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Atlast, they designed a car that looks like car. Far better than those toy like gadgets

High speed of 120(NXR) & 200 (NXG), wondering whats in the heart.

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I think Tata Motors will soon either buy out Reva and use their technology for the Nano/Indica lines, or come up with an alternative, thus sealing Reva's fate.

This one looks a lot like the current Swift/SX4/Grand Vitara line from Suzuki.
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Default Reva to launch 2 new cars

The following is an official press release from Reva Electric Car Company

REVA to Unveil Two New Models at the 63rd Frankfurt International Motor Show
NXR & NXG Feature REVive Technology, Addressing Range Anxiety

Bangalore, September 7, 2009: REVA Electric Car Company, pioneer and technology leaders in the EV market will unveil two new models at the upcoming 63rd Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) – REVA NXR (next revolution) and REVA NXG (next generation).

REVA NXG is a sporty two-seater with a targa roof and is designed by Dilip Chhabria of the internationally renowned automotive design company - DC Design. The car which will go into production in the year 2011 will have a top speed of 130 kmph and a range of 200 kms.

REVA NXR is a four-seat, two-door hatchback family car suitable for urban driving that can be booked and ordered from the show onwards, with production scheduled to commence at the beginning of 2010. The car will run on a Lithium Ion battery and will have a top speed of 104 kmph and a range of 160 kms on a full charge. In India the NXR will be available as a lead acid battery variant giving a range of 80 km per charge and top speed of 80 kmph.

“The REVA NXR and REVA NXG will redefine the Indian consumer car market,” said Chetan Maini, deputy chairman & chief technology officer, REVA Electric Car Company. “The unveiling of NXR and NXG at the Frankfurt Show is a tremendous step forward in what is sure to be a fascinating journey for EV users across the globe - Affordable and stylish electric vehicles will finally be available to consumer.”

In addition at the Frankfurt Motor Show, REVA will launch REVive technology, a feature & technology unique to REVA that addresses ‘range anxiety’ and will act like an invisible reserve fuel tank. This is the first time such a revolutionary technology is being launched that aims to quell the range anxiety in EV users and meets the lifestyle needs of today’s on-the-go consumer. If a customer runs out of charge, he/she telephones or sends a SMS message to the REVA 24/7 Customer Support Centre and a remote charge enables the REVA new models to continue driving within a few minutes.

Both the REVA NXR and the REVA NXG will feature the REVive telematics technology. Further technology and pricing announcements will be made at IAA.

Both new models will be manufactured at REVA’s new green manufacturing plant in Bangalore. The new models will receive their first boost of charge from solar power at the new plant which will be built on LEEDS guidelines with rainwater harvesting, solar charging, solar heating, and natural ventilation with an intent to reduce carbon footprint.

REVA’s new website - REVA Global will be going live during the unveiling the cars at Frankfurt and customers will be able to register on the priority list for the new cars on-line.

REVA’s presence at the Frankfurt Show
REVA Hall 8, Stand D38
63rd Frankfurt International Motor Show (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung), 15 -27 September 2009.
Press days: 15th and 16th September
Open to the public 17th to 27th September
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Huge doors. This was not the shape of the prototype NXG that was being tested. That was a convertible. Maybe the idea was dropped. I liked the prototype NXG.

sidindica, your title reads NXR.

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This is the production Reva NXG from Reva press release via Indian autos blog.
Attached Thumbnails
Gen II Reva NXR revealed EDIT : Launching at Frankfurt Motor Show 2009-3896758772_e602abec0c_b.jpg  

Gen II Reva NXR revealed EDIT : Launching at Frankfurt Motor Show 2009-3896760566_d7780d77cf_b.jpg  

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A bigger image of Reva NXR. Look under the OSRVM and you can see whats written.
Attached Thumbnails
Gen II Reva NXR revealed EDIT : Launching at Frankfurt Motor Show 2009-3896758582_2f958eb0f7_b.jpg  

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Looks far better then the old one, which was pretty weird. This one looks to be on the cuter side.

