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View Poll Results: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?
Now baby! I'm ready 53 9.01%
Short-term (1 - 2 years) 54 9.18%
Mid-term (3 - 4 years) 129 21.94%
Long-term (5+ years later) 285 48.47%
Rubbish, no EVs for me 67 11.39%
Voters: 588. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

Voted in the affirmative for the long term

In the assumption that I would (hopefully) own a long-legged highway machine in the medium term with an engaging petrol engine; I foresee the city roundabout (compact, automatic) requirements to be fulfilled by an EV
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

I voted for TODAY because i am willing to replace one of my cars with an EV even today but the proposed EV needs to fulfill the following requirements:

1. It needs to be priced equivalently with the comparable ICE car if not lower since i believe that EV is less complex and hence cheaper to produce than ICE car.
2. Range: If it is to work as my primary / only car, it must have a practical range of 500 km. Even to work as my second car, it must have a range of minimum 300-350 km to be of any use to me.

Till then my existing ICE cars are gonna serve me just fine as they still have a lot of juice left in them.
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

I voted for mid-term. I will be comfortable with using a C- segment EV for city duties in Mumbai if and when the charging infrastructure improves. Unlike ICEs, EVs don't use any power at idle and this is a major boon. Try standing next to a road with traffic and cars idling. All this said, an EV being a primary vehicle is still a distant dream. Especially in India, where most families own a single car which is expected to lend itself to all types of uses and activities.

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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Wow, 50 votes up and merely 5.xx percent have said no to EVs! I honestly thought that 30-40% of petrol heads will shun them. This is clearly showing that EV acceptability is on the rise, even among diehard gearheads .
Selected 3 - 4 years.

I would really miss that petrol roar. And the non linear power jumps as you downshift.

But I bet that within 3-4 years, an EV will make compelling sense from an economics, environment, maintenance & ease of driving pov. Especially as a commuter car. Plus of course, the instant torque.

As one transitions to middle age (), ease of ownership & driving becomes more important.

And the ftd quotient isn't really missing in an EV, just different.

I can see myself owning an EV as daily / in city commuter, and renting a petrol/diesel beast for road trips & long highway drives.
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

I voted for medium term (3-4 years) assuming my primary requirement of a reasonable range (400 km on a full charge in real world conditions) will be met by then.

My daily routine consist of frequent unplanned short outstation trips which have to be done at a very short notice. I would be open to have an EV even now but it has to be something cheap and cheerful since it will be only for home-office trips. How I wish Tata can bring back the Nano in its EV avatar!
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

My two year old dzire has crossed 26000km. I expect it to reach 60K to 70K mark in next three years. That's when I plan to change my current car. And my next car will definitely be an EV. By that time, I hope to have a plethora of options.
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

Voted for long term 5 plus year

Just reading through the thread, many have expressed 500 km range with 10 min recharge being their expectation. Browsing for electric car battery development, the target seems to be similar 1000 km in one charge and rapid charging within 10 min.

Not sure whether infrastructure in India or technology breakthrough in battery can be achieved within 5-year period.

A lot of investment and work are being done in this field. Recent research for rapid charging to charge Lithium ion batteries with high current (six times the rated capacity) at elevated temperature (60˚ C). This might considerably reduce charging time to 10 min. But this research is in a nascent stage, high temperature effect on degradation or other impact need to be studied. It will take three to four years for testing and evaluation before putting to commercial use.

A major breakthrough in battery development will be solid state battery where energy storing medium or electrolyte is not wet jelly or polymer but solid material. But no one has discovered till now the correct composition of this material. But many consider solid state battery as the holy grail of battery technology, which is conceived to have enormous capacity and rapid charging feature. When such material can be perfected only future can answer.
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

Voted for 5+ years

We'll be soon taking delivery of our Hexa. If anything we went backwards with the diesel Our main usage is on the highways and hence the decision on the new purchase.

Both me and my dad are sold on EVs. Current constraints are range and charging infrastructure.

If we had to buy a city-only ride in the next couple of years, we would buy an EV. And since the Hexa is a long term buy, I guess it's our final ICE car.

But I would definitely try having a high revving BS6, pre-worshipped German in the garage Vintage car owner vibes in 2040?
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

Option D for me! I want to make sure I rack up enough experience driving ICE cars before they go extinct. Buy myself a used Jetta or Civic first, before PG.
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

I couldnt vote because my choice is fully based on charging infrastructure. Unless the infra becomes as ubiquitous as fuel pumps EVs arent for me. But then again, the charging needs to be quick as well. Imagine the same number of cars in a charging station as in a pump. While filling fuel would take minutes, charging would take hours.
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

I voted for the short term i.e. 1-2 years.

I'm really sold on the concept of EVs. I drove a friend's Kona a fair bit in the city and came back mighty impressed. No ICE car I have driven gives the kind of effortless performance that an EV has. Moreover most of my real driving is in bumper to bumper traffic in Bangalore. In these conditions my petrol AT gives terrible mileage for very pedestrian performance. An EV would excel here. Most of my highway drives are between Bangalore and Mysore, a congested highway with frequent slowdowns and speedups. Here too, an EV is better suited. The distance is also about 150km, well within the capabilities of EVs.

As far as charging is concerned, charging at home and in Mysore isn't a problem. I might in any case be moving to rooftop solar, so the operating cost will come down considerably.

The only reason I'm holding on for the time being is to wait for reliability of the new launches to be known a bit.

I will of course hold on to my petrol car as a second car for long distance drives.
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

As much as I love the NA petrol engines, My Acura will be most probably replaced by Tesla. I need a proper 7 seater SUV with atleast 400 mile range. But somehow I don't like the design of the Model X. So I'll wait. My short term goal is to get rid of my Altima and gift myself a Subaru WRX.
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

Select 5+ years. Reason: Lack of infrastructure at our apartment and office.

Our office has no provision to charge an EV at the parking lot.
Same issue in our apartment as well. Even if the management finale provide a charging point at my parking area, how would they link the electric consumption to my unit? Would this fall under general maintenance charges? All this is still undefined territory for now, hence EV for me is still a distant dream.
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

The time for change is always NOW!

EV tech has come a longg way. But the story of ev charging points vs number of ev cars on the road is like the chicken and egg story. My belief is that if we purchase EV cars today, the infra will develop automatically.

Why buy EV today?
1. private cars are not our orimary mode of transport in the city - We are living in a time when most of us do not buy cars because of Ola/ubers. The only time we will drive is on weekends around the city. For that, an ev is perfect. In delhi and other metros, people are so sick of the traffic that public transport is preferred! So in your daily commute its the public transport and for short drives for groceries or restaurant, EV!
2. You want to do a Spiti valley trip in a duster 4x4? Hire one! With the option of hiring vehicles for long drives, you also have choices. Fortuner on one trip, hexa on another.
3. Did people wait for the perfect ICE car before they started purchasing them? Among the choices we have in india, nexon and mg are really good. Especially the nexon. Once we choose to buy 'now', the market will flood with more options
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Default Re: When will you be ready to buy an Electric Car?

Voted no for EV. I will buy an EV when there is no more ICEVs available in the market. I haven't driven an EV till date however.
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