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Lower running costs 93 63.70%
Environmental appeal 37 25.34%
Newer powertrain technology 71 48.63%
Other (feel free to specify in a post!) 16 10.96%
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Re: EV owners! What made you switch to electric?

I have Booked a Tiago EV and would be taking Delivery in a around a Week

The Following Points (In the order) made me shift towards EV.

1. Very Clear usage that the Car would be run only in the City.

2. Low Running Cost

3. Positive Word of Mouth Experience of "BluSmart" Cab Drivers / Nexon EV owners / Tigor EV Owners

4. 8 Yr Warranty on the Battery and Motor

5. Automatic/No Gear Drive

6. Silent Drive

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Re: EV owners! What made you switch to electric?

We got solar rooftop at our house in mid 2021, the natural progression was EV to cut the monthly 15K fuel + electric bill to zero.

Even a meagre 3kW setup is holding up well even with EV charging added.m, weíre not paying a single penny.

15K and 1.5y of free driving, both money and emissions wise.

It was already a given that with ageing parents manual was no longer an option, and the long commute (40-50km) meant that EV made even more sense than diesel seeing that price gap between Nexon D AMT XZ+ was 14.5L and our EV prime XZ+ was 17.5L at the time before 1.5L ITR subsidy on loan.

Environmental impact was definitely not the primary concern, but being an engineer, I can already see that itís better still (donít want to derail the discussion on ICE vs EV again, and request others too, there are dedicated threads for ICE vs EV)

Technology comes with new cars as is. Performance is also one segment above though that wasnít a concern since the car this replaced was an Eon LPG which coexisted with the Figo 1.5D for quite some time.

Would be replacing the Figo with an EV too, in future. Once you taste an EV, you just donít see ICE the same way again.
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Re: EV owners! What made you switch to electric?

For majority of people, primary motivation for buying an EV is low-running cost (me included). Thanks to TATA bringing the EV segment to an affordable range, more and more people are starting to see the value in it.
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Re: EV owners! What made you switch to electric?

For me, its the environmental appeal and new powertrain tech. As far as cost factor is concerned, there are many unknowns like the resale value, battery replacement cost after warranty etc ( for me EV = BEV ).
No tailpipe emissions is a big motivator for me. While there is debate going on the green"ness" of energy coming in for charging, its something regulators can control always.

The biggest motivator for powertrain is the instant torque and its of-course born AT and there is no match in ICE world of ATs.
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Re: EV owners! What made you switch to electric?

My daily commute is 125 kms. I was using a pre-owned Ameo TSI DSG which was nearing 100,000 kms mark. The Tiago EV is the best thing that has happened to me. Compared to the TDI DSG:

a.) Super refined. ZERO vibrations from the powertrain.
b.) Running cost reduced from Rs 4.5/km to Rs 1/km. (TDI was quite efficient too)
c.) For my commute of 30% city and 70% highway with max speed of 80kmph, the EV performs flawlessly. The torque is instant. In sports mode, it can beat almost any ICE car from even 2 segments above.
d.) No emmissions while running. I feel proud to be wearing the green plate.
e.) I now have a car under warranty for 3 years which I will extend for 5 years/125,000kms.
f.) Service cost is a third or even less than the Ameo.
g.) No chances of the costly DSG failure. In fact, no need to worry about the powertrain (motor and battery) for 8 years/160,000kms.
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Re: EV owners! What made you switch to electric?

Extremely Low running cost
Awesome to drive
a happy feeling of owning an EV

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Re: EV owners! What made you switch to electric?

