and pull away cleanly.

Originally Posted by roby_dk View Post
Adding to this, there is a difference between fast driving and rash driving. It is not necessary that a person might be redlining its car when he is going fast in comparison to other vehicles plying on road. An auto will be the slowest while ascending a flyover while a high end car will be much faster. There is some reason most of us look at the bhp and power to weight figures before buying a car. That 0-60/80/100 depending on the permissible limits of the road surely bring a smile on our face.
Agreed. I would not buy an underpowered car either, whether or not I intend to push it to its limit

Originally Posted by PYSO View Post
Fast driving can be very effective, trust me.

On a Christmas weekend Friday evening, I drove from kochi to a suburb of Thrissur (total 90 kms). Due to it being start of a long vacation, there was incredible amount of traffic. People in Kerala would be able to appreciate this.

Crazy driving helped me reach destination in 2 hour 20 mins. My brother in law started in a different car at the same time from the same place. He reached in 4 hours. And he is not a slouch in driving, trust me - in fact he is one of the faster drivers in my acquaintances.

Driving an awesome handler like Ford fiesta classic Petrol helps - especially the oodles of low end torque.
Yes, driving fast, coupled with being smart can save you lots of time, especially in very bad traffic. Its generally on emptier roads that the difference is smaller. And it is here where the dangers of rash driving have deadlier consequences.
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Default Re: The Futility of Hasty Driving

Originally Posted by sudev View Post
While the long lines of trucks were very well behaved and were moving - at snails pace - in one single line it was the jerks in cars and bus drivers who were the reason for repeated bottle neck as they tried to "cut in front" and in the process blocking the oncoming traffic leading to gridlocks.
Very good point. I honestly feel a lot of traffic jams are actually created / made a lot worse by our poor driving etiquette.

I faced the same thing when driving to Mahabaleshwar on a weekend from Mumbai, where there was a 3km jam purely because people were too impatient to wait their turn and assumed it's ok to drive on the wrong side on a 2-lane highway. A jam which lasted 30 mins would have cleared out in 15 if people just stuck to their lane.

Also, coming back to the topic on hand, totally agree that rash driving does not take you anywhere. Unfortunately, we also have the ultra-slow drivers who drive in the speeding lane at 40 / 60 kmph on Expressways. They are equally dangerous and oblivious to their mistakes.
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Default Re: The Futility of Hasty Driving

Originally Posted by Malyaj View Post
All of us have experienced rash drivers. Some can be merely annoying while others can put lives at risk. Keeping aside the frightening prospect of accidents, I have decided to narrate one such experience, which though initially frustrating, turned out to be quite amusing at the end of it all.

In its abridged form, I see the futility of aggressive driving all the time in the city.
Thanks for starting a very relevant thread! This is a hot topic amongst friends. While I do like speed, its more about the acceleration than the top speed for me. Despite driving a fast car, I stick to 80-90 km/h range on the highways. At the end of the trip, I'm more fresher, relaxed, the car gives good FE and the trip generally goes well.

Originally Posted by JoshMachine View Post
The experiment results revealed that the difference in time taken by a speeding car (>=120 kmph) as compared to a car with permissible speed(=80 kmph) to cover a distance of about 100-odd km on the expressway was only 8.5 mins!!
Surely, one's life is more precious than such an insignificant time period.
Forget 8.5 mins over 100 kms. A cousin and I had to go in 2 cars from Mumbai to Kolhapur. We decided to leave at same time from Mumbai. I stuck to my usual speed while he sped off the moment the express way began at Panvel. I don't remember the exact specifics, but it took me 6 hrs including a 30 min break. When I reached my destination, I came to know that I was slower by just 15 mins. Further, while I had 1/2 tank of fuel left, my cousin had to refuel once and had the needle on the 3/4th mark on the second tank. The occupants in his car looked quite tired as well. Was the speeding worth it to save just 15 mins? Definitely no! Unless the road condition in India improves, there is no way going fast would guarantee you a quicker trip. You will encounter traffic, toll booth, cows (and other herd), road works, maybe a morcha and what not.
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Default Re: The Futility of Hasty Driving

Very nice thread which I get to experience nowadays on a daily basis for my commute from Pune city to Ranjangaon. This road is full with such "boys" and our taxi driver is also part of the same breed! As Malyaj mentioned, sleep is lost and BP keeps rising due to this rash driving.
I confronted my driver about why put so many lives at risk and he came back to me saying, "Sir, don't be afraid, I have it under control". I was like
I told him: "Boss, think whatever you want of me, just do your job as per my order of driving safe".
The huge rise in taxi drivers coming from different parts of the country with dubious driving credentials (not the Driving License, but the ability to drive properly) has aggravated this situation of hasty driving.

