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Default Solar Concentrator Video: Future of Mobility (EVs vs FCEVs)?

This may be the Solution for Solar Fuel Mobility;

^ The goal is to produce Solar Hydrogen efficiently & this apparatus is capable of achieving temperatures more than 2000 Degree C.
Scholars have been challenging engineers to achieve such high temperatures in a commercial apparatus, to be used for various Solar Thermal Pathways for producing Solar Hydrogen.

I drive down from Mumbai to Pune, to checkout this invention personally;

Solar Concentrator Video: Future of Mobility (EVs vs FCEVs)?-screen-shot-20190405-5.34.59-pm.png

​En route we have a discussion about BEV​ v/s FCEV's;

Solar Concentrator Video: Future of Mobility (EVs vs FCEVs)?-screen-shot-20190405-5.35.18-pm.png

The apparatus in question is this, a SOLAR CONCENTRATOR;

Solar Concentrator Video: Future of Mobility (EVs vs FCEVs)?-screen-shot-20190405-5.37.09-pm.png

^ This proof of concept of the Fresnel Lens Tunnel Concentrated Solar Technology, they’ve used about 15 Tons of Steel and Complex Electronics, to hold and track 5 Kgs of Lenses and 100 Kgs of Mirrors.

It uses 19 gearboxes & 15 motors to produce a phenomenal rated torque of about 3,75,000 NM.

Its able to achieve temperatures well above 2000 Degree C as the Concentration Ratios are above 7000 at a small concentration area to help split H2O to produce H2.

Future Of Mobility;

One thing is clear, weather we like it or not that the future of mobility is Electric. Future of generation of electricity will be Solar Energy as it is free of cost. But the main battle is the storage of this solar energy to be used in Electric Vehicles.

There are only 2 choices to powering Electric Vehicles;

- Lithium Ion Batteries (Battery Electric Vehicles i.e. BEV)


- Hydrogen Fuel Cells (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles i.e. FCEV)

Both produce electricity to drive electric motors.

​The efficiency of the motor for both Battery Electric Vehicles & FCEVs is same i.e. 90-95% which is amazing specially if you consider the internal combustion engines running on petrol have an efficiency of only about 25-30%.

But where the EV take upto 2-3 hrz to charge fully​ the FCEV's can be refueled with Hydrogen in under 5 mins.

The other negative of Battery Electric Vehicle is efficient recyclability of the Li-ion batteries which is still a big question mark. Now Manufacturing Batteries is highly energy intensive process & there are Huge amounts of CO2 emissions. First the Lithium & other metals have to be mined, refined and then the batteries have to be produced. These Lithium Ion batteries have a life of about 7 years. Now What happens after 7 Years, say 2027 ? Billions of Lithium Ion Batteries are being discarded from these BEVs and adding to our existing E waste ! Reports say if unchecked... These batteries will be the prime cause for ground water contamination throughout the world!
To reduce space & better weight distribution in BEVs they use 4000 to 5000 units of AA sized batteries...Have you heard of efficiently recycling AA sized batteries?
Check Tesla Batteries;

Solar Concentrator Video: Future of Mobility (EVs vs FCEVs)?-screen-shot-20190405-5.35.36-pm.png

Another important fact is that China now controls well over half the world's Lithium Ion reserves & intends to buy more Lithium mines in Chile, Africa etc Plus its having huge unexplored reserves themselves. Hence in the near future when we are forced to go electric & there is only one country which is controlling the mobility & networking (phones too use Lithium Ion batteries) it can be a very dangerous situation for rest of the countries.

So now the battle is this;

Solar Concentrator Video: Future of Mobility (EVs vs FCEVs)?-screen-shot-20190405-5.37.37-pm.png

Some countries have understood whats happening here ^ & have taken steps to counter measure the probable domination by a single country.

Those 2 countries are from where the best of our cars come from, Yes;


Japan has announced its intention to be worlds 1st Hydrogen society, It already has about 80 Hydrogen filling stations & will build 160 Hydrogen fuel pumps by 2022 to accelerate adoption of this future fuel (Hydrogen) technology. Their Automakers have intended to build around 40,000 FCEVs.


Germany last year had about 64 Hydrogen Refuelling stations & in 2019 their plan is to build 1 H2 Refuel station every 2 weeks.
Also few months back Germany started running the worlds 1st Hydrogen powered train.


What Hydrogen as a fuel and this technology aims to do is allowing nations to stop importing fossil fuels, instead growing their own fuel economy.

PS - The site visited & the invented apparatus in discussion is only 1 Commercial SOLAR CONCENTRATOR in the WORLD which is capable of giving temperatures above 2000 Deg C with customised mass transfer, MADE IN INDIA !

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