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Default re: Why is Maruti so allergic to Electric Cars?

I don't think Maruti is allergic. They may be sitting quiet, but that could also be because they are sitting full at the moment.
Plus the EV market hasn't reached volumes level yet for them to make a move. I think they are playing the waiting game by allowing other manufacturers to make the first move. With the kind of dealer network and loyal following Maruti enjoys, they can be sure of clawing back their sales. Even if they are 5 years late to the party, many would pick a Maruti EV over a TATA or a MG EV.
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Default Re: Why is Maruti so allergic to Electric Cars?

Originally Posted by Mr.Ogre View Post
many would pick a Maruti EV over a TATA or a MG EV.
I agree that generally people still prefer a Suzuki (Maruti is not even in the badge anymore). But being a leading car maker (and that too by such a huge margin), if they are still playing it safe, and don't bother about contributing to the country's move towards a more sustainable future, is it even ethically right for Indians to continue flocking to them? I do understand that they make more reliable cars (as in cars that throw lesser or no surprises - not referring to build quality etc), and that make customers still prefer them. But the point is, do Indians still want to consume old technology!? Probably this will change suddenly as and when people realize what EVs have to offer.

Also, there is this excuse that most EVs currently sold in India have major components manufactured in China, but let us understand that we need volumes to start manufacturing components within India. Someone had to grab the opportunity (with all the risks) of introducing EVs to India's mass PV market, and even with all the hiccups they are at least giving it a strong push.

The time for EVs is already here, any car maker who has not yet jumped in, has to answer the question on whether they don't take the responsibility of preparing India to battle climate change. Ok, even if you don't believe in climate change and the need for sustainable future, don't you at least deserve a better driving experience, better technology?

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Default Re: Why is Maruti so allergic to Electric Cars?

I don't think we should debate the EV R&D capability of MSIL when they can't get the 1.5 L diesel to the market. Period.

Can't wait for them to start running 'calculate kiya kya'(Have you calculated?) ads against EVs when they become more popular. Only big daddy Toyota can save them by sharing those skateboard platforms.

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Default Re: Why is Maruti so allergic to Electric Cars?

Originally Posted by ASP_73 View Post
What must be the purpose of big investment by Suzuki in the Lithium-Ion battery manufacturing plant located in the Suzuki supplier's park in Gujarat ?
Looks like they want to make it an export oriented unit.

Originally Posted by shortbread View Post
All they invested in was a press release.
And the web site looks amateurish as well , makes one wonder if they are serious in their intent. But, if and when it comes up, they would be able to bring in cost efficiencies to their EV lineup (they are targetting 2025).

Originally Posted by AZT View Post
Maruti has no incentive now. They are running at full capacity and with the semi conductor backlog it will be a year before they can fulfill all orders. I'm sure they have something in the back pocket and will wait for battery tech to get cheaper before getting in.
Originally Posted by GeeTee TSI View Post
It could be that Maruti is spending a considerable time (and budget) on lobbying the government on regulations around fossil fuel powered vehicles as well as incentives to electric vehicles; than on product development. While showcasing technology is not a source of pride for Maruti, ensuring that the current fleet bring churned out stay relevant as long as possible could be their priority
Absolutely, this is exactly what Bhargava has stated as well, they will get into the market when the infrastructure is there and they are able to offer a car priced for their target consumer. Whatever the failings of Maruti/Suzuki as an engineering company. One cannot dispute the fact that they understand (till now) the pulse of their target customers.
Maruti Suzuki intends to have leadership in EVs, said Bhargava, further adding that it is important to understand that EV penetration will only happen in India when conditions are conducive for consumers to buy EVs. Maruti Suzukiís focus in the short term is on CNG and hybrid variants till it is time to scale up EV operations, he said. However, Suzuki, Denso and Toshiba are already working on localisation of lithium-ion batteries and are engaging with the vendors. Suzukiís parent company said that India-specific EVs might be ready by 2025.
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