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View Poll Results: Why wouldn't you consider buying an EV today?
Purchase cost is too Expensive 229 34.13%
Not enough options 142 21.16%
Limited battery range 226 33.68%
Inadequate charging facilities 267 39.79%
Uncertainty of battery life and repair costs after 5-7 years 156 23.25%
All of the above 306 45.60%
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

For now it's better to buy a petrol car and plant 10-20 trees after the purchase rather than go for an all electric car for the environmental conscious car buyer.

I don't think electric cars in developed countries are the staple diets of car buyers so in India we are still long way off. It will probably take a healthy 7-8 years or longer to see any significant growth in the buying of electric cars.
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

In the current scenario, there are more negatives than positives for purchase of an EV. The main reason EVs are in the news today is because of rising pollution levels that is being attributed to ICE vehicles.

So are EVs the saviour with regards to pollution? I don't know. This article in "The Conversation" provides a holistic view of the entire EV scene. Do give it a read.

Excerpt from the article
Electric vehicles (EVs) seem very attractive at first sight. But when we look more closely, it becomes clear that they have a substantial carbon footprint and some downsides in terms of the extraction of lithium, cobalt and other metals. And they donít relieve congestion in crowded cities.
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

Originally Posted by MartinVirage View Post
So, i believe driving a IC car and Electric car has their own upsides and downsides. In all probability in the city i would prefer a electric car while on open roads and twisties i rather have the more hands on controlled IC car.
I saw this video today morning and my hopes of an all EV future got a reality check. The lack of charging infrastructure and the extended charging times do offset the cost advantage to an extent. Teslas have made electric cars more practical and attractive to IC enthusiasts, though EVs are yet to match the practicality and 'ease of use' that an IC vehicle affords.

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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

While I voted for range and charging infrastructure, the more important reason is also the time an EV takes to charge. When it takes less than 5 min to do an empty to full on fossil fuel, hours to "tank up" an EV is a deal breaker - more do because I love my loonnggg drives!
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

Besides the points in the poll, I also want to highlight that electricity is not really cheap in India. Once you reach your initial price slabs, the cost is pretty steep.

So, buying cost is high and running cost is high - the two most important factors for a product to sell in India.

And the charging from braking force also needs to improve to give a confident braking while still being efficient.
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

IMO, getting EVs to go mainstream will not happen by appealing to people to 'save the planet'. Especially since there are still questions around how clean the electricity powering the EVs is when being generated and the reliability of getting a charging station when required.

If an EV is a viable alternative to an ICE-driven car, and at around the same price, then logically I would automatically go for one. Why not?

Less polluting in the immediate area- even if the source of pollution is being shifted from the vehicle to the generating station, that's still a win right? Cities become less polluted and it's easier and more effective to apply some pollution controls at the generating stations than individually on millions of vehicles, right? I'm stuck in standstill traffic for at least 30mins almost every weekday. Instead of a thousand exhausts, how great for my lungs it would be to have a thousand electric vehicles around me instead?

Also, I'm assuming an EV will be much easier to service, so should be cheaper to maintain. The battery replacement schedule and cost is an unknown right now, but that should only improve with time.

And finally, quieter. Admittedly, am not a big enthusiast when it comes to car and bike exhaust sounds, but unless it's a hypercar or an inline-4 superbike, what difference does it make what a normal, commuter car/bike sounds like?! Personally I'll take the whine of a EV over the pathetic stock exhaust note of my Pulsar or Bullet any day. After 2-strokes it's all been downhill in that department anyway! Really, how sweet does an average Maruti or Hyundai really sound that it would be a great loss if that exhaust noise went missing?

And boy I do hope EV manufacturers can find some way to link the horn with effective range. Once we realize that the range is coming down with the number of times and the length we use the horn on a vehicle, that should bring down the completely unnecessary, idiotic honking in our cities and towns!

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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

Have been to US and saw the usage of Chevy Volt and Nissan leaf. Very much liked the operating costs and lease options available.

Glad we have Kona EV and others lining up and the news that leaf would also make it to India.

The main glitch is the charging facilities. apartments does not have charging facility, offices does not have charging facility, highways does not have much options. While its good for short trips of ~100km one side, the dire situation of charging facilities scares me. And forget about visiting home town and long trips of ~1500 km

Would love to spend the initial money and ready to replace battery after 5+ years if we have decent charging facilities

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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

Voted 'All of the above'

Two major concerns w.r.t. EV at this time for me are: 1) Not enough options in the market at this point of time 2) Charging infrastructure

I think till the time EV's are launched with <10 L price in India by someone like Maruti/Hyundai/Toyota, it simply won't take off. Majority of the Indians are middle class and lower middle class and majority of the cars sold in our market are within 10 L price range. Secondly, charging infrastructure is crucial for EVs to succeed. Currently, there no infrastructure in our country. There should be a comprehensive policy by Govt. to build charging infrastructure in the country, without it future of EVs looks bleak.
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

I am not yet convinced about EV. The costs are very high. Example and calculations below
1. Tata Tigor EV XE model costs Rs. 9.5 lacs after FAME subsidy which is applicable to commercial vehicle. So in my opinion the actual cost for private use will be around Rs. 11.5 lacs for base model (Pl. correct me on the FAME subsidy part)
2. There would be registration, road tax, insurance costs too.

