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Default Re: Experienced the Tesla Model S P90D!

Originally Posted by im_srini View Post
Yes, the I.C. engine panders to our atavistic impulses quite nicely.
They're salty, they're sugary, what's not to like about junk food too, right ?
Sorry for being OT but, Not sure why are you so touchy about electric motors. Or shall I say impulsive? Well do you expect people to find electric motors better than IC engines because Newton said "Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, & not in the multiplicity & confusion of things"?

Lets agree to disagree. I find IC engines better. No need to start comparing it with junk food. You keep loving electric motors. But don't start pushing me to love electric motors. I have my reasons to love IC engines. You keep your reasons to love electric motors. Peace.

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Default Re: Experienced the Tesla Model S P90D!

The new one looks fantastic! Hoping to have these in India soon as the government as well seems inclined towards promoting full bred electric cars rather then hybrids
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Default Tweet to Tesla feature

Experienced the Tesla Model S P90D!-elon.jpg


The manufacturer has been trying to dig their way out of an image that revolves around poor quality control, and instead replace it with one that says "if there's a problem, we'll fix it". CEO Elon Musk also has the proclivity to reach out to drivers regularly on Twitter to answer their questions, and now he's taken it to a new level when committing to implement a new feature based only on a single Tweet

It seems that one Twitter user had an issue with his steering wheel wearing when he got in and out of his car. So, naturally, he does what a plethora of active Twitter users do - Tweet to Musk. He suggested a feature to move the steering wheel once the car is put in park. Well, it must have caught the attention of the Tesla boss, and he decided it was a good idea to implement on a wide scale.

Experienced the Tesla Model S P90D!-screen-shot-20170825-5.36.07-pm.png

The feature, which will not only raise the wheel but also move the seat back to avoid the driver coming into contact with the wheel. Not only will future cars get the update, but so will the current vehicles on the road. No need to schedule service with the dealer for a software update, no need for additional equipment, just an update pushed over-the-air to customer cars to add a new feature programmed into the car's software. The Model S, Model X, and Model 3 will likely all be pushed the update per the designation of "all cars". But wait - there's more.

Experienced the Tesla Model S P90D!-screen-shot-20170825-5.36.27-pm.png

Another surprise surfaced about four hours after Musk answered the initial inquiry. Another Twitter user added onto the original statement, proclaiming that the same should happen upon vehicle entry. Though if a user exited the vehicle, it should theoretically be at user setting unless it is a different person entering the car. In that case, likely identified by the fob being used, the car would identify the setting last used by the fob and move the seat and wheel to that position. Though not confirmed to be added to the feature pack, Musk indicated that is a good idea and "should probably" happen automatically once the door handle is touched based on proximity of the nearest fob.

The real story here isn't that Tesla is adding a new feature (though that is cool), but Tesla is responding to a customer via social media and just pushing an update. One single customer had an issue, reached out, and the company felt that it was important enough to address for all of its customers. This is a huge step in the right direction for something that might coin the term software defined car to describe just how the car can be made adaptive on the fly. It's not only undeniably useful to be able to address these types of feature requests with just a few keystrokes, but it's also pretty cool and futuristic.
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Default Re: Experienced the Tesla Model S P90D!

I love IC engines too. Electric motors, Servo drives etc are all good tech but the passion of mechanical engineering coming to a zero due to advancements in sensor tech and electric tech disappoints me to a certain extent.

Have not experienced the Tesla S yet, so will hold on to my opinions!
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