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View Poll Results: Why wouldn't you consider buying an EV today?
Purchase cost is too Expensive 227 34.39%
Not enough options 141 21.36%
Limited battery range 221 33.48%
Inadequate charging facilities 263 39.85%
Uncertainty of battery life and repair costs after 5-7 years 154 23.33%
All of the above 301 45.61%
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

The range is definitely a major point in not going for an EV at the moment. That family trip into the mountains means that the battery needs to pack much more juice. Till something like hot swappable batteries become a reality that is.

The other issue is infrastructure and technical know how. Besides charging stations, what is lacking is education. Most of the mechanics have never dealt with an EV and I wouldn't want them tinkering with mine in case there's an issue without really understanding how it works.

My next car is definitely going to be an EV though. I'm sure 7 years down the line, the tech would have evolved.
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

I live in a DDA colony where eV charging infrastructure is not possible as there is no reserved parking. This is the single and most important criteria for me; the range offered by Kona is reasonable and one can live with it.

Electric two wheeler from a good brand is definitely on my radar as I have a scooter garage along with my apartment and charging infrastructure can be established.

May be things will improve by the time I am in market for my next car purchase. My Punto will complete 10 years in 2023 and I hope by then policy, technology and allied infrastructure et. al. would be in place.
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

We currently have 2 cars, with one of them being driven by my wife to her office. Her daily commute is around 20 kms and monthly running never exceeds 500-600 kms. I have to admit that i have started fancying EVs. The sheer thought of owning something which is futuristic (some what) and distinctive is enough for me to take the plunge. However, there are no products in the market that fulfil my criterion. For her, i need a hatchback with around 200 kms of real life range, it should not cost more than 8-10 lacs on-road, and should come with a 7+ years warranty. The day this criterion is met, i will seriously think about ditching her Celerio for an EV.
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Default Re: What are the reasons why you wouldn't buy an EV today?

Originally Posted by locusjag View Post
I have no dog in this fight beyond what I know well enough - that electric cars aren't safe yet. Lithium ion battery tecg needs still more breakthroughs before they're reliable enough.

I'd appreciate it if someone can prove that I needn't worry about this, with evidence.
Agreed. Here's an actual NCAP document for a Tesla Model 3. It has a 5 star rating. Duly noted that hyundai Kona in its EV version is not yet tested. However since we are in a general topic of EV's , maybe this will act as an eye opener to you on what type of crash testing EV's undergo. The LI battery placement is under the body which is the same as that of hyndai kona.
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

Voted No due to 1) too pricey for what it offers and 2) range anxiety. We buy cars because they make life better and more predictable.. i dont trust our infrastructure enough to build charging stations as required by EVs and hence will be dependent on home charging for 90% of the time. If i cant travel more than 200 kms and that too by paying a bomb, i would say a big No Thank you. As a country we are not ready for EVs at scale.. the govt Babu's can purchase Konas all they want when your driver is taking care of your charging woes and state is taking care of expenses.. Us mortals don't have that luxury..
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Default Re: What are the reasons why you wouldn't buy an EV today?

Tesla burst into flames on impact.

Originally Posted by locusjag View Post
We can safely assert that ICE vehicles don't burst into flames just because their tanks are filled, or when parked in the hot sun or when you bump their undercarriages on humps. Current Lithium ion battery tech is unsafe. If you run your new Hyundai Kona over a hump and if you damage the battery's structural integrity, you will die.
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

I would never buy a complete EV in India. I have this certain feeling that EV's will be successful for common people only in highly developed countries.

I would rather prefer a hybrid that allows me to shift between ICE and EV. Basically an affordable EV kit, if possible, would be a better idea. It's confidence-boosting and cost-effective. A kit like that would mean that even already existing cars can get second wind. Just like CNG. Remember, most of India is still rural and our government failed at spreading CNG refilling stations so forget about charging stations spread wide.

People won't give up on ICE no matter how much the government tries thanks to the sheer affordability, convenience, and reliability of ICE in India. Remember, that India is still a budget-sensitive and conservative car market.

For a country like India, EV's would mostly be limited to in-city driving, and/or high-income brackets. And EVs are likely to be sold in luxury car brackets here by brands(Nissan Leaf, Kona). Reva is the only electric vehicle that has had some traction in India and even that is on the verge of dying.

I have better hopes for Electric two-wheelers. They can be more affordable and will serve as better replacements.
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Default Re: What are the reasons why you wouldn't buy an EV today?

Originally Posted by Sebring View Post
This article further confirms my educated suspicion on Lithium ion batteries. I quote from the article -

After the crash, the Tesla's lithium ion battery caught fire. Smoke - and then flames - filled the car, suffocating Awan and burning him from his feet up.
Beyond this point however, the article glosses over this bare basic fact and goes on to blame the Tesla's futuristic door locking features for the poor guy's death.