As far as remote charging goes, I am sure it is a gimmick, never came across such a technology. Even wireless headphones have batteries.
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Well, I gave remote charging a good thought, and it should be a backup battery which is activated by some satellite based system (eg: onstar). That's my best guess.
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Looks any day better than the old contraption!!!

Remote Instant-Charging!!! Thats gonna be a butt of jokes just like the $10 laptop from India. The best it can do is release the reserve charge in case of an emergency just like we do for Nokia phones by changing the codec rate.
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well definately an improvement then its previous generation reva.maini is going good ways, though this design isnt that appealing but looks cool to existing.Remote charging is questionable as what others felt too and what needs to see is how practical this thing works.
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It looks way better than whats on offer now, so thats a good thing.
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any ideas on its pricing?
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NXR Bookings open from September 16, 2009
  • India Launch at Expo 2010
  • car is about the size of a santro, proper spacious 4 seater.
  • Price unknown
  • Reva NXR will be available in normal and lithium ion battery options
  • GPS enabled
  • remote charging via satellite signal from RECC Bangalore for a 20 km standby range, available via SMS.
  • top speed of 110 kmph
  • range of 120 km.

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Regarding remote charging:

I read somewhere that this will not be actually charging the batteries remotely - It will be just that when the batteries run down, electronics prevent the vehicle from moving and will show an empty "guage" even though anearly 10% charge is still left in the batteries. This is to prevent "deep cycling" of the batteries as apparently, completely disharging and then recharging the batteries reduces the life of the batteries.

So the plan is when some one calls /sms Reva support, Reva support will remotely (prob through a SMS?) overide the electronics and "free up" the residual charge so that the car can keep running until they find the nearest charging point.
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This is one car i'm very interested in!

Originally Posted by Stratos View Post
Even though it still looks like and oddball, I must say that this is a vast improvement over the previous styling of the Reva. Way to go Maini!
Definitely an improvement, towards the more modern -- however, still nothing to write home about.
Years back DC had done a great looking convertible version of the reva(?). Had seen pics of it in red - anyone have those pics?

Originally Posted by beejay View Post
...sidindica, your title reads NXR.
See Dippy's post just before yours :

NXR : four-seat, two-door hatchback, family car for urban driving, coming in 2010.

NXG : sporty, two-seater targa top, higher top speed, coming in 2011

Funny, because the name NXR sounds much sportier!

Originally Posted by blackasta View Post
Well, I gave remote charging a good thought, and it should be a backup battery which is activated by some satellite based system (eg: onstar). That's my best guess.
If it was an additional battery, then why would they then not just add that capacity as always available (like a "reserve" in a fueled car).

Originally Posted by chennai-indian View Post
Regarding remote charging:
AaaaAAah! You beat me to it man

My guess on "remote charging" (from my basic knowledge):
  1. Li-Ion batteries are not designed to be TOTALLY discharged (aka deep-cycled), and doing so can damage the batteries.
  2. Typical working range per cell is from 3.0v(discharged) to 4.2v(charged)
  3. As a result, Li-Ions are paired with microchips that cut off the power when battery voltage drops below a certain threshold, or charges beyond the higher threshold.
  4. To prolong long-term battery life, i would imagine rasing that lower limit threshold by 5-10% helps.
  5. On the rare occasion that you NEED to use that additional 5-10%, you can call REVA and they enable it by telling the microchip to let you decharge down to x.x volts.
  6. Why call? - Coz this prevents you from doing it often/whenever you feel like and they can keep track of how you treat your batteries! (Kinda like how BMW only lets you use launch control X times!)

(There must be some fine print on the number of times youre allowed to "remotely charge" / effect on battery warranty!)

Open to corrections on the above, it could be a totally different system, but this would be my guess!


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