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Default Bollinger B1 - Electric Offroader Prototype

Given what I drive, It should be no surprise that the Bollinger B1 to me is the epitome of pure unadulterated motor lust!

Bollinger B1 - Electric Offroader Prototype-1.png
Bollinger B1 - Electric Offroader Prototype-2.png
Pic Source:

  • All aluminium chassis - car weighs ~1800 Kg, which is only slightly more than the weight of the TUV
  • 375 mm (15 Inches) of GC with Adjustable hydraulic suspension that can lowered or raised 5 inches
  • Front trunk and a complete pass through from front to back, which gives you almost 14 feet of space
  • Modular design - can easily change to a 2 cab design
  • 0-60 mph in 4.5 s. Who needs a low slung sedan!
  • 2 electric motors (1 for each set of wheels) that deliver an equivalent of 360 BHP & 630 NM of torque
  • 100kW battery implies a range of ~200 miles
  • No ABS/Airbags as currently it's designed as a Class 3 vehicle (according to US standards)

Bollinger B1 - Electric Offroader Prototype-3.png
Pic Source:

For me, this prototype ticks of 3 very important things:
  • Form: is minimalist with absolutely no extras in there but still has most things that one would need in a normal car/truck.
  • Function: if the production version is going to end up anywhere near the proto, then I guess this will be a pretty sweet replacement for for folks looking for a pickup truck. Will need to wait and see how they address the climate challenge as most folks will expect some creature comforts that allows them to drive in rain, snow & sunshine
  • Economy: Electric is the future and this seems like a good first step. With charging technology gaining ground, advancement in batteries/storage technology should not be far behind.


Launch Videos

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Default Re: Bollinger B1 - Electric Offroader Prototype

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the 4x4 forum. Thanks for sharing!

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Default Re: Bollinger B1 - Electric Offroader Prototype

Now that's an unexpected EV - an offroader . Looks very sexy in a Land Rover'ish way.

Not too optimistic about it seeing production, or having a long run. The prototype was built in a garage and is more of a one-off fun project. Bollinger doesn't even know who or where the vehicle will be built.

Plus, it'll be incredibly difficult for them to meet the stringent safety regulations in the USA.

If anyone pays + reserves a B1 on their website now, all I can say is "a fool and his money are soon parted".
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Default Re: Bollinger B1 - Electric Offroader Prototype

That design though!

In this era of flowing lines and umpteen curves, this thing with it's straight lines, looks awesome! The Land Rover influence, imminently visible.

PS: Wonder why they are so hung up on the number of "plywood" boards it can carry? They mention it quite a few times on that front page.
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Default Re: Bollinger B1 - Electric Offroader Prototype

30-40 years ago in N. America, in the fledgling SUV market, form followed function. Chevy, Dodge (Chrysler), International Harvester (Navstar) and Ford all had big, boxy, high powered 4X4s that looked and acted manly. They mostly all had Dana and Borg-Warner axles, diffs, TCs. The same ones are still used today, proving the old maxim, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it.".

How SUVs became curved and girly, I dunno. It is a sad commentary on world-wide manhood that this has come to pass. Men of world unite! Pick up your er...manliness and waive it high in the air as a standard that they might know yee!

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Default Re: Bollinger B1 - Electric Offroader Prototype

Who said EVs are destined only for fleets of autonomous cars? Not Bollinger. Looks like the Bollinger B1 project is very much active & the "pre-reservations" have now touched 10000+. This much awaited truck is now on a show spree & is expected to show up next at SEMA show 2017 Oct 31 - Nov 3, Booth 51127.

The company said Monday it has now received more than 10,000 "pre-orders," or expressions of interest in the tough, all-electric Class 3 truck.

Startup Bollinger Motors hasn't yet set up the ability to take deposits for the all-electric B1 utility truck it unveiled in late July.

So far, it's just letting interested parties sign up for further contact as an "expression of interest."

But the numbers of those "hand-raisers" are still notable, considering that Bollinger is a tiny company with a totally unknown brand, located in a remote part of New York state.

Once Bollinger announces the pricing for the B1 truck, which Holland hopes will happen before the end of this year, buyers will be able to place a deposit of $1,000.

Not all of those interested followers will step up and put down $1,000, of course, and the number who convert a $1,000 deposit into an order will be lower yet.

Still, an updated total of 10,000 people at least theoretically standing in line for a chance to buy an all-electric utility truck with tough, square-edged looks that echo an old Ford Bronco or Land Rover Defender is worth noticing.
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Default Re: Bollinger B1 - Electric Offroader Prototype

Even before their first model, the B1 has gone into production, Bollinger has announced their next model, the B2 pick up truck. Propelling equipment and power remains the same as B1. Main difference is in the cargo carrying capacity.

Quoting from the report:
The main difference with the B1 is, of course, the pickup bed, which is 4’ 1” wide by 5’ 9” long.

The startup says that with the internal cab tailgate down, the Bollinger Motors Pickup can carry full 4′ x 8′ sheets of plywood. If the rear glass is also opened, which allows storage to the top of the cab, the new B2 can fit up to 72 sheets of 4’ x 8’ plywood.
Earlier this year, Bollinger partnered with Optimal, Inc. of Plymouth, MI to “help bring the Bollinger B1 all-electric, all-wheel-drive Sport Utility Truck to production.”

The two companies now plan on finalizing their work on the Bollinger B1 by the end of 2018, which will be on target for a late 2019 start of production.

With the unveiling of B2, the company says that it is in “the final stages of engineering development for their first B1 truck” and that they aim to “manufacture the B2 on the same assembly line as the B1 in 2020.”
The quoted post has been taken from the report in the link below:
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