"These things, they just love to burn," he said. "The car is so overengineered. It's so techy, it makes you want to buy a Chevy pickup truck."
Awan's death is one in a string of recent incidents that has been blamed on Tesla's innovative technology. A lawsuit stemming from a May 2018 crash that killed two teens also blamed a battery fire for at least one of the deaths (Grossman represents the car's third passenger, who survived the accident after being thrown from the vehicle).
I'll reserve my right to stand my ground and say - why would we want to be in a car which could highly probably burst into flames if its battery gets smashed in the event of a crash? At least ICE cars have been engineered to the point where statistically rendered safe so that out of all the crashes that involve them, only a minuscule percentage of them burst into flames.

I'll let every person here be their own judge. Me? I'd rather wait for the R&D by John Hopkins University (Li ion batteries that can be deformed physically without exploding) to span out into the mainstream before I ever sit in an electric car.
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

Voted for all of the above. Right now the EV are pretty expensive, have very very limited range and next to no support for charging. Battery replacement would be prohibitively expensive and have a lower life in Indian conditions in my view owing to start stop, high acceleration deceleration cycles. Other than that, consistency of discharge while driving is a question too as IMHO ambient temperature, vehicle load, battery condition after 2-3 years of running cycle would certainly have a noticeable impact on range.
I think EV would be more sensitive to vehicle load that repeated part throttle acceleration would reduce range in a noticeable way. A 300 kms drive on typical Indian highway will have too may throttle and brake applications as compared to highways of developed nations. Battery recycling and overall EV manufacturing carbon footprint is not that low to the best of my knowledge. All in all, am happy with Tacho than looking at battery percentage.
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

Voted 'Not Enough Options' EVs cannot fulfill my requirements for distance. Even going to my hometown and back, I will need a range of 300 Kms. Again cant drive around till the 11th hour without plugging for recharge. I need a fast charger wherever I go in that instance :( Cant depend on public infrastructure right now which is non existent.

Now I would love to have a EV to drive in the City. For this I need a Kwid EV that they showed in China. I would buy if there is one and use my SUV or larger cars for outstation trips. I spend majority on fuel driving in City. So that itself should be good enough for environment and cities are the most polluted anyway.

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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

Given the current limitations of battery range and charging infrastructure, an EV cannot be your only car as of now. I am open to buying an EV today for my second 'City use only' small car. But the options today are very limited and the really good ones are too expensive and the intended usage does not warrant that kind of monetary outgo.
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

Chose Purchase cost is too Expensive, Not enough options and Inadequate charging facilities.

I am in market to change my car by mid of next year, holding off any purchase as cars in my budget are not giving me any value-performance-feature satisfaction. Keen on EVs but only option now is Kona which is a stretch for my budget now, and hopefully Nexon EV would be a good option when it launches next year; but itch in mind is 1. very very very low charging facilities on the highways (so strictly use within city), and 2. not able to decide on the plus point of buying EV now - should I be early mover or wait for mature/stable products with more options in market.
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

Originally Posted by srini1785 View Post
Do you think that modern EV's would not have any protection against electrical faults like shorts, over charging or mechanical issues like puncture?. Modern EV's undergo through testing where these points would be covered. With stunts like trying to burst a battery over a stone, these guys sure got me in mood for diwali over the week end .
I'd actually recommend reading up on Richard Hammond crashing the Rimac Concept One in Switzerland. The batteries kept catching fire as the structural integrity was compromised. Jeremy even goes on to explain what happened to the Rimac's batteries while updating all watchers of the Grand Tour on the accident.

Originally Posted by locusjag View Post
Case in point #2 - Lithium batteries do explode when their structural integrity is compromised. There is some research being done to improve upon this aspect but the current state of technology is simply unsafe for you to bang your Kona's underbody on humps. You'll simply burn to death. Please do research this aspect yourself.
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

EV s as a concept are good but what is being missed is the unreliable power aituation xoupled wit insufficient generating capacity. Even an e cycle needs 1 kw of power to recharge. With scant respect for others if all evs will recharge at the same time at night I do not see our power diatribution system capabke enough to withstand this huge aurge in demand. Solar farms can generate power during daytime only. So this power cannot be used for recharging EV batteries. Therefore more fossil fuels or coal based power plants will be required. Alternatively going nuclear electric is the only way out.

So improving public transit system is the only way forward. The citizens will have to learn to keep their personal convenience on a lower level of priority. This is the most practical way.
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

Voted for 'not enough options'

In the Indian context a sub 10 second 0-100 kmph car (considered quick or sporty) is what I would ideally like to upgrade to. Interestingly, that should include in the future at least, well engineered EV options to consider alongside performance oriented IC engined models

Unfortunately, majority of options are the pathetic 20+ second contraptions today
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