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Default SAE 2009: all-electric Tata Indica getting ready for Norway, then the world

Although the all-electric Tata Indica on display at the SAE World Congress in Detroit this week is not the soon-to-be-released model, there's a lot we can learn from the vehicle - and from TM4's Eriz Azeroual - about how the technology will be implemented when the new model goes on sale in Norway either later this year or in early 2010 (yes, this is later than previously expected). Tata Motors showed off the Indica EV at the Bologna Motor Show in December, but the hatchback is making an appearance in Detroit because of the work that TM4, a subsidiary of Hydro Québec, did providing the permanent magnet motor and the inverter. TM4's Azeroual (he's business development manager there) told us that a limited number of the Indica's are already testing in Norway and that Tata Motors is "a cool company. Very aggressive." Even though they're most famous for the Nano and apparently wanting to dominate the low-end automobile market, in Europe market they want to be known for electric vehicles.

Norway is a perfect entry point to bring an EV to Europe because there is a high tax on gasoline-powered vehicles. The high cost of electric vehilces isn't totally equalized by the taxes, but EVs and gas-powered vehicle prices end up being "comparable" in Norway and this presents customers with an "interesting choice," Azeroual said. Following the Norwegian introduction, Tata plans to expand the Indica EV to other European markets and then possibly the U.S.

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just got me thinking. why not the vista? new platform, more modern. and they couldve used this tech in India too!
nonetheless, this is something to be proud about. India is growing in respect in the International Auto Industry by leaps and bounds. Tata is one of the reasons why!
Very happy to see this.
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I dont think the old Indica would be a problem, actually it has a couple of advantages, Primarily the cost, the older platform is far cheaper for Tata by the virtue of being in the market for so long. Also if you take competition into account, the likes of the Think city car or the G Wiz (our very own Reva) are poor excuses for a car, its mostly plastic panels bolted onto a frame and the crudeness is there to see. The only serious electric car coming out soon will be the GM Volt/Ampera, but that will be far more expensive and is still a few years away. U.K has aldready announced an incentive (£5000/car) for electric cars in a couple of years and one can expect other EU nations to follow suit in the near future. Strangely the only players in this segment are very small companies with products that still cant hold candle to a standard modern day car.
But the old Indica doesnt have the best of reputation in Europe especially in U.K due to the CityRover debacle. Also the Vista is miles ahead of the older Indica in every stake. May as well grab the market by the horns rather than wait and react when the competition catches up.
Nonetheless kudos to Tata, this is one hell of an initiative.
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Very Nice. Good to see Tata moving into Green Category. Wish them Success in the International Market.
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Do I see a radiator on the Electric Indica!!!

I'm hazarding a guess that they are there to cool the MOSFET/HEXFET bridge packs or the motor. If thats the case, the efficiency could be suspect. Or did they just leave it there from the donor vehicle?

Tata indeed make India proud. Much respect Ratan'ji

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I had posted the price of this in Norway in some other thread. Auto express, UK had mentioned about 25000 GBP. Is this atrocious price true? (for a electric drive train in a not so good old Indica)
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wow 160 bhp electric indica what would be the 0 to 100 timings in this car 6 secs?
no engine sound you cant even hear it coming
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Kudos to TATA, good to see that our desi company has made progress in leaps and bounds.

It would be better if they would have used the Vista Platform as it is a modern platform and hopefully all the drawback such as ergonomics front visibility would have been taken care.

Earlier TATA showed the Electric Vista, what happened to that ?
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Radiator and a single battery under the hood indicates that this is some kind of hybrid fuel cell car rather than an all electric one - just my guesses. Well rest seems good but the indica harness!! Its bulky and out of date shape somewhat doesn't go well with the futuristic theme.
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Default Indica Vista EV

It will indeed be the Indica Vista EV. Did you guys forget the unveiling of Indica Vista EV at this years Geneva Motor Show
Attached Images
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wow wow! man the indica vista ev looks sexy man.. the rims on that are cool.

coming to the specs..! 160hp.. . electric motors have instantaneous torque so that thing could rocket to 100 pretty fast. if it has a range of 250kms and under 10laks when it launches in India then consider it booked already!
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Holy smoke 160hp in an indica. Imagine taking corners ...
TATA is surely getting worldwide attention. first nano then JLR and now an electric indica WOW.
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holy cow, too good to be true. If it's otherwise, it would surely be one innocent looking beast. Would want to see Honda VTec vs. Indica EV 'flyby'.

To all, to achieve this kind of thrust, what sort of battery would be put to use and what would be the longevity? Your2Cents...
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Amazing Performance & Mileage figures. It is affordable in europe with tax breaks.

I have read somewhere that this Lithium Polymer battery pack ( I guess not the one shown in the above picture) costs as much as Rs. 4Lacs, which pushes the car cost, and no wonder Tata stick to the Indica V2 to introduce. Anyway Vista Petrol & diesel is due to launch in europe and no electric Vista's are expected prior to that.
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Will surely buy one (if battery replacement cost is reasonable)
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