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Default Re: Tata builds a Nexon EV. EDIT: Launched at ₹13.99 lakhs

Originally Posted by Chrome6Boy View Post
At present this is a great choice as a second car for people who can charge their car overnight at home. Tata has priced it perfectly too.
Originally Posted by hkollar View Post
Ofcourse it is only the 3rd car at home.
I agree totally that an EV can be perfect as a second car/third car/city car. The point I wanted to make is that I wouldn't be comfortable having EV as an only car at this time, given the situation I went through couple of months back. I shared the same opinion in the "When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car" thread as well.

Originally Posted by hkollar View Post
But, it is my primary city car. There hasn't been a single case where I felt range anxeity in 5 yrs.
I wouldn't feel any anxiety either if I have a couple of other cars at my disposal.

Originally Posted by hkollar View Post
Because I always keep it plugged in at rest. At home or at office. When ever I am ready to go, so was the car.
This works as long as you don't have to make an unplanned trip when the car is low on charge. That's all I wanted to convey. Of course, if the EV has relatively high range (like a Tesla) and your normal daily running is much lower than that, you may practically not need to worry about this at all.
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Default Re: Tata builds a Nexon EV. EDIT: Launched at ₹13.99 lakhs

Originally Posted by SpideyBoy View Post
True, those were the days before, but I have seen many of my colleagues in my circle who bought venue as their second car which is around 14 lakhs. Also the reason why I mentioned it can be a second car is since this transition from ICE to EV has started now, no matter how good the car is everyone of us has too many apprehensions to make an EV as their primary car. Times are changing my friend, rapidly than what we imagined
I agree. In fact, I would say buy Nexon EV as primary car and have a beater petrol hatchback for the middle-of-the-night emergencies. And, for the out of town trips, since these generally do not happen more than 2/3 times a year and are generally planned ahead, a self-drive Zoom car can do duty.

That said, anyone needing a 7-8 seater as primary car or anyone whose daily runs are in excess of 200 KMs should look elsewhere. In time we may get even that. An EV MUV / SUV with 300 KM range but right now there is none.
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Default Re: Tata builds a Nexon EV. EDIT: Launched at ₹13.99 lakhs

Originally Posted by hkollar View Post
For last three days KHT Motors, domlur has been giving me time for a test drive, but each time not being able to get a car, neither informing me of their inability to keep their promise.

Very poor pre-sale experience so far. Wonder why they are not able to schedule and keep a queue. I have a booking that is nearly a month old. I am in two minds between Kona and Nexon (though Kona is 50% more expensive).

I really felt Tatas may have improved their customer experience quotient, so far not very pleased.
KHT is a pain, especially Domlur, when it comes to customer service & commitment. Stay away from them even if you decide to purchase the car, this is coming from experience!
KHT Brookfield is still better, or better try out Concorde or Key Motors.
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Default Re: Tata builds a Nexon EV. EDIT: Launched at ₹13.99 lakhs

I enquired about the subscription plan. Got this reply -

Thank you for expressing interest in our Nexon EV Subscription.

We will be announcing our subscription plan and pricing very soon. Till the, we request you to please register your interest with us at

Yes, the offering will be available in Thane.
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Default Re: Tata builds a Nexon EV. EDIT: Launched at ₹13.99 lakhs

Any idea Nexon EV support 7.2 Kw Type 2 charging like this?
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Default Re: Tata builds a Nexon EV. EDIT: Launched at ₹13.99 lakhs

Quick update:

Since the launch, I’m trying to get the dealer (Wasan) to respond. They have not shared a pro-forma invoice to submit to the bank yet and they are behaving in a very rude and unruly manner.

These were my booking terms:
Waive off handling charges
Matting and mudflaps complimentary
Insurance will be done with my bank directly

Not only, are they are refusing to honour such simple terms, they are unsure about delivery dates and since the booking I haven’t heard from them once!

To top it off, the GM Nilesh literally told me that he does not care if I cancel the booking.

