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Default Fake accident / injury fraud

Hello all,

Got this as a forward from my friend. It did happen and is posted on the bulletin board of his company! A very scary incident, but my question is what can one do in such situations?


My friend was going back to home from office around 4:30 PM (Hinjewadi to SUS road). Near Sadanand Hotel some people tried to stop him by giving signal for lift. He just ignored them and reached his home. As soon as he parked his car one guy came and started asking why you didn’t stop when we were giving you signal. My friend said that he did not want to give lift to some unknown peoples. Now they said that you have committed an accident and we were trying to stop you because of that.
My friend was shocked, nervous as well as scared. He didn’t know when he did that.

He said that he didn’t do anything and not aware of any accident. But they were just started threatening him he asked ok tell me the place where he did that and if required he is ready to take the victim to hospital. They said that you did that near waked bridge. They continued threatening him and in between they were pretending like they are getting lots of call from their friend who can come any time to beat my friend.

He was so scared and tensed then one of them who claiming that he is the husband of victim got another call and he told that ‘Car driver to bhag chukka hai hume koi mila nahi isliye ab rahne do’ (He was Marathi but whenever he got call he spoke them in Hindi later I realized it was because they wanted to make me scared). Now main point after all this he said to me ‘sir meien pane dosto ko bol diya hai ki driver bahg gaya ahi aur humein car ka koi idea nhai hai ab aap mujhe meri biwi ke ilaj ke liye paise de do’. he said I am ready to take her hospital but he said sir 20-25k ka kahrcha aayega yehin mamal nipta dete hain.

Till this time couple of more people gathered there and they were like ready to0 beat me any time. Then they started bargaining and deal was fixed on couple of thousand Rs. Now the scene has changed as soon as deal was fixed and my friend was about to give money that guy got another call and started saying’Mujhe aapke paise nahi chiaye meri biwi aur bachcha dono ki tabiyat kaharb ho gayee hai mein tujhe leke chalta hoon aur mere log tumhe mar pit ke kaam kar lenge’ then very next moment he said sir mujhe 10K de dijiye… my friend was not able to give that much money so after 5 10 mins bargain they agreed with initial amount couple of thousand Rs.

He gave them money and came to home then he started recalling entire incident and concluded that he was a victim of a on the spot fraud.

I just wanted to make all of you aware of this incidence so in future if someone face this kind of problem can handle it smartly.

But how can one deal smartly in such situations?

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Originally Posted by anilisanil View Post
Hello all,

Got this as a forward from my friend. It did happen and is posted on the bulletin board of his company! A very scary incident, but my question is what can one do in such situations?

But how can one deal smartly in such situations?
Take out a cellphone and pretend to / actually call the cops. The bluffers would then run away.
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This has been happening in Bangalore (there's a thread - search) - I guess this menace is spreading all across the country.

The only solution (long and cumbersome) is to take such fraudsters with you to the police station to file a complaint.
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Well seems like this fruad is spreading everywhere, Last few months many from Bangalore have fallen for this...

Only thing one has to do is call or go to the cops and be very very stern but i know it aint easy while those goons are trying all their stunts!
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Not surprised at all & Thanks for the warning @Anil.

Going through all the incidents here, especially on, if I happen to hit someone, I would immediately rush to nearest police station, give a self confession FIR & then go back to accident spot along with cops.

If someone tries to stop me, I wouldn't mind hitting him with my car inorder to save my family & go to police station to lodge an FIR.

If someone hits me, God alone saves me

Sorry to say like a nuts, but, end of the day, my life & my family is more important than the muggers or the victim.

See the other thread here as how people are made victim for being considerate. I just don't want to be another victim.

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shocking to see such attempts being made from across the country, now Pune after Bangalore. I will click these guys photos and tell them I am from Sansani program (or something like that) and will publish in papers and also call the cops.

No discussions with them.

I would like to thank you for posting this as I can be very careful of such incidents if they happen around me.
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Very common scene in Hinjewadi area.

Heard from some office employee that he was stopped on bike, just because some other local bikers was supposed to be hit by him !

Then came a sober, softspoken middle aged gentleman, who asked for some money to make others go away!

He had no other choice but to shell few hundred bucks to end this drama.
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whenever such thing happens the first thing is to start asking names and where you stay in a very bold fashion.

immediately call 100 - police control room and start saying out their names and vehicle/bike nos.

immediately start your vehicle and ask them to accompany you to the nearest police station.
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@anilsanil: feeling sad for your frnd. This would remain etched as a bad memory life long.

The only way to deal with these rowdies is be stern and direct them to the nearest police station.
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This is pathetic, and unfortunately, not that uncommon as well. Best recourse will be to ask details of the person involved, and offer to take them to the nearest police station to resolve the matter.

PS : It might be easier said than done, because you cant predict when the 'mob' who has gathered around you may get hyper and start getting physical with you.
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Bad scene! Is there any specific place in Pune where this is happening, or is it a stray incident? Are they targeting highway motorists?
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Blatant daylight dacoity!
I guess the only way is to recognize the signs and put as much distance between ourselves and these people, even if it means delaying your intended work by a few hours.
It is always easy to comment in hindsight, however, at the time, I am sure panic and confusion would cloud anyone's judgement. Somehow I am of the opinion that any situation like this can only have two outcomes, depending on the nature of the person involved...Fight, or Flight. If forced to, I would fight, but if possible, I would prefer to retreat to a safe distance, call the cops and get these guys arrested.
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what is this, does he lives in isolation, no neighbor, passer by, police, nothing? he should have agreed to the amount but pretend to get it from neighbor and called police.
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So from Bangalore, this has now come to Pune. I guess it would be good to say, I never went there (wherever they claim you hit someone). Then call 100. Basically having lot's of people support you would also help.
As Aargee points out, if those guys get physical, then god save the driver.
I'm going to get the HVK car recorder fitted in my vehicle soon. Even if the buggers go to the extent of putting up false FIRs, there will be proof at hand.
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Fake accident fraud is becoming a big thing in UK, but it is fraud against the insurers. They are not interested in taking a few pounds out of anyone's hand, they are interested in taking hundreds or thousands of pounds out of the insurer's hand. A claim can begin with damage to the car, and go on to multiple personal injury and medical expense claims. When insurers catch people out, they are finding stuff like the same car featuring in many different claims: it is becoming a big-business crime.
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