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Brake 26 68.42%
Swerve 6 15.79%
Other - Please specify 6 15.79%
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Old 11th August 2009, 19:10   #16
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I can compensate for the stopping distance or the impact of of a car or a bike behind me, but a bus or a truck?

and if they hit me , there is no way I am getting any cash out of them, and the impact will be a lot worse, as I just found out...

I think I need to check my RVM's a lot more often!
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Use a combination of both. First start braking in a straightline till you get the car to a controlable speed and then try n drive around whatever is in front of you.

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Voted for Brake. But my mind keeps asking me not to brake and swerve. Reason : Now around 5 rear endings by bike when I have braked once a Scorpio.

However, things also dependent on speed you you doing and traffic conditions. If speed and traffic conditions both are less then one can swerve. But not atleast at high speeds irrespective of traffic conditions.
I am using RVM's so often dad told me its dangerous.
Actually its almost a very tension arising situation when I have to brake hard.

One more thing, most of the times I have noticed that the vehicle in the front does not mess as much as those coming on wrong side ( to avoid U turn ) and people crossing the road. These two category are the one which have resulted into bikers banging up rear of M800. And you know what, bikers are god, they are not at fault.
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I have been able to avoid quite a number of accidents by accelerating and swerving. Part of the reaction is instinctive and I make it a point to watch my RVMs quite often so that I am usually aware of traffic near me.

Whenever I have no option but to brake, I brake hard in the beginning and slowly roll close to the vehicle in front.

Whenever I anticipate a braking situation I tap on my brakes and indicate to the person behind, with 2-3 taps for quick braking situation.

Whenever I see a hazardous situation (like buffalo crossing the road) I put on my hazards, but I try to swerve past without braking.

Swerving while braking hard is not a good idea. It is better to start the swerving maneuver as early as possible.

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Originally Posted by Rehaan View Post
If you swerve, you have the chance of hitting some totally innocent bike-guy in your blind spot etc

If you brake and fail to stop in time - its your fault.
If the guy behind you fails to stop in time - its his fault. Make him pay.
Make him pay ?
I can't imagine how.
No further comments.

What I'll do depends on the situation.

Sometimes Braking is the only option.
In some cases as swerve will be more "agreeable" solution, again if you are gonna hit someone that will obviously be a foolish choice.
Also a combination is the best option sometimes.

So this is something that is 100% dependent on the situation at hand.
In my view its plain stupid to just brake or just swerve no matter what is happening in front of you.

Whatever you do to avoid an accident would work, I guess.
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I got rear ended today for no fault of mine :(. A lady in an automatic santro banged into me while I was going over a speed breaker.

It was really strange. I was gently going over the speedbreaker in 1st gear on Whitefield road in front of KPTO. Suddenly I hear tyres screeching and then a huge bang at my rear. I was shocked beyond my wits really. It was a massive impact and I felt my rear was gone.

Come out and I see a newbie lady driver in an automatic santro. My bumper had a few scuff marks and was slightly dislodged thats about it. Her santro's front had totally caved in. Her explanation was she completely missed the speed breaker and apologised. I guess its the effect of driving at 7am.

She's agreed to pay whatever costs it takes. I've taken down all her details. Even if its a minor amount, I'll make her pay so that she remembers not to doze off on the wheel again.

Also maybe I should point her to this thread.

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I would suggest that braking is the right response, even if one occasionally get rear-ended (as most of us have, more than once). There are certain broad guidelines about maintaining proper distance from the vehicle in front (I think it is one car-length for every 25kmph of speed? but not sure), which most drivers in India do'nt follow, which is the reason why we get hit from behind, even if we manage to stop in time. But swerving is also very dangerous, as many others have pointed out.
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@ chaos
open the boot and check the inside if there is any damage. Was in a similar situation where a matiz banged me from behind, and there wasnt much damage visible to my car from outside - just a few scratches. turned out that the impact had caused the metal behind the rear bumper to cave in, and the bumper had flexed back out, so appeared to be undamaged.

we let the guy go without taking any details, and found out about the damage only later
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I almost missed a speed breaker once and only saw it once i saw the guy in front of me suddenly brake . It was raining and I was at about 50 kmph. A fleeting look at the RVM's and I braked hard, the car skidded and was on its way to bang the one in front. Continued the skid for a second n a half, left the brake and car was back in control and swerved with the brake half pressed..

Happened instinctively but saved both of us.
Learning - Brake, leave brake, brake and swerve but this only happens when you have some distance and road to play around with.

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Originally Posted by GreaseMonk View Post
As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Maintain a safe following distance. If you are being tailed by an aggressive driver, increase your following distance from the car in front of you even further. This allows you to slow down even more gradually in case anything happens. Even if the issue is someone crossing the road, your visibility is higher the further back you drive.
+1. Greenie, you know how to control the distance in front. Learn to control people behind you too. If someone is tailgating you, tap your brakes a few times, so that the lights come on, without the car slowing down.
If that doesnt put the tailgater off, then just let him overtake you and go.

If you have left sufficient space in front, you can do both, brake and then swerve, if necessary.
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I will disagree with those who are suggesting to brake first and then swerve for the following reasons -

1. A swerving maneuver is more difficult to execute when you are closer to the car in front. It should be initiated as early as possible. And it should be fast enough - a slow swerving maneuver is equally risky.

2. It wastes precious seconds for your feet to travel from accelerator to brake to accelerator if you decide to brake and swerve. Besides it may unbalance the car because of the multiple weight transfers.

I think the order should be to swerve safely first, if not then brake.
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I agree that first a swerve should be put in use and if that doesnt help, stand on the brake
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Try to do a lot of research before venturing on a highway.

For instance, between Hyderabad and Chennai. You can either take the notorious Vijayawada highway or choose the more sedate Kurnool route.
The latter maybe a little longer but the former has maddening bumper to bumper high speed traffic.
If you are not stressed and are able to maintain adequate gaps without the fear of someone else hijacking it. Your drive will be safer.

In such a situation, you will not encounter a sudden stop or crash situation.
And when it does crop up, you have some space available to swerve and avoid it.
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Please use brakes, try not to swerve.

Swerve is instinctive but dangerous. Brakes are always better.

On highways its most essential that you break and not swerve, even though you see nothing diagonally in front as first reaction, there will be other vehicles plying at faster speeds. Also side impact is more dangerous than front/rear impact. Most cars do not have side curtain airbags.

As for getting rear ended. As per our law, people hitting from behind are at fault no matter what the situation. So you can claim from the one who actually hits you.

Safety first. Drive carefully.
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