I am shocked to see this, my enthusiasm to make the purchase is over. Trying to involve the higher ups, hoping for the best.

I guess Tata never learns, I have so much respect for the brand but this dealer behaviour and unprofessionalism is unacceptable.

I wish I could directly buy the car from Tata Motors and collect it from the plant.

Any advice will be appreciated
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Default Re: Tata builds a Nexon EV. EDIT: Launched at ₹13.99 lakhs

Originally Posted by salbin View Post
Nexon's onboard charger is only 3.3kW, so even if you install a charger that gives 7.2kW, the car will charge at only 3.3. CCS standard has inbuilt communication, which will let the charger know the max power that is acceptable for the car and the charger will only feed the power at that level.

Of course, if you intend to keep multiple EVs in future, a 7.2kW wall charger with type 2 plug can make you 'slightly' future proof.

The car charges at the lowest charging speed among charge point, onboard charger and the cable.
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Default Re: Tata builds a Nexon EV. EDIT: Launched at ₹13.99 lakhs

Finally Took a test drive.

Tata has outdone itself. Doesn't have too many frills, but it nails it as a standards compliant, powerful electric vehicle. Took it on a 15min ride, tried bad roads, humps and let it rip on a relatively empty road.

1. Ride : Way better than Kona. I had driven the Nexon Diesel earlier, and it is a bit more plusher, but this one isn't bad. No body shake, discernible jerks on potholes.

2. Pickup: Yes, it has power in sports mode. There was the screeching wheel spin. It was a bit confusing because without Electronic stability or traction control, wheels did their own thing for a bit. perhaps for a second I wasn't getting control of wheel. But, then it was fun. Of course, to check the power I had floored the accelerator, not something to do regularly.

In Standard drive mode, pick up was gradual, even sedate. So, if you want to hurry you must be in sport mode.

Kona wins here. I feel Kona has better pick up even in standard drive mode, and even in sport mode too, you feel far more in control.

3. Range: It had 69% charge when I began, 15 minutes and about 5km ride later, it still had about 67%. so extrapolating 2% for a 5km gives us about 2.5km per 1%. So, That should translate to 250km in city conditions, if driven sanely i guess.

4. Car: Wonderfully spacious. As with all Tata cars. I have always loved TATA design & engineering team, and have always felt they were let down by their Supply chain Quality Assuarance and after sales service teams. They have achieved a miracle of mating a 30Kwh battery without losing cabin space or ground clearance. You are comfortable in both front and rear seats.

Music system sound really wonderful. One sad part about many cars in sub 20L is they compromise on the car entertainment and give substandard speakers, but this is top class.

They had brought a XZ+ model (not the top end that I had booked), But now I am wondering if it makes sense to go with top end at all. Sun roof, Leather seats, Auto sensing wiper/headlights are only addition for 1L more. Sun roof isn't something I need or would use.

4. Braking: Braking performance is good. Sad part is not having control over regen braking. I did feel a bit of a disappointment because on open roads you need to keep pressing the accelerator otherwise it'll slow down. No cruise control, so will have some work in driving on highway/empty roads.

One thing to note - the test drive vehicle made some grunt like noise every time I applied brakes hard, even in slow speeds. It isn't tire noise, but the brake pad 'druuumm" sound. The tata person was trying to say it is because it is a new car!!

This must be the 12th or 13th car I am buying, hadn't experienced that earlier. Anyone have any idea why such a noise should come?

5. Exterior: Looks stunning. I like this look way better than Kona or ZS EV. Nexon front has changed for good.

Overall an amazing offering by Tata. Didn't expect it till a quarter ago.

Dealer was saying the shipments can begin in Feb 3rd week for XZ+ and by March 2nd week for XZ+ LUX versions. I will now have to make up my mind over this weekend....

