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Faraday Future teases its first electric car

Faraday Future, an American automotive start-up which operates in the electric mobility space, has released a set of teaser images of its first production vehicle. The company has announced that the car will be officially revealed on 3rd January 2017, and will then be showcased at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Faraday Future teases its first electric car-czabfs5xcaavuzg.jpg

The two teaser images released appear to showcase the car's front and rear profiles. Though the images don’t reveal much about the car's overall design, they clearly indicate that the company has given their first production car a futuristic character. A long LED DRL strip runs above the front bumper and merges the two headlight assemblies. The rear also gets a wide LED strip that runs across the width of the car. Faraday Future's logo has been embedded in the V-pattern on the front as well as back of the car.

Faraday Future teases its first electric car-czgfkkmveaa6myp.jpg

Media reports suggest that the new car from Faraday Future will be a crossover that will compete against the Tesla Model X. It will be powered by a 98 kWh battery pack and will have a company-claimed travel range of 482 km on a single charge.

The company had previously released a teaser video of its first production car, where it was shown silently pacing down a track.

Link to Team-BHP News

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Re: Faraday Future teases its first electric car

Seems to be one of the many new car / bike companies that make a big splash, but eventually shut down.

Faraday Future has stopped construction on its billion-dollar electric vehicle factory in North Las Vegas. This is another blow against a company with intentionally foggy structuring, mysterious revenue sourcing, and an financially overburdened parent company.

The electric vehicle startup had previously missed numerous payment deadlines with building contractor AECOM, but now work has stopped entirely. A spokesperson from Faraday Future told Reuters that the company is working with contractors during an adjustment period and expects work to continue on the factory in 2017.

Nevada State Treasurer Dan Schwartz, and probably anyone else who has been following this story, is a little less optimistic.

“This is a Ponzi scheme,” he said in an interview with Forbes. “You have a new company that has never built a car, building a new plant in the middle of the desert, financed by a mysterious Chinese billionaire. At some point, as with Bernie Madoff, the game ends.”
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Re: Faraday Future teases its first electric car

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Seems to be one of the many new car / bike companies that make a big splash, but eventually shut down.
They have actually gone ahead and unveiled the FF91 at the CES!
Although, as you rightly pointed out, this is still a while away from production, but still!

In my opinion, it is amongst the most beautiful cars in the world right now.
Faraday claims a 1,050 Horsepower, and that time of 0-60 mph in 2.39 seconds is a world record!

Name:  FaradayFutureFF91autoparkfailLasVegasdebutinterior750x422.jpg
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Name:  FaradayFutureFF91liverevealLasVegas4750x524 1.jpg
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Name:  FaradayFutureJiaYeutingff91debutNickSampson2750x426.jpg
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Name:  img_9997.jpg
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Faraday says more details will be forthcoming at a future event. Here's hoping that Faraday is able to pull this one off!
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Re: Faraday Future teases its first electric car

Dont like the design, dont like the idea of showcasing or revealing the car at a 'consumer electronics show' & dont like the idea that its a 'start up' (hence its a business idea & not a passion idea) .

Well, at least they got the name right.
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Re: Faraday Future teases its first electric car

This car company appears to be way too ambitious. A crazy number of features added to the drawing board of a car that doesn't exist yet. I have my doubts on whether they'd be able to actually deliver a working car.

Great if it does, however for all intents and purposes as the saying goes - If it seems too good to be true...

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Re: Faraday Future teases its first electric car

There's a lot being discussed about FF's future and it's products. However, I came across this short first impressions video from MKHBD. Watch from 2:40 to 4:00 if you are in a hurry.

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Re: Faraday Future teases its first electric car

I personally love this design but I know that many dont because it doesnt have the conventional car looks. This design alone can make or break the car. The conservative customer base in the US may not appreciate the way this looks. They could have designed it more conventionally and thus less polarising.

Why is the name FF? Is it because its main competitor is Tesla?

If this trend continues and if this kind of new start-ups succeed, the automobile industry as we know now will not be there in 20 years. The success of electric propulsion will put everyone in equal footing and will allow newer tech start-ups to face traditional auto giants. Even a century old carmaker will have to start competing with newbies, and all the advances in fossil fuel driven propulsion, developed over the past century, may become obsolete.

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Re: Faraday Future teases its first electric car

Faraday sues ex-execs' startup for alleged trade secrets theft

BEIJING -- Faraday Future Inc., the electric carmaker run by Chinese entrepreneur Jia Yueting, is suing a startup founded by its former chief financial and technology officers for allegedly poaching talent and stealing valuable intellectual property.

Faraday accused former CFO Stefan Krause and ex-technology chief Ulrich Kranz of soliciting at least 20 former employees to join a key rival they started, according to a complaint filed with the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. Some employees brought technology secrets over to Evelozcity Inc., the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit highlights internal strife at a company that debuted its prototype FF 91 in 2017 in Las Vegas, claiming the car could outrace a Tesla, then struggled to raise cash. It’s the latest in a series of challenges for Jia, who has been ordered back to China by regulators over unfulfilled loan obligations. The Netflix-like video service he founded, Leshi Internet Information & Technology Corp., just experienced its fifth straight day of 10 percent share declines.