When I had booked my Nexon EV in Oct 2021, the primary motivation was the 2.5 lakh subsidy and 0 road tax offered on EV's by Maharashtra govt. I had no idea about cars as it was going to be the first car in the family. I was just planning whether to get an S Cross or a Nexon. However, I always had a fascination for the EV's right from the time when Nexon EV was launched as it was something different from other cars and zero tailpipe emissions added a cherry on the top. I just went to the Puneet Automobiles Tata Motors showroom in Malad along with my wife to check out the Nexon EV and when the final On Road price was discussed I just paid the booking amount of 21000 via credit card (my account had only 15000 odd rupees). Even my wife was surprised when I booked the even without a test drive as the on road price was within 50k of what a petrol Nexon would have cost me. Mind you, I didn't even know how to drive at that time. The test drive was taken a day later by my brother in law and he was mighty pleased after having driven a Diesel innova in Mumbai's traffic for the past 7 years.
Now after having owned it for a year and a half, I can now say that even if I had to buy a car today I would still get an EV because of the following reasons -
1. Driving experience - Very easy to drive even in congested traffic due to pure automatic experience and varied levels of regens available. Add to that a silent cabin and it enhances the drive experience.
2. The running cost - Even though my monthly running is roughly 1000 km, But the feeling of not paying two emi's (one of the car and the other for the petrol cost) is satisfying. Even without a subsidy the monthly emi might have just increased by 2-3k but the monthly running cost would roughly be 10k per month. Because of this I can simply plan for a lunch in karjat or a breakfast in lonavala any time as the driving cost is nothing and that's why the monthly running is 1000km instead of the actual requirement of 300-400kms.
3. Though the environmental impact is debatable, I still feel that EV's in the long run are significantly less polluting when compared to ICE cars.

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Re: EV owners! What made you switch to electric?

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
EVs are superior for city usage, although for highway runs, ICE is still king.

I have been contemplating getting a tiago EV as a tertiary car, but the dull highway performance/ fast loss of charge at highway speeds is the only deal breaker that is delaying the decision. If i had more city usage, tiago ev would be the perfect car.

If I am buying one, major reason will be fuel savings. I spend over 30k on fuel every month, of which 24k is on my usage alone.

So an EV will be highly beneficial. But the range anxiety + lack of fast highway cruising ability is a trouble. It was an eye opener when my uncle, who owns a petrol station, chose a nexon EV when fuel Expenditure isn't even a factor for him. The NVH and drive experience is unmatched, he feels.

EV owners! What made you switch to electric?-20230924_121516.jpg

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Re: EV owners! What made you switch to electric?

For me its just low running cost.

Environmental appeal would be a feel good factor but yet to see how it would really pan out in term of reducing the net vehicular emission. Although i believe that electrification would in long term reduce the net vehicular emission.

The global EV sentiments are dwindling right now:

- Ford had lot of setbacks in losses, rising dealership EV inventories, they stopped the work in one of the battery plants right now citing the profitability
- Different Govt. including UK, Germany had expressed the possibility to extend the ICE life (selling beyond 2030 or 2035)
- Euro 7 emission norms are getting watered-down
- May be pressure from Oil lobby or inability of global leaders to push a unanimous direction for the climate protection
- The pain points (and indirect opposition) of developing nations (including BRICS)

China is clearly winning the EV war right now with OEMs taking a lead and electrification developments are happening in all possible direction.
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Re: EV owners! What made you switch to electric?

Originally Posted by srvm View Post
I don't own a EV presently. But if I do get one soon, it will be to be 'mukt' of the weekly/monthly scare thrown by Hon'ble Minister of Road Transport regarding E20 etc fuels replacing existing E10 fuel

God knows if the ICE vehicle that are on sale today will have compatible fuels available in a few years time
Totally agree. For the average person, a vehicle is an investment for atleast 10 years. The minister is building great highways, making good use of the taxpayer's money and I have huge respect for that. The ethanol blending fiasco is a different story altogether. We might be forced to buy and EV/flex fuel vehicle .
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Re: EV owners! What made you switch to electric?

Friends, my reason to switch to EV is slightly different.

I head the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) department of a leading listed company of India - won't disclose the name coz of the times we live in.

We had recently got a fleet of 6 EVs (MG ZS EVs) for one of my organizational units in Delhi NCR. I did check out a couple of them on my own and learnt more about the EVs on ground. And boy I was hooked!