Another futility of driving rash is the stress on the car as well. The brake pads, tyres, engine and gears start deteriorating very quickly.
The only solution I see in the near future is Automated driving.
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Default Re: The Futility of Hasty Driving

I believe in a law of conservation when driving on congested roads. The extent to which one accelerates hard (causing the speedo to climb), to the same extent one also needs to brake hard. This since the bottle neck is mostly visible at a distance up ahead.

One frequently observes such 'wasted' acceleration when a car overtakes another with so much haste, only to brake hard right after. The head nod of the passengers are also evident, caused by the lurching action of deceleration. From the Need For Speed days, I can relate them as wasted 'nitros' - just killing your pace while expending energy in doing so. Sometimes I feel idiotic co-passengers egg the driver to up the pace, resulting in a public physics lesson (with the average car not a GT3 to be displaying that in the first place)

Nowadays, I practise giving up the urge to overake that sluggish diesel powered mini truck unless a heavenly ribbon of empty tarmac is visible ahead
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Default Re: The Futility of Hasty Driving

Just my two cents. I too consider my self a safe but efficient driver. However, I do incur a terrible urge to overtake every now and then. Not because I want to get to where I'm going to faster or anything, but only to make my drive more comfortable.

Let me explain, if there's a relatively slow moving vehicle (say 60-70 kmph) in front of me, I have to; (a) slow down from my speed of 80-90; and (b) more importantly I now have to account for the slow moving vehicle in front of me hitting the brakes. To add my discomfort this vehicle is usually on the right most lane . Hence the urge to overtake to try and keep some clear road ahead of me.

Wonder if anyone else shares my sentiments.
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Default Re: The Futility of Hasty Driving

Oh! This is the kind of post that I've been waiting to put my thoughts down on and boy, these thoughts are a lot.

I stay in Noida and my office is in Vasant Kunj, it's 35 KM one way, so round about 80-90 Kms per day, if I decide to go somewhere post work.

The problem of self-entitled drivers starts at the society where I stay and in one word, it's infuriating. Cars driving into the society blow their horns twice at the gate (mind you, the gate manned by two guards, who are more than active in opening the boom barrier), once inside, they blow the horn once at every turn in the society (my society only has 3 towers, and there are about 4-5 turns and only a handful of families have moved in) but the lack of traffic inside the society, doesn't stop them from honking. I have personally had countless conversations with people and have requested them to not honk while inside the society as it causes a nuisance. But, people being thick and privileged as they have a horn, they do not listen. Even the ones who stay inside the society are hell-bent on blowing the horn at entry and exit, both.

Now, moving on the main roads, from the autos, who do not use their side view mirrors (somehow, it is more important for them to check themselves out, rather than look the traffic) to the bikers, who rather sway and drive than drive straight. Apart from these usual suspects, the ones that really make me question my city's sanity are the following people:

1. Those who give the indicator after taking the turn. They don't give two hoots about the cars behind them, mostly, they are too engrossed with something happening in their mind, rather than focussing on the cars around them. These guys are the ones that cause traffic jams at intersections.

2. The e-rickshaws. These guys will genuinely give me a heart attack one of these days. From not using headlamps in the night, to overloading their rickshaw to simply not giving a dime about what's happening behind them or on their side or wherever cars might be. I have had so many incidents where I've pulled down my window and begged them to drive properly, but their only response is a sheepish smile.

3. The cars/trucks/tempos who drive on the wrong side of the road and then honk at oncoming traffic for not giving them way. Not only are they comfortable driving ulta on inner main roads, they are equally adept at driving on the wrong side on elevated roads/flyover and underpasses. These guys serious put other drivers at risk and have absolutely no sharam while they do that. Another kind that can be added into this point itself are the ones who decide to reverse their car/vehicles when they got a flyover. Again, they put their car in reverse, without caring about anything, they expect people to make space for them and voila - they are back on track, while everyone else is trying to squeeze into the other lanes (which is also a headache).

What really bothers me is the sheer ignorance on the part of authorities to do anything about it. I've seen people drive on the wrong side, take u-turns where it is not allowed and happens in front of cops and yet, they just sit where they are and don't do anything.
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Default Re: The Futility of Hasty Driving

I'm not entirely sure about the definition of hasty here. If it means driving enthusiastically or at a speed little higher than what the average traffic flows, I don't find a problem with that. What irks me is the respect shown towards other road users. Many a times I've observed a slow moving heavy vehicle will not respond to a honky (sic) flashy driver and let him do his thing, but just a single short honk and stay cool for a few seconds and he will usually give way along with hand signal.

I believe as long as we respect other road users whether they're fast or slow, whether to let a faster vehicle overtake or overtaking a slower vehicle, as long as we're in our comfort zone at the same time not pushing fellow road users out of theirs, driving would be a perfectly enjoyable experience for one and all in our country.