Last edited by Chetan_Rao : 30th January 2020 at 23:37. Reason: Fixed typos. 'Brake', not 'break'.
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Default Re: Tata builds a Nexon EV. EDIT: Launched at ₹13.99 lakhs

Just back from a short test drive of the Nexon EV. Registered my interest online this morning and the nearest dealer was ready to offer a test drive this noon. Since had given my home address had to push the test drive to later this evening, and was quite impressed that they came home close to 8pm. Kudos for the good first impression.

Now before I continue, let me mention that my daily drive is a Toyota Innova and my opinion could be skewed/biased based on this.

1. Agree with the previous review - I was underwhelmed by the engine pickup at lower RPMs in the Drive Mode. Struggled to go over a massive (gigantic actually) speedbreaker. Was told the Sport Mode would help, but given the back to back test drives, the battery level was low and could not test the Sport mode (again understandable but a dampner).

2. Space again was a downer, but only coz I come from an Innova. I have owned a Tata Manza in the past and was expecting a more spacious cabin, specially in the rear. But again, not a shortcoming of the product, but my expectation. Coming from the Ford Fusion to Tata Manza to Toyota Innova, I have been spoilt for space.

3. Interior quality seemed top notch. Was quite impressed with the cabin.

4. Exterior now looks really nice with the facelift. The blue/teal color really suits the vehicle.

5. ICE is incredible. Did not do an exhaustive test, but was happy with what I saw.

6. As mentioned in a review (in the absence of a Sport Mode), stopping the car on an incline (with 4 passengers on board), getting the car moving is a struggle. There is certainly a roll-back that I believe should not have happened as Hill-Ascent control should have kicked in. Can control this with the handbrake (as I would do perhaps in an ICE car) but was a bit unnerving.
Sports mode, I was told would help, but could not test.

7. The TD car had done 150kms from its charge and was showing another 50kms to drive more. I would think in real life, getting 220km or more should not be very difficult.

8. Did i mention, that I have never driven an Automatic car before, so perhaps that too may be a factor in terms of my observation.

9. The quiet cabin takes a while to get used to. Especially my Innova is extremely noisy and crude. This was too, too, too refined.

The dealership folks were very courteous and informed. Was happy with my overall TD, but a little underwhelmed at the product itself (perhaps due to my daily drive having spoilt me). Have asked for a second test drive to check out the sport mode (which again was readily agreed for, in fact they are okay to get it tomorrow, but unfortunately I am travelling) but an overall positive experience.

Have experienced Tata ASS before and have had better experience with them rather than my experience with the Toyota ASS over the last few years.
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Default Re: Tata builds a Nexon EV. EDIT: Launched at ₹13.99 lakhs

Had my first look and small test drive of Nexon EV today.

Car was brought to my place. Dealer was very proactive in this regard, the dealer rep remembered that I was out of town next week and hence he insisted on having a look at the car today.

It was 7:45PM, so was able to check the headlamps, which are brilliant and absolutely no need to upgrade them.
Car was XZ+ variant which had 2053KMs on the odo. This particular car was used for Media Drives.
We were 5 people in the car, 4 adults and 1 toddler.
Range mentioned on the display was 93KMS and 38% SOC. AC was set at 24 and in auto mode. Took it on a small drive of 5 Kms on empty roads and about a Km of very bad roads.

- In D mode, the drive was little underwhelming to be honest. I expected bit more power in D mode, but there was none, the power delivery was linear and not exciting at all.
- S Mode is where all the power is residing, it turns into a beast and tyres will start squealing, the acceleration is brilliant. This is the mode which will put a smile on your face.
- Regen kicks in as soon as you lift off the foot. It's action is equivalent to Level 2 of Hyundai Kona. Can bring the car to stop.

- Drives much much better than standard Nexon because of low centre of gravity and the additional weight of the battery
- Gobbles up potholes with ease and I am very happy with the way the car rides on broken roads.