And I thought ESG, like charity, begins at home. So in order to reduce my personal car's tailpipe emissions first, I decided to use the company car policy to replace my mild hybrid ciaz to fully electric Nexon Prime XZ+ Dark ( Why did I choose Nexon over MG ZS? - frankly - my company car policy has a hard stop at 18 lakhs. Also I have worked in 2 Tata companies for 6 years at a reasonably senior level so I understand how to escalate genuine concerns).

With my Darktank by my side, my organization people know me as the leader who walks the sustainability talk. Scored a few brownie points from my boss too. Sure any EV has quirks of its own, but I like the green branding - this suits my professional profile well.

On right forums, I encourage other employees of my organization and residential society to switch to electric- Vehicular pollution in Delhi NCR is everybody's business. In the recently concluded 2023 Mint Sustainability summit which happened in Leela Palace, I was among the very few leaders who actually owned an EV instead of just talking about it.

I understand the scope-wise emissions of EV production and I know there are arguments and counter-arguments about whether EVs solve the environmental crisis or exacerbate it. That debate, is for some other day.

So, a mix of environmental appeal and professional profile synergy for me. Cheers!

Also - pardon if the above sounded like chest thumping or being on a high horse. I saw the poll question and I am just being honest.

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Re: EV owners! What made you switch to electric?

My two big reasons were fatigue free long drives and running costs.
My average is about 2500 to 3000 KMs a month which is 1400Kms x 2 each trip and the ZS EV has made it quite pleasant.
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Re: EV owners! What made you switch to electric?

Tata just released face lift Nexon! I will display my calculations here.

- The total cost per km of an average petrol car is INR 5.5
- Cost on electricity per km for a nexon EV is INR .8
- Battery's price of Nexon EV is INR 8,00,000
- Battery warranty is 1,80,000 kms
- Cost per km on battery with in warranty period is INR 4.44

- Total running cost of an Nexon EV within warranty period is INR 5.24
- Difference is INR .26/km

Pros of Nexon EV over a petrol car

1) Quick acceleration and comfortable ride
2) A benefit of INR .26/km
3) Environment friendly (if you are not using a petrol generator for charging EV)
4) Low service cost

Pros of a petrol car over Nexon EV

1) Proven technology, invented in 1876
2) No Anxiety, Fuel stations are everywhere
3) No costly battery replacements in future

My Conclusion

considering cost per km, If you are lucky to drive your EV over 2.5 lakh kms without changing battery pack, Nexon EV is beneficial over a petrol car.

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Re: EV owners! What made you switch to electric?

I havenít taken the plunge, however for me the key driver would be
1. Low running cost
2. Tech (with all the Teslaís & Rivuanís out there the latest and greatest tech is being poured into EVs)
3. Lack of Tail pipe emission
4. Low NVH
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Re: EV owners! What made you switch to electric?

When I decided to buy my first car, it had to be an EV for the following reasons:

1. VFM: I need bang for the buck I spend. Not a fan of paying 60%+ in taxes. Would rather pay the same money and acquire more car for the money. EVs being taxed at 5% GST and no road tax in the states I live is a big draw.

2. Performance: Long drives are one of the most satisfying things in life for me. Whichever car I bought had to have good performance. This is not something I am going to compromise on.

3. Reliability: If not for an EV, I would've been forced to go for something from the VW garage which would've meant putting up with the notorious DSG.

4. Durability: We hold cars for a decade+ usually. Needs to be something that lasts for the long haul.

5. Safety: No compromise on safety whatsoever. Knocks out Maruti, Hyundai out of the picture.

6. Passion for the tech: I believe that electrification is going to change the world as we know it. I would very much want to be a part of this journey as early as possible. The only reason I plan to buy a house someday is so that i can install solar and stationary storage so that I can go off grid.

Cost is not a concern for me. I am happy to spend as much as I spent on fuel on recharging my EV.

The nuances of EVs may be new to most in India but I have been following this space on a daily basis for the last decade. Have also invested significant sums of money in this space. So taking the plunge into EVs is a no-brainer for me

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