Evelozcity said it did not have nor need technology from Faraday Future.

“This complaint continues Faraday’s pattern of hurling false and inflammatory accusations against us,” it said in a statement. “We will respond to the many recklessly inaccurate allegations in this desperate lawsuit at the appropriate time.”

Faraday said in a statement it hired Krause in March 2017 to raise funding and oversee its finances. Kranz was hired several months later. But by the fall, after meetings with investors, Krause was demanding Jia step down and give them operational control of the company, according to the filing.

Much of the case revolves around the date of Krause’s departure. He has said he quit in October while Faraday said in its claim that rival startup Evelozcity was incorporated on or about Nov. 7, a day after Krause asked its then-head of human resources to backdate his resignation by two weeks. Faraday said in a Nov. 10 release it had terminated Krause’s employment over “malfeasance” with immediate effect, without citing a date.

Staff members who left Faraday for Evelozcity were encouraged to download thousands of confidential documents and trade secrets from vendor databases to technical documents, Faraday said, calling for a jury trial.

As part of the case, Faraday said the company was able to obtain additional funding without Jia stepping down or Krause’s assistance, without stating the amount and source of the money. The company’s long-awaited flagship will hit the market by the beginning of 2019 but additional models are still more than two years away, it added.

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Re: Faraday Future teases its first electric car

Faraday Future to launch EV sales next year.

Faraday Future, an electric vehicle startup founded by Chinese entrepreneur Jia Yueting in Los Angeles, has opened orders and plans to begin selling its first product, the FF 91 luxury crossover, sometime in the first half of next year.
“The order book for FF 91 early users – also known as ‘FF Futurists’ – is open with first deliveries commencing during the first half of 2019,” the company said in a statement last week.

Faraday Future is set to officially kick off production of the FF 91 at a leased plant in Hanford, Calif., this month.
The connected EV can accelerate to 60 mph within 3 seconds and drive for more than 300 miles on one charge, according to the company.
With the start of FF 91 production, the company says the Hanford plant has attracted a “new wave” of talent, including engineers from other automakers such as Tesla Inc., Honda Motor Co., General Motors and Ford Motor Co.
Faraday Future also expects to assemble the FF91 at a factory under construction in the south China city of Guangzhou with investor Evergrande Health Industry Group.

The EV startup, facing a severe cash crunch, was on the brink of bankruptcy this year. In June, Evergrande Health Industry Group, the health care subsidiary of China’s second-largest property developer, China Evergrande Group, acquire 45 percent of Faraday Future for 6.7 billion Hong Kong dollars (5.9 billion yuan).
With the financial backing of Evergrande Health, Faraday Future plans to build five assembly plants in China with combined annual production capacity of 5 million EVs over the next decade.

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Re: Faraday Future teases its first electric car

Originally Posted by Joxster View Post
Faraday Future to launch EV sales next year.
This is the same Jia Yueting who is black listed in China for bad debt. He has handed over his actress wife, and brother to the Chinese govt and escaped to California. All his companies Le Movies, Le Shi, Le Eco, LeTV, have gone bust. All the founding execs of Faraday Future have gone away. In my opinion all this news about US sales is to boost market valuation in China, with fancy launch news. No hardware, no software, all they have is vaporware.

Where is the factory, who will sell this, where is their charging network? I recently drove by another EV startup SF motors in the Bay Area. Even they seem more real than these guys.

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Re: Faraday Future teases its first electric car

Silence is a big issue with EVs. It becomes safety related. We even had the same when the Amby generation was replaced by the Maruti generation. In the early days the M800 was not heard by the Amby generation. So this change is but natural.

I remember a discussion in the UK press that putting in a small 'noise maker' was not a bad idea to warn other road users.
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Re: Faraday Future teases its first electric car

Faraday Future’s loses its brain child - Peter Savagian – Senior VP, Engineering at Faraday Future – departed the company.

Faraday Future sadly was forced to cut salaries and lay off workers. As we understand, without a new investor there is little chance that the company will finally deliver the product


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Re: Faraday Future teases its first electric car

Is it time to convert 'Faraday Future' to 'Faraday Past'?
No working prototypes, just talks in thin air.
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Re: Faraday Future teases its first electric car

More bad news for the company. Already some staff have been asked to leave / say on stay on reduced salaries and now this.

Dag Reckhorn, Faraday Future’s senior vice president of global manufacturing — and the last of the company’s five “founding executives” — resigned Wednesday, according to an internal email obtained by The Verge.
according to two former employees, who were granted anonymity because they signed nondisclosure agreements. D&O is a type of liability insurance that protects a company’s directors and operators from legal retribution in the event of a lawsuit. Faraday Future’s D&O insurance recently lapsed, which made executives like Reckhorn vulnerable amid the recent layoffs and furloughs, these people say.
Source: Verge
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Re: Faraday Future teases its first electric car

An interesting short video on how the company's co-founder went bankrupt.

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