- This is the area I am concerned about. I started the drive with 38% SOC and 93Kms range. At the end of the 5Kms drive, the SOC was at 34% and range stood at 80Kms.
- This involved couple of short bursts, one in D and one in S. Cruising at 40 for 3/4th of a KMs. Crawling at 20-30KMs negotiating potholes.
- Range reduction of 13Kms over 5KM drive is not what I expected.
- The sales rep mentioned the range will be calculated over the full drive of the car and not necessarily for the short drive I had. He had noted down the numbers and Tata Motors are collecting data around these numbers

Overall I have mixed feelings on Nexon. As a car, the Nexon EV is well engineered, well built, decently equipped and looks brilliant. I will reserve my decision after a full and proper test drive on NICE and sections of highway to understand the range and regen capabilities.

Test drive cars will arrive at dealerships next week. I intend to take a proper test drive in the week of Feb 10th. I will arrive at a decision then.

My dealer, Key motors has 12 bookings and overall numbers for Bangalore stands at around 85.
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Default Re: Tata builds a Nexon EV. EDIT: Launched at ₹13.99 lakhs

Originally Posted by Kishen.padiyar View Post
Scene 1: A new Korean car maker enters the Indian market. Asks 21 big ones for a 4.3m 'SUV'.

Is it only me or is there anyone else who feels the same?
Superb my fellow TBHP-ian ! You have a real talent at humor. This humorous post targeted at cynical people when it comes to an Indian automotive brand is the second best I have seen in ages.
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Default Re: Tata builds a Nexon EV. EDIT: Launched at ₹13.99 lakhs

Tata Motors open to offer Tata Nexon EV for fleet buyers.

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Default Re: Tata Nexon EV launched at 13.99L

Originally Posted by Vid6639 View Post
I am impressed and all praise for Tata to come out with a proper EV as one of the first Indian brands but at the same time, there is a feeling that detailed specs are a little missing and knowing their history and reputation in ICE cars in terms of reliability and niggles, there is some apprehension in my mind.
I can try to bridge the gap and get you as well as other BHPians detailed specifications yet to be furnished provided my contacts in TML HQ have no qualms sharing the same. Having owned Nexon for more than two years and being in touch with fellow owners of Nexon and Tiago , i can vouch for the fact TATA has reinvented itself to say the least and fellow BHPian kishen.padiyar has aptly summed it up with his brilliantly compliled post
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Default Re: Tata builds a Nexon EV. EDIT: Launched at ₹13.99 lakhs

I don't know where the defence for Tata comes from?? Are they really owners of Tata cars??

But the ground facts are Tata makes average cars (ofcourse there NCAP ratings must be aplauded) with after sales and support equaling the German brands, atleast the Germans have great engines, ride and feel good factor so you make a conscious decision to factor in the problems. Why would someone who has experienced problems with Tata willingly be trustworthy of the brand.

Now Let me share my latest experience, Showed interest for ZS and Nexon EVs. Received calls from both companies who set up a call with the closest dealer. Told them both interested in buying only in April, Tata Salesman hung up the call, simply HUNG Up the call after saying OK. and on the other hand MG salesperson said very good decision, do test the car, and I will call you next in March.

Last edited by Rudra Sen : 31st January 2020 at 07:57. Reason: Post edited.Let's not get into NRI nationalists discussion.Thanks.
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Default Re: Tata builds a Nexon EV. EDIT: Launched at ₹13.99 lakhs

Tata Motors launches electric Nexon, says open to fleet sales if it enhances brand.
Electric cars with commercial registration and priced below ₹15 lakh are eligible for benefits under FAME 2, which allows either incentives of up to 20% of the ex-factory price with a maximum cap of ₹3 lakh, or incentives of ₹10,000 per kWh on the battery capacity (whichever is lower).
Interesting, never knew that incentives were on the ex-factory prices!

Since ex-factory prices are not known, let us consider ex-showroom prices, then XM comes at ~11.19 lakh and XZ+ comes at ~12 lakh for commercial operators. This makes sense for the Olas and Ubers in small cities where their daily running doesn't exceed ~200km, they can charge car overnight and get work in the morning again, they can change battery after few years down the line, assuming that the battery costs doesn't exceed 40%~50% of the car cost.
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