TL;DR You can drive fast enthusiastically (as far as legal limits allow) and stay respectful without being a douche at the same time!
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Default Re: The Futility of Hasty Driving

Very apt thread. Here are my 2 cents based on more than >50,000 kms of highway driving. For me maintaining a speed of 80/90 KMPH or 110/120 KMPH doesn't matter, it's the driving style that gets people into trouble.

Here are few examples:
1) Tailgating on highways: Only very few drivers understand that maintaining a distance of atleast 4-5 meters actually helps in making a more clean overtaking move plus it's easy to build up the revs. On the other hand, tailgating increases the probability of sudden braking and hampers visibility leading to higher risk and low gain.
2) Lacking compassion: While changing lanes, not being considerate if you are going to brake the momentum/speed of the oncoming or vehicle behind you in that particular lane.
3) Relying on wisdom of others: There must always be scope for plan B (not dependent on other vehicles) while overtaking, changing lanes etc.
4) Limited understanding of your car: Most modern cars can easily clock three digit speeds, the trick is to understand how much you can tame them in terms of braking, cornering, maneuvering.

I think it is not about the speed but road sense is missing.

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Default Re: The Futility of Hasty Driving

Ah! The classic case of patience and it's effect on driving!

Honestly, the fastest way around traffic is to be able to read the traffic ahead! That's something I've been able to practice while on the scooter- You can see over most cars and make the right move! And that's something that annoys me while in the car- a low slung sedan is not the best tool to combat traffic! Which causes our patience to drop a bit and increases irritation. Choosing smooth and calming music is a must for me!

On the highways though, Fastag and the ability to choose the right lane for toll can save atleast 30 minutes on a 500km trip. Add to that, driving smooth and fast will munch miles like nobody else. Again, the kind of music plays a huge role in how I drive!

And as for that annoying driver on the road? Ignore him, it's simply not worth losing your cool
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Default Re: The Futility of Hasty Driving

Found it few years ago. makes total sense.
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Default Re: The Futility of Hasty Driving

Originally Posted by chandrda View Post
I used to be that "Boy" you have described, not the one who will put others life into danger. But the one who wanted to overtake everyone/everything possible and getting irritated with drivers refusing to give way. But that was long time a ago
I can copy paste your entire post with little changes in specifics and it would describe my experience accurately as well.

One mathematical truth that many don't know is that the average speed is the harmonic mean of instantaneous speeds throughout the journey rather than arithmetic mean. What this means is that the number of stops and the duration of stops play significantly higher role in determining avg. speed rather than the amount of time driven at speeds higher than the general traffic speeds.

Key to attain high average speed is to discover a speed (1) which is relaxing to driver and passengers (which should result in least amount of stops) and (2) which allows the driver enough time to read the traffic situation and take corrective action well in advance (which should avoid getting blocked behind lorries/two wheeler traffic)

I am working hard to attain that skill level, but alas, I drive very less , I take out my car only one a week.
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Default Re: The Futility of Hasty Driving

Originally Posted by Jeevith View Post
Let me explain, if there's a relatively slow moving vehicle (say 60-70 kmph) in front of me, I have to; (a) slow down from my speed of 80-90; and (b) more importantly I now have to account for the slow moving vehicle in front of me hitting the brakes. To add my discomfort this vehicle is usually on the right most lane . Hence the urge to overtake to try and keep some clear road ahead of me.
Agree. I feel a lot of times it is the extremely slow drivers that are a greater menace on the roads vs rash drivers.

In traffic with an average speed of say 50-60kph - fast / rash drivers usually just come up as a blip on the IRVM / ORVM, overtake me and are out of sight in a span of about 5-10 seconds. Very rarely do I have to change lanes / brake and/or worry about them.

Encountering a 25 kph turtle in the right lane who refuses to get into the left / slow-moving lane means not only do I have to brake, but I also have to disrupt the traffic in the adjoining lane so as to overtake him, all the while hoping that I don't get rear ended in either lanes.

Everyone's entitled to drive at the speed that they feel comfortable, but many fail to respect other drivers on the road.
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Default Re: The Futility of Hasty Driving

Sit in an OLA/UBER and you get to see this kind of driving by most drivers.

I dont enjoy that as a passenger, so i simply look sideways.
Because, if i do look ahead, i subconsciously would find mistakes and feel little bad about the way car is driven.
The Santros and Wagon R's are perfectly designed to squeeze through small gaps, and peppy enough to close them.

Mumbai is slowing going Pune way, 2 wheelers are increasing and its these guys who commit most harakiri on roads.
And i admit, i have been cruel at times to squeeze these hasty riders on purpose and enjoy the frustrated look after they pass me with some difficulty

I have seen people overtake heavy vehicles from left on regular basis, no one fears or thinks about so called Blind spot.
The best thing you can do is IGNORE.

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