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Originally Posted by sujaylahiri View Post
I don't want to go any more off-topic in this thread, but the gist of my posts so far is that by switching to electric powered cars, you're only moving the fossil fuel emission source from the personal automobile to the utility power plant.

And utility power plants will continue to use fossil fuels for the next 80-100 years, because they can. And it is also the most economical option. Why do you think India and China still refuse to commit to mandatory emission reduction goals, because they're gonna be using coal for a very long time.

And let me give you a little reality check here, wind, solar and biofuels account for less than 2% as the world's power sources, and even with your 30% growth rate, will be minuscule compared to fossil and nuclear fuels in the future.

Attachment 175078
According to Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), substituting EVs for CVs would reduce urban emissions of non-methane organic gases (NMOG) by 98%, lower nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 92%, and cut carbon monoxide (CO) emissions by 99%. In addition, EPRI estimates that, on a nationwide basis, EVs in the U.S. will produce only half the CO2 of conventional vehicles.

In another study of six driving cycles in four U.S. cities, BEVs reduced HC and CO emissions by approximately 97%, regardless of the regional source fuels mix. In comparison to large generating plants, conventional cars produce large amounts of HC and CO emissions, mainly because of cold starts and short trips that do not allow vehicles to become fully warmed up.

Electric is the new Sexy-ef.jpg
Energy Efficiency and Emissions for Mid-Size Automobile
Now we can keep on trading facts and figures and pie charts and tables till the cars come home, but what you seem to be saying is that things should go on (more or less)
as they have been, forever. And I am saying that they cannot.

Sure coal and oil plants will be around for a long time yet, but the fact is that the world is trying to move away from having to rely on them. And sooner or later, they will. Completely.

As for your reality check, the much greater reality is that the world will change from non renewable sources to renewable sources, because it has to, if it is to survive. The world will change from internal combustion engines to other, BETTER forms of engines, because change is inevitable in technology as in evolution.

I hold no brief for electric vehicles as such, if a better technology comes along, I would more than welcome it. But your saying that the future can only rely on the internal combustion engine or modifications thereof, is a position that I find totally untenable.

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