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View Poll Results: Why wouldn't you consider buying an EV today?
Purchase cost is too Expensive 227 34.39%
Not enough options 141 21.36%
Limited battery range 221 33.48%
Inadequate charging facilities 263 39.85%
Uncertainty of battery life and repair costs after 5-7 years 154 23.33%
All of the above 301 45.61%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 660. You may not vote on this poll

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Default What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

In the last 5 days I read two encouraging threads on our forum - 1) The official review of the Hyundai Kona, and 2) Our government ordering Kona's for official use. Yes, we have had EV's from Mahindra and others, but the Kona seems like a complete and a proper package. Halfway through the Kona review I was convinced that I would buy a Kona, but the only deterrent for me was lack of charging capabilities. As EV's become popular, charging facilities will spring up everywhere and will add convenience, thereby driving more ownership, but that will take time.

I am starting this poll to understand what are the reasons why you wouldn't consider buying an EV today. Multiple choices allowed in the poll

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Default re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

Three more points that should have been added to the poll:
  1. Extremely high depreciation vis-a-vis internal combustion engine-powered cars;
  2. Newer battery technology with higher range and better efficiency expected in the near future, or other green technology like hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell power would render today's EVs available in India obsolete in too short a time; and
  3. No clarity regarding policy, subsidy or other benefits by government to buyers of EVs today

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Default re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

My reasons for not considering an EV, in no particular order:

1) The EV is not yet practical to be considered as a main car; currently, it is more for someone who wants it as a second/third car in the house

2) Charging infrastructure: negligible to null away from home (malls, offices etc.) in case of a dire need

3) Our country gets most of its electricity from coal. So, if I get an EV, I'll simply be moving the source of pollution from cities to the oil fields.

I've said this on a different thread: buying an EV does nothing for the environment, unless the electricity used is off a renewable resource. In India, buy it for kicks or as a statement, sure. But that ain't making you pro-environment.
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Default re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

Things are a little different for electric 2-wheelers than their 4-wheeled counterparts. For a person who uses their 2-wheeler for running local errands and occasional office commute only, I feel the time is right to switch to electric. In my opinion, every option in the voting and the points we have made above appear a little less intense, less dramatic and within sane boundaries for such early adopters.
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Default re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

People will definitely start buying eV when recharging time is same as refuelling time. Hence the charging infrastructure is major point. When there is a demand and supply definitely prices would come down.
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Default re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

One more reason would be no fix government policy, agenda or target. This makes things very slow. Auto companies still don't seem enthusiastic about EV.
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Default re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

How about adding lack of safety of Lithium ion batteries as a voting reason?

Overcharging the battery or hitting the underbody of the electric car (where the batteries are mounted) against a speed bump will spectacularly set off the battery like a bomb.
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Default re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

I would say why to plunge into EV cars now when we have plenty of options for Petrol and Diesel cars available and there is no ban.

Once Petrol cars and Diesel cars disappear from horizon, I will take plunge . As of now the stage is quite elementary.
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Default re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

Transparency declaration - I am a potential EV customer. Given the dramatic change I plan to wait till 2021 or 2022 before buying an EV as a warm up period to see what experience is gained on - (i) EVs coping with our bad roads and giant speed breakers hitting the underside (where the batteries are located) (ii) how do these Li batteries cope with Delhi's heat parked in the sun (iii) fire hazards that Li batteries are known for. Also by then some further maturing of technology would have taken place.

The EV I have my eyes on is the Volvo XC40 Recharge

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Default re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

How about - Can't afford one?

A proper EV like the Kona is 23.72L ex-showroom Delhi, which is beyond the reach of many middle class families. Even forgetting all the other shortcomings - there is simply no way most families could afford one!

At that level - even fuel burners only sell about 500 units a month at the maximum, unless of course it is either an Innova or a Fortuner.
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Default re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

Simply put I consider myself old school car enthusiast and do not consider these EVs as cars. They are unreliable, absolutely no fun to drive(There's more to driving than just on tap acceleration!) and cannot match the sheer pleasure of driving a Petrol/Diesel car.

