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^^ this is a completely idiotic scheme. Many states provide tax sops to various industries. Consider this (maybe lousy) eg. northeastern states provide/d tax sops for 5-10 years to plywood industries. This does not mean that after 5 years or 10 years, whoever had bought the plywood is sent a notice for payment of tax.

This is not a sop. This is 'deference' of tax payment. Why??????? What is the logic behind this??????

Oh, I'm stupid, it's simple, make the car price more attractive to the buyers and whammy...

Ps: I still love the car for it's convenience. And it's cute :-)
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Default battery price

the latest price for the 8 pack battery is 73k (HSR service center as of today), wonder why they are so expensive.
anybody has tech details of the batteries that go into REVA
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My Dad was there at HSR the other day, and they quoted the same 73,000 figure for batteries.

It seems they have batteries costing 1 lakh also, but the ones they are offering for 73,000 are EXIDE ones.

I've seen the car batteries in detail, and if I were to procure it outside of REVA SEVA, could acutally fit the batteries on at home!

Besides, they don't allow us to change just the worn out batteries, you have to change the whole pack.

The 73K quote was inclusive of labour charges.

We're definitely getting it done one of these days, just waiting for the phone call from REVA SEVA to turn up there and get the 'transplant' done
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i also checked on this - the chap said 70-75000 for the entire new set of normal exide batteries when I spoke to him last Saturday evening.

brand new reva cars come with a 3 year replacement warranty on the batteries.

after 3 years should the batteries die, one has to change the whole set.
at the time, the old batteries will be taken at a scrap value of Rs 10000/-

I also checked on the new Li Ion batteries - apparently they are at least one year away from commercial availability - they are under test as of now.

the Reva base version costs about 3.57 on road blr, the middle version is about 3.74 on road and the top end one is 4.25.

Funny thing is that the maximum range of the bottom one is 80 km, the middle one and the top end one - max out at 65-70km because they come with all sorts of gadgets that use the power from the battery!

none come with alloys - alloys are however available at Rs 12500 for a set of 4.

for such cars the government should actively encourage people to buy them by removing all taxes/ excise etc or atleast cutting these down to minimal levels. there will certainly be a boost in purchase if this happens. the pity of it all is that Chetan Maini has taken the initiative to make this happen in our very own Bangalore and yet, our miserable government and politicos do not respect the achievement. Nor are they far sighted enough to see the long term environmental advantages!

I would love to buy the Reva - cute, easy to use, automatic, peaceful in the city, no noise, inexpensive to run and charge up. great car for the city user. I guess it will just about fit my golf clubs so I can take it to play golf too! and most excellently it will motivate my wife to drive, simply because it is so easy and give her the freedom of the world of motoring around as she pleases inside the city, office commute etc.

But whats frankly holding me back is that for the price Im expected to pay for the top end Reva and its highly limited range, I can get a much bigger vehicle like a Spark or a Beat or a Swift or whatever which we can actually take anywhere.

apart from this, the new Li Ion batteries cant be far off and they will increase the range to 120km atleast. and the other thing is that the existing Reva with normal batteries can be upgraded to run on the Li Ion batteries with the addition of a small chip and of course the Li Ion batteries themselves - so the car can actually be upgraded for the new technology!

I love the new TEST Reva ZEPHYR - however I was told that if this particular car were to be sold in India it would cost Rs 14-15 lac atleast! thats crazy!

But just Imagine a world free of auto rickshaws noise and smoke because all the auto guys have moved to the Reva!

Originally Posted by Rovergen View Post
the latest price for the 8 pack battery is 73k (HSR service center as of today), wonder why they are so expensive.
anybody has tech details of the batteries that go into REVA
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Read this thread today, visited Reva's website and found somethings very interesting. I think their research or design team is listening to all issues reported. Quoting Reva Website here:

REVA NXR will be available in 2 models:
  1. REVA NXR Intercity with Lithium Ion Phosphate battery pack, which delivers, on a full charge, a range of 160 km (100 miles) and a top speed of 104 kph (65 mph)
  2. REVA NXR City with Lead Acid battery pack, which delivers, on a full charge, a range of 80 km (50 miles) and a top speed of 80 kph (50 mph)
Also read about a cool feature called "Telematics". What is does for you?
  1. Text Alerts: Your REVA will notify you on your cell phone with key information such as range available, cabin temperature and time to full charge.
  2. Pre-Heat and Pre-cool: Send a text message to pre heat or pre cool the car so that you have the perfect cabin environment when you are ready to drive. (cool feature for Chennai)
  3. Eco-Check: A monthly report on your driving habits is emailed to you, with tips on how you can improve your efficiency, through for example, increased use of regenerative braking.(scary, will the car use abusive language?)
  4. Reminders: Ask your REVA to tell you when your insurance is due for renewal and when your annual service is due. (even my insurance agent/Authorized Service Center sends me text alerts)
I thought these were good, hence sharing - I have no ownership experience with this car.

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Default Re: Is anyone driving Reva in realtime traffic?

I am seing the Reva on the Kochi streets for the first time.
The guy wanted to go left and was right behind an auto waiting to go straight at Jos Junction. The Reva just reversed casually and went left. I got to watch is closely. Fit and finish appeared quite good. No exhaust and no sound.
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