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Default Re: The Electric Vehicle (EV) Landscape - A Deep Dive

Another hit piece by Forbes, sponsored by _ _ _.

Normal readers after reading Forbes article: The big boyz have come, now start the watch for demise of Tesla.

If the author would have really analysed what happened, why there is a sudden change of users behaviour, from selling several hundreds of cars in a country to less than hundred cars he would have got the answer. Did Tesla sell only because there is no competition all these years? Did all the "fanboys" bought their Tesla's already and no one left to purchase?

The truth is Tesla started selling their cars only in the continents they are made at. The Chinese market get their cars from Shanghai factory, North America gets from Fremont. Europe will get a significant number of cars from their Berlin factory once it's ready.

Until the Berlin factory is ready, Tesla is sending a ship or two to Europe to keep the presence. Just recently they have allotted 7000 cars (which are on their way) from their Shanghai factory( which had increased its capacity significantly) to Europe.

Forbes article in December: "Tesla shipped 7000 unsold cars to Europe from their Shanghai plant".
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Default Re: The Electric Vehicle (EV) Landscape - A Deep Dive

Couldn't find a mention of Simple Energy's new upcoming scooter on searching the forum ! Its supposed to provide twice the range of current EV scooters.
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Default Re: The Electric Vehicle (EV) Landscape - A Deep Dive

UK says no more fossil fuel cars after 2030! As for Tesla it is the most valuable car company. Has overtaken GM and the lot.

Take it from me GM and co will go the way of Kodak- into oblivion. Kodak sold over 85% of the Photopaper. Now it is Zero. Olympus has moved out of the camera world.

Remember service may not be the money spinner it is now. EVs will have far fewer moving parts, and service may not be required. If a motor malfunctions it will be replaced.
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