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Default Re: The Futility of Hasty Driving

Last Friday's The Grand Tour episode had something relevant to this thread.

To those who didn't watch it - James May designed a segment within the broader theme about Grand Touring cars; he asked the (really pretty!) resident driver on the show, Abbie Eaton, to drive a ramshackle Peugeot sedan. She got a 2 minute headstart. May, Hammond and Clarkson would try to beat her in their high-end GT cars - a BMW, an Aston and was it a Bentley?

The end result was as May had predicted - in real world conditions, it doesn't matter if you drive a really fast pedigreed car. A ramshackle Peugeot will beat you. It is really futile to drive fast!
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Default Re: The Futility of Hasty Driving

Originally Posted by ashwinprakas View Post
From where I see things I was sticking to the rules all the way, but still this happened and it does bother me as I'm not a driver by default and if I were on 2 wheels then I'd be a goner for sure.
Ah don't overthink it, you drive x km a year, something like this will happen. Very few people know or even follow the rules and there are way too many vehicles on the roads these days. These things are bound to happen. Defensive driving all the way.

Originally Posted by H_Dogg72 View Post
On most highways anything above 120 means a lot of braking because of idiots on the road. Too stressful.
+1. Saw that last week on our driving trip. Kept it much below max most of the time and went steady. Got overtaken by everyone who was obviously at their limit and chasing after each other, braking, swerving, suddenly accelerating and then braking again. Ended up catching/passing most of the same set of cars at tolls or when they had to stop/slow down because of traffic, or because it probably took too much effort to keep driving in that crazy way. Futile to drive at max all the time when covering long distances, besides being dangerous of course.
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Default Re: The Futility of Hasty Driving

About a couple of hours ago, I was driving on an unlit two-laned state highway. I was maintaining a speed of 40-50kmph since I'm not exactly comfortable driving on these roads in the dark. At some point a white Xylo must have appeared behind me. I didn't notice it at all, because the car didn't have it's headlights on I was blissfully unaware as it started overtaking me, and only when it was just beside my car, the driver honked continuously, and switched on a set of 4 fog lamps. I was extremely startled, to say the least. I slowed down, and let the car go past me. Dude switched off all his lights and continued in the dark.

As I was approaching the traffic signal at the beginning of my town, I spotted the Xylo, waiting at the signal. I casually rolled up beside him and looked into the car. There were approximately 6-7 men in the car, and all of them looked like office-goers (dressed in formals and tired). The signal turned green, and by the time I engaged the first gear, this dude had floored the pedal and was zooming away. Nevertheless, I continued. Now anyone who's new to my town would obviously follow the main road to get to wherever he wants to. But I knew the roads like the back of my hand. I took another road, because I didn't want to get caught in the signal at this busy junction. In a minute I was back on the main road (post the junction), and was happily sauntering along. 5 minutes later, guess who I spot in the mirror? Yes, it was the same car, honking and flashing like crazy. I was actually finding this entire thing quite funny, so I gave way. No clue what my mistake was, because the dude started brake-checking me. However, I was in a good mood and didn't want to engage in any altercation, so I slowed down and maintained considerable distance. The Xylo had again disappeared.

Now, I reach the junction I am to take the right turn from. Approaching the signal, I again find my dear friend waiting. The signal for the right turn was green, so I pass him at the signal, and continue on my way.

This entire incident, although really funny, really opened my eyes to the futility of hasty driving. Imagine the stress the Xylo driver must have been under, since driving at such high speeds in the city isn't an easy job. On the other hand, I was happily listening to music and cruising along, thinking about the food I'd be having at the restaurant I was on my way to

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Default Re: The Futility of Hasty Driving

After noting many such people at toll booths and railway crossings, I wonder how much time do they usually save. These are people who 'break' the waiting queue and barge into line a few cars in front.

Take this case of the Innova driver barging in when the railway crossing gates open. has he saved time. He probably thinks he has. But the truth is that he has caused a jam for a few seconds and probably negated any potential benefit of this uncivilised, rash move.

Take this driver barging into the queue at a toll booth on the fastag lane. To be honest, he has definitely saved a couple of minutes as he jumped about 4-5 cars. If he does this 5 times, he saves about 15 minutes on a Chennai-Bangalore trip. For him this probably is the driving force to keep doing it - 15 minutes of 'added' lifespan to enjoy! This is a typical, arrogant attitude of 'I need to get to the top, even if it means I trample on you and push you down'.

I feel that such instances of hasty driving are more of an attitude to life issue than a simple time-saving attitude.
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