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Default Day Driving or Night Driving?

Mod Note : Please continue the discussion on Our Night Driving Article. Thanks!

Whats your preference and why?

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If its highway driving then I prefer driving in day.

In city prefer night when traffic is less.

Here is something that I had posted in my thread which was

Essentials of a long drive

Driving at Nights: As said try driving at night only on the roads known to you( by that I mean where you have been before). Driving at night has its own advantages & disadvantages here they are


- Engine at its best less heating hence can be revved more so less time more distance
- Minimum number of two wheelers & bullock karts, again less time more distance
- Good signaling with headlights without honking, you know whose coming & who’s behind you


- Most dreaded you may fall asleep
- May miss important road signs & end up at an altogether different location
- May hit pedestrians or vehicles which do not have proper indicators or reflectors
- Very dangerous in dacoit prone zones
There are more references on night driving in that thread

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Either is fine but I have to do night driving then I like to do it on roads that I'm familiar with & prefer Day driving on roads I'm not familiar with.
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Early morning drive. Clear roads, great weather, fresh air.

I don't prefer driving at night, especially on the highway. Its too strenous
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Early morning drive for me.. As early as 3:30 am.. can't wake up so early though (especially if it is about driving back to Bangalore to work :().
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Strict NO NO especially if its highway driving. I've seen/heard too many horrendous late night/early morning accidents.

Basic reason is there are too many unknown variables.

1. Visibility factor is down to 1/3rd.
2. You cannot anticipate/plan/avoid what you cannot see most of the times.
3. Too many lorries during the night time with dazzling lights. Though with 4 lane roads in some highways you are sort of spared this.
4. Wrong side driving. Some strange behaviour is exhibited by those driving on the wrong side. For some reason some of them switch off their headlights and drive !!
5. If you are travelling with a family and have a breakdown you are in a soup.
6. Night time is for nocturnal creatures unlike us. Our body is programmed to shut down and conserve/rebuild/rejuvenate during the night. So you are at a disadvantage already.
7. Driving speeds are reduced as reflex factor has to be higher due to less visibility.

If you have to drive at nights try to reach someplace max by 11pm or 12 am. Before dawn driving is also extremely dangerous. Lot of people start to fall asleep around 3am - 4 am times.

I prefer to leave around 5 am, so that I can get out of town early and I hit the highway as the sun rises.
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Nights on the highway.

I would rather avoid them.
The kind of disorientation that can set when you are lost or in a problem at night is a big red flag.
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SUdheer, i always felt starting the journey early and ending it by noon would be ideal...

Though i have both ridden and driven at night.... felt the strain factor is less untill and unless the oncoming traffic is low and you have good headlight...The local crowd would be lesser and since its cooler at night its easier to do more kms...But if one gets into trouble at night that might be lil difficult to handle!
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Within city : I prefer driving around noon and late night coz thats when we have minimal traffic

Highways: strictly during day as i am not a confident night driver for the reasons quoted by csentil.
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I used to drive down to Blore once every month straight from work (after midnight).

The most strenuous part was driving against the blinding beams from the oncoming vehicles headlights. Also used to feel sleepy and bored (since i used to drive all alone). But i used to cover the distance in a pretty short span of time. Cruised at 140kmph on some stretches in the dead of the night since it was a familiar and regular route for me.

Its been over a year now since I've driven that late in the night. I prefer driving during the day (just when the sun has risen and traffic is still light) as visibility is best in the daytime.
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For starting a highway journey, early morning (3.30am~) is great for me.

If not, then day journey; and if it means that I might reach the destination at night(after 7~8PM), I make sure that I am there on or before 10pm.
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Originally Posted by Mission_Safari View Post
Within city : I prefer driving around noon and late night coz thats when we have minimal traffic
Same here.

As far as highway drives are concerned, I'd avoid timings from 4-6am (sleepy drivers) and 6-7pm (gradually fading sunlight).
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630-7am in bombay. roads are pretty clear and theres enough light to see.
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Day driving on highways

Night driving inside the city
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I prefer driving at night as traffic will be less. But I feel it is better to take rest by around 12 midnight as after that other motorists will be tired and weary and this can cause accidents. Also it will be better to start driving in the morning only after 5.00 AM or so as otherwise other motorists who were driving through out the night could be tired and weary. Mostly the truck drivers who drive through the night will park their vehicles by around 5.00 AM and go to sleep.
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