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Damn. that's nasty. good that you are all safe. Having a kid on the windscreen is scary. Thank god the kid survived. Else it's burden of guilt for no fault of yours. Hope you all get well soon and come back on road quicker!
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I wish a speedy recovery to your mother and sister. The burn on your brother in law's hand is from the propellant that is used to trigger the air bag deployment. You too would have felt some sort of fine white cloud or fine powder type residue after the air bags deployed. This is normal and the bags are designed to deflate after a lag of time to enable the people to evacuate.

The Cedia's RISE body structure has held up well and I believe that seat belts worn on rear seats as well would further reduce the chances of rear seat passengers being injured.

I hope that you are able to sort out the insurance/repair/replacement issues sooner than later and that you become Ceduced all over again. Wishing you the best and safe driving.
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Thank you all for your concern and best wishes. well, the condition of the car that you see in the picture is the result of the shoddy towing job after it was towed from the accident site to the police station using a tractor. The bumper and the bonnet were very much in place and in much better shape after the accident. I was intact surprised myself at the sturdiness of this vehicle after the impact.
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Looking at the photos I'd just say that Thank God you are here today to narrate the expierience.

The Cedia has proven it's a good car and what the airbags did here was life saving. If a non airbag car, damage would have been much more.

Also in cases of frontal collision - the longer a car like a sedan the bonnet has crumble zones which takes the impact the most. In this case I'd say the Cedia is a well laid out car as damage only extends till the engine bay and I see the Dash remains unaffected.

Here is where a hatch proves to be not so safe.

All said I am glad everyone is safe.

The car should go for a total loss IMO as it will never be the same.

Get another Cedia huh ?
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Old 19th April 2010, 09:50   #35
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Iam glad that your entire family is safe and healthy.

These morons keep their life and others in danger, Swift is in real bad shape.
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Old 19th April 2010, 10:13   #36
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Glad that you and your family got out of the car with not much of an injury. And thank god, your mother is safe too.

The sturdiness of the Cedia's build is apparent from your photo - I'm not sure how many other sedans would have made it in a similar fashion after a head-on at 80 KMPH.
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Old 19th April 2010, 13:09   #37
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That is a nasty one. Wish you and your family a speedy recovery. The car has held out well. Another + to opting for the safety aids on todays highways and reason to avoid the wheel when tipsy.
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that's horrific crash. good that all are safe and the kid thrown our of the sumo. siwft is badly mangled. according to satistics, blore -mysore highway has the highest no of accidents after i think Delhi Jaipur.
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Old 19th April 2010, 16:43   #39
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Thats one horrible freak collision. I am sure it just came out of the blue and never let you take control of the car.

Glad to know your entire family is safe and doing well.

I in particular never drive close to the median ( for fear of people crossing the median suddenly). Now, its really surprising to see a car coming from opposite side and crossing the median and banging into cars on other side. That's a total unexpected situation.
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Well that was a nasty accident. Blessing, Seat-belts and SRS- air bags (Supplementary restraint system) that really helped you to over come the accident.

Wishing you and your family a early recovery.

Well i will try to point out some technical understanding as i work in air bag inflators. (CFD Anlaysis of Air bag inflators).

@ Maibaa This is another interesting discussion on why the airbags automatically deflated after a while.

Ans:- The bags are designed to deflate.

Well as you said there were some burns on the passenger side occupant. The inflator used was a Pyrotechnic Inflators. This Infaltor is nothing than a chamber which has a Solid propellant (like solid propellant in a rocket). This propellant sublimes (turns in hot gas after burning) and fills the folded synthetic bag. Which in turn inflates in around 50 miliseconds reaching a peak pressure of 2 to 3 bar and surface temp around 450 deg C.

After 50 milisec the deflation starts which is when the real application is intended.
i.e. occupant should impact the deflating air bag which will give a cushioning effect.

Now it is said SRS (Supplementary restraint system) because it is effective when seat belts are used because (Frontal air-bags) .

Imagine a ballon coming at a speed of 150 miles /sec at you, it will certainly harn you. So you need to wear seat belt even if your car is equipped with Air-bags. Because airbags protect you only when the deflating not inflating. During inflation the seat belts keep you back and then when you are about to impact the dash board or steering wheel it starts deflating and cushions you from geting head and chest injuries.

Will write more need to go now

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Old 19th April 2010, 21:52   #41
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The Cedia did stand up pretty well to the impact. Great to know that none of you had any major injuries.

All the same, I don't think that the Swift and the Cedia's condition after the impact can be directly compared. After all, for the swift, it was a head on collision, at an effective speed of probably ~160kph (80 + 80), whereas when you hit the sumo, it was probably still moving forward slowly, reducing your relative velocity.

Adding to the excellent post above, AFAIK, seatbelts with pretensioners are supposed to tighten up instantly after the crash, and then gently let the occupant fall into the airbags. Did you experience something similar?
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i'm glad for all of you that there were only minor injuries. Hope that you can come out of the after effects quickly.

i'd like to ask you a question on airbag deployment. Having worn seatbelts, you say that you did not make contact with the airbag whereas your co-passenger had some burns. Is it because you had the steering wheel in hand that you were not pushed forward so much as the co-passenger? What is the I guess restraining system must have held you both of you back.

Can you tell us yours and your co-passengers description of the restraint and airbag experience in a little more detail please? i'm sure it would add to the knowledge apart from what we read in manuals and books. Thanks.
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thats quite horrific crash and the event.

Glad that you and your family came out safely, what is the police doing now ? Are they filing any charges against those swift guys ? Are they in touch with you ?

Hope Lombard gives a wise decision in favor of you.
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That's a horrifying crash for sure !! Your incident proves once again that spending an extra buck for safety do pays back. (Patting myself as well)

A good decision will be a writing off the cedia and a get another vehicle for sure to avoid.
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Thank heavens all of you including the kid who fell on the windshield is safe.

The car has done its job protecting the occupants very well. Kudos to you for choosing a model with Airbags which helped save you guys.

Hope you get over the after effects soon and get back to driving a new car.

Have you decided what to do with the Cedia yet? Any update on the police proceedings?
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