3. A petrol XE model costs Rs. 5.5 lacs and diesel XE model costs 6.5 lacs plus registration and insurance costs
4. I am not aware of Road tax and insurance on EV but we can assume them to be similar
5. so one is paying more initially between Rs. 5 to Rs. 6 lacs. If FAME subsidy is available then also one is paying Rs. 3 to 4 lacs more upfront
6. Assuming one drives 1K km per month and we will take petrol as fuel and average of 14 kmpl in city, you get cost of Rs. 5.5 /km approximately
7. Service costs assume 10K per year or Re. 1/km
8. Net cost is Rs. 6.5 per km
9. One would usually drive a car for one lac (100K) km so running cost would be around Rs. 6.5 lacs (Note: tyres, AC gas filling, etc & other items common with EV will have the same cost so has been excluded for comparison purpose)
10. There is charging cost for EV but I think cost per km comes to Rs. 0.25/km....again correct me on this.
11. So overall cost of EV (assuming FAME subsidy is not available for pvt use), there is hardly any difference in cost of running fuel based vehicles. In fact fuel based car may turn out to be cheaper!!!
12. I can fill fuel anywhere whereas I have to charge EV if I need to go do that in advance
13. Difficult for people leaving in apartments to have EV due to charging points
14. You cannot travel 1000 km at a stretch ( I have done that once from Jodhpur to Mumbai) and there are many others who do this regularly
15. Do remember that if EV can reduce pollution then there is equal pollution somewhere else as 70 percent of power generation is still via coal fired thermal stations
16. The cost of replacing EV batteries after say 6 or 7 years is around Rs. 2.5 lacs

So, as per me, EV (car) is still expensive and not convenient. It does not offer convenience or benefits over ICE. But then one can always decide what suits him the best.

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The Japanese carmaker (Honda) announced Wednesday that it will sell only electric and hybrid vehicles in Europe starting in 2022, three years earlier than previously planned.
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

In the classic PRODUCT ADOPTION LIFE CYCLE CURVE, I don't consider myself an "Early adopter" or an "Early Majority". Being in one of these categories would have made me jump at an EV by now.

My reasons for not buying an EV today:-

1. In an ideal world, I would like to own a Garage with a plethora of vehicles, each one with its own unique purpose. A vehicle for ferrying my parents for the day to day chores, one for my long distance weekend fun drives, an abuse friendly one for the teenage kids etc, but in reality I own a Single Car which must fit these many shoes. Unfortunately I have not found an EV that can do it all!

2.Even in a Mature ICE market , I tend to stay away from 1st generation models. I feel in our country, the customer is the unsaid and unspoken QC for all 1st generation vehicle, a glorified Guinea Pig, and though I am curious with the technical aspects of a Vehicle, I would like to be more a driver than a mechanic. Another reason not to go for an EV in these green field market conditions.

3. There is no Charging infrastructure in place. When Cities and metros are struggling to have round the clock electricity, I am very skeptical about owning an EV. Another burden on the already over loaded grid!
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

I have a simple theory in my mind that India is still not ready for full-blown EV cars. Period!

We are still few years away in terms of infrastructure , public awareness and they way currently electricity is being generated in India ( Although better than populating cities)
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

Income tax deduction of Rs. 1.5 lakhs for interest on loan taken to buy an electric vehicle.

One reason for buying EV.

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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

I would not buy a EV

1. Expensive. It's in the price point and category of a Volvo V40 or a A Class. How many V40 s were sold in a month/ year?

2. Inadequate charging facilities. I am due to do a 750 kms long trip soon. Even if i choose to charge it overnight at the hotel/ guest house i stay will charging facilities be available? I am a single car person who chooses to have a single car for short distance, long distance, office, inter city etc trips and a EV doesn't meet my needs. An EV today is better suited to share the load of a primary car and appear cool in affluent households. Car penetration is less than 10% in India and many in India aspire to buy one car and don't want to get a EV which has it's own limitations in terms of range and charging infrastructure, not to mention the high purchase cost and unknown servicing expenses. Known devil is better than an unknown angel.

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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

Originally Posted by SideView View Post
Income tax deduction of Rs. 1.5 lakhs for interest on loan taken to buy an electric vehicle.

One reason for buying EV.

On this point I will say I am willing to be an early adopter of EV if their is sufficient subsidy provided by govt otherwise why should we inconvenience ourselves with the lack of infrastructure for EVs. This income tax exemption on the other hand is simply a joke
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