Honestly I'm a little surprised as to why are we having a poll on EVs on an Auto Enthusiast Forum like TeamBHP!
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Default re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

So, i believe driving a IC car and Electric car has their own upsides and downsides. In all probability in the city i would prefer a electric car while on open roads and twisties i rather have the more hands on controlled IC car.

I believe the video below the video attached illustrates my opinion about owning an electric car. I am currently studying in Torino, Italy where we have a Car Sharing service called Bluetorino whichs is all electric and a hoot to use and way cheaper then IC powered car sharing counterparts.
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Default re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

Well, EV’s will evolve in the coming years and will become affordable. As for now - I’d still pick an ICE over EV’s - mainly for the following reasons;

1) If companies go ahead and make an EV with a tight budget - both performance & range will take a hit.

2) if companies plan to go full throttle, costs shoots up and translates into a higher price tag which won’t be affordable.

3) EV’s are just EV’s - no fun attached to it except the instant torque availability. You’d be flying like a Superman in a second, no doubt. But, it wouldn’t make its presence feel like a fighter jet does - it flies at the same speed as Superman does (supersonic) but also gives that adrenaline feel as if you’re connected to it & it’s responding to your input this is where ICE scores - be it Turbo Diesel / NA or Turbo petrols. Will miss that sound and our kids won’t realise the emotional connect we carried towards ICE.
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Default re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

I can't understand as why this "Electric Vehicle" term has become default for only Plug In EV?

Hydrogen Fuel cell based vehicles are too electric vehicles. Aren't they?

Personally I don't see any hopeful future for Plug in EV in India. The main two reasons are, too low on range & too slow to charge.

This is compounded by our unplanned cities & entire infrastructure.

1. People simply doesn't have dedicated parking to charge overnight.
2. Street side unsecured charging is out of question since even in 2019, India can't curb electricity theft, so security is a major concern.
3. Cities are away too cramp to find place for public charging station & existing refueling stations are way too small to allow longer duration parking for longer charging times.
4. Spending longer duration in unknown highway location for charging has security concern.

Unless battery technology reach a level where mass market Plug In EV can offer a practical 400kms range with charging technology offering full charge in same time it takes for conventional full tank fuel refilling, things won't be practical for mass market adoption. At least somewhat similar is definitely needed. Even if range is on lower side, charging technology for some insanely high speed full charge is a must for practical adoption.

Now coming to the second point, for India, I feel hydrogen fuel cell based EVs are best option as one can eliminate the nightmare for Plug in charging time issue. Refueling time is similar to a conventional fossil fuel counter part & existing refueling infrastructure is fully compatible for refilling.

Off course it has its own set of challenges. Mainly on hydrogen itself as, both off site production then transportation to refilling station or on site production at refilling stations are insanely costly plus energy consuming at this point. Secondly, world auto majors devoting way too much resources into Plug In EV over fuel cell based EV so new development for this technology is far too slow over Plug In.

But for market like India, if goverment understand the actual need & pushes for fuel cell, I guess we may see more resources are available for RnD & cost effective hydrogen availability can be arranged.

Although government of India started with hopes of switching to Plug In EV only market by 2025, but within couple of years they understood the reality & shifted their dream to 2030, then 2047 & now postponed indefinitely.

I wonder if they thought of hydrogen fuel cell based EV, 2030 deadline could have been a reality !!



Last of all, what's the point of EV (mainly for Plug in I mean) where E of this V is coming from a grid of coal/fossil fuel based power plants?

Public may stop & reduce pumping out green house gases from their vehicles but as a nation we would continue to be at same level of green house gas producer with our dirty power plants supplying electricity to our vehicles.

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Default re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

1) Lack of charging infrastructure on public roads unlike petrol pump availability.

2) Lack of charging infrastructure in cities, unless you have your own house or dedicated parking in an apartment where you can charge the car.

3) Pricing of cars currently (Kona is 25+ lakhs)

4) Range anxiety since running out of charge is way worse than running out of petrol

For me it is very simple. I do long drives and am not willing to spend long hours in weird places because I need to charge the car. In fact, the only time I would be willing to purchase an electric car would be when I move back to Coorg, since I have the space to set up a solar grid and charger to ensure power for the car, but I would still need an I/C car since I would drive to Bangalore on a